Baby Shower Word Search Game

If you’re hosting a baby shower then you need to download our free Baby Shower Word Search game printable with an answer key.

So you’re hosting a baby shower for a special someone and looking for some fun baby shower games to entertain guests at the event.

There are a lot of baby-themed shower games available but some of the best ones are classic word games that everyone knows how to play with little to no instruction.

This is why baby shower word search is so popular and is a go-to shower game for the celebration. 

And whether you have some guests on the older side as well as younger kids attending the celebration for the new mom-to-be, everyone can play word search puzzles!


What You’ll Need to Play

The great part about word search is that you don’t need much to play. All you need is some blank word game puzzle cards which you can download and print below.

You’ll also want to make sure you have enough pens or pencils for all the guests since that’s one thing I see hosts forget time and time again.

Free Printable Baby Shower Word Search Game pdf

Grab your free baby shower word search game printable pdf and answer key to play the next time you host a baby shower.

(click the link below the image to download your preferred baby shower word search pdf)

Pink Elephant Word Search

If the Mom to be is bringing a girl into the world, this cute pink baby elephant word search game will be perfect for the celebration. 

Printable Pink Elephant Baby Shower Word Search Game

Pink Elephant Word Search Printable

Blue Elephant Word Search

If the new parents are welcoming in a little guy, then this baby boy word search will be perfect to play at the baby shower.

Free printable blue elephant themed baby shower word search game

Blue Elephant Word Search Game pdf


Teddy Bear Word Search 

If the gender of the baby hasn’t yet been revealed and you want to incorporate a guess the gender game into your baby shower this teddy bear theme is perfect since creates a level playing field and gives no hints to the guests.

Also great for gender reveal parties.

Free Printable Teddy Bear Word Search Baby Shower Game

Teddy Bear Word Search Download

Of course, you’ll want the baby shower word search answers to make it easier to know who won the game and gets a price. Click the link below to download the answer key.

How To Play Baby Shower Word Search

Baby word search is similar to any other word scramble games you might find in the paper. The only difference is that all words focus on baby whether that’s nursery items, baby shower gifts, baby furniture, or anything else baby-related.

The rules of baby shower word search are simple and easy. Guests must find all words listed on the word puzzle game card. Whoever finds all the correct answers first wins the game and a prize.

Another way to play is to put a time limit on how long guests have to find as many words in the scrambled letters as they can. The person who gets the most right answers is the winner.

To determine the winner quickly, all my baby shower games come with an answer key to make things easier.

More Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

If you’re looking for more fun baby shower game ideas, check out our printable baby shower game bundles!

Our baby shower game bundles include 14 popular baby shower games that anyone can participate in and come with answer sheets to make the hostess’s job a little easier. 

Blue Elephant Baby Shower Game Bundle

These cute blue elephant printable baby shower games are a great way to celebrate a baby boy about to come into the world.

Blue Elephant Baby Shower Printable Game Bundle

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Game Pack

Our teddy bear baby shower games are created in gender-neutral colors making them perfect for gender reveal parties or baby bump baby showers.

Gender Neutral Teddy Bear Baby Shower Printable Game Bundle


Printable Pink Elephant Baby Shower Games

If the mom-to-be is expecting a baby girl, these pink elephant baby shower game printables will be a hit at the celebration.

Pink Elephant Baby Shower Printable Game Bundle


Prizes For Baby Shower Game Winners

So now that you have baby shower game ideas, you’re probably wondering what game prizes you need to be ready for the party.

Prizes for the winners don’t need to cost much but should be things that someone will be delighted to get. I found that most people like getting decor, luxury items, and gadgets are always a hit. For example…

Scented Candle

Wall Art

Bath Set

Kitchen Gadgets

Coffee Cups

Travel Mugs


Baby Shower Game Bundles

Simplify the party planning and make your shower easy and fun with this party pack! Everything you need for 24 guests! Includes 24 each of raffle tickets, scratch tickets, word scrambles, and baby necessities games


96 pc Baby Shower Game bundle (Baby Necessities, Scratch Tickets, Diaper Raffle Fund tickets) Enough for 24 guest

Pink Elephant Baby Game Cards Mom To Be Sash Bundle Set of 6 Activities (50 Cards Each, 300 Cards Total) Pink and Gray Shower Supplies Game Activities for Girls

Pink Elephant Game Cards Mom To Be Sash Bundle Set of 6 Activities (50 Cards Each, 300 Cards Total) Pink and Gray Baby Shower Supplies Game Activities for Girls

Looking for boy-themed games? This game card bundle is perfect! The games are also great for baby bump or gender reveal celebrations. Set of 5 Activities for 50 Guests – Pack of 250 Cards – Supplies

Shower Games for Boy - Set of 5 Activities for 50 Guests - Pack of 250 Cards - Baby Shower Supplies


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