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Hey there, I’m Lisa (AKA: Money Minded Mom),

As busy moms, we wear a lot of hats, chief financial officer, master chief, home manager… We do so much to keep the home and family running like clockwork that we typically forget about what we want. 

My goal is to help you overcome the overwhelm of it all by providing simple, easy-to-implement solutions to get it all done so you have time for YOU. Time to relax, follow your passions, or make lasting memories with your family… to live the life that you want and deserve…

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What Can I Help You With Today?

Smart Money

Smart Money

Let’s get your finances in order so you can stop stressing and focus on more important things in life.

Learn simple budgeting methods to manage your money better and reach your financial goals whether that’s getting out of debt, increasing your income, saving money for emergencies, or for the finer things in life.


Improve Your Finances Fast
Free Budget Printables
Debt Payoff Guide
Food Made Easy

Food Made Easy

Get healthy meals on the table without spending every waking minute in the kitchen, while keeping your grocery budget in check.

Create a meal plan of delicious recipes that your family loves and save time using simple meal-prep techniques all while saving money on groceries.


Meal Planning Printables With Shopping List
Save Money On Groceries
Freezer Cooking for Beginners
Home Sweet Home

Home Solutions

Let’s get your home organized and daily chores out of the way quickly so you have a peaceful sanctuary to come home to after a busy day.

Create a home that you not only love, but love to be in so you can relax and enjoy your family because isn’t that what it’s all about?

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