A diaper raffle is a fun and easy way to help new parents stock up on the most needed baby items…diapers!!


What is a Diaper Raffle?

A diaper raffle is a traditional baby shower activity that is designed to help expectant parents stock up on diapers for baby’s first year which can get quite costly for young couples.

Baby shower guests are asked to bring unopened boxes of diapers or packs of diapers and in exchange, they are entered into a raffle drawing to win a grand prize. 

You can choose to host a diaper raffle game in lieu of baby gifts for the new mom, or it can be optional and in addition to the traditional baby shower gifts. 

Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Diaper Raffle How To Guide

Planning a baby shower diaper raffle is pretty simple but there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind, read on for some diaper raffle ideas to consider. 

Diaper Raffle Rules

The rules for a diaper raffle are pretty simple, guests need to bring in a package of diapers to be entered in the raffle drawing. The more packs of diapers someone brings, the more baby shower raffle tickets they’ll have entered into the contest.

As the baby shower host, you’ll draw a name out of the raffle box to pick the grand prize winner.

Diaper Raffle Invitations

 Of course, you’ll need to let the party guests know about the raffle ahead of time so they can go out and purchase a pack of diapers. The easiest way to do this is to include it in the baby shower invitations. 

You can have a blurb about the raffle printed right on the shower invitations or if you’ve already had the invites printed, you can include a diaper raffle card with all the details in the invitations.

Diaper Raffle Guide With Free Raffle Ticket Printables

Diaper Raffle Wording

Asking guests to spend more money to attend a baby shower party can feel a bit uncomfortable for some people. But just keep in mind that taking part in the raffle is optional.

The wording could go something like this…

“We’re having a diaper raffle at the baby shower!

If you wish to participate in the raffle bring a pack of diapers to be entered to win a prize.

One pack of diapers = one entry. The more diapers you bring, the higher your chances of winning!”

You can also make a note that participation is optional and any diaper brand preferences, etc.

Diaper Raffle Drawing

You’ll probably want to do the raffle drawing at the end of the shower, after baby shower games and gifts as a grand finally. You can have the mom-to-be pick a name from the raffle box to select the winning ticket or tickets. 

Baby Shower Gift Table

Supplies Needed for a Successful Baby Shower Raffle

As the baby shower hostess, you will need to gather a few supplies for the raffle. I created a few different free printable diaper raffle tickets and other supplies to make things easier.

Diaper Raffle Tickets

The most important supply needed is raffle tickets. Of course, you can use generic raffle tickets or even just pieces of paper for guests to sign up for the drawing or you can get baby shower-themed tickets.

Grab your free printable raffle tickets below. To make things easier, print on these Avery business cards for the best results.

Diaper Raffle Tickets Printable

Free Diaper Raffle Ticket Printable


Diaper Raffle Sign

Next, you’ll place a framed diaper raffle sign on the table to direct guests on what to do such as leave diapers here or sign 1 raffle ticket for each package of diapers you brought.

Free Printable Diaper Raffle Sign

Diaper Raffle Sign Free Printable

Raffle Entries Box

 Another item you should have is a raffle box to collect raffle entry tickets. Simply find a small box, cover it with baby shower gift wrap paper (preferably to match the theme of the shower), and cut a slit into the top. 

Diaper Raffle Table    

You’ll want to set up a diaper raffle table in a designated area where diapers can be gathered. Preferably the table should be closer to the door so guests can sign up and leave the diapers as they are coming into the venue.

The raffle table should also include a stack of raffle tickets, a raffle box for the tickets as well as a sign with instructions for the guests to make things easy for everyone.

Diaper Raffle Prizes

Diaper Raffle Prizes

Lastly, you’ll need a grand prize for the diaper raffle winner. 

How much should a diaper raffle prize be?

Since you’re asking for baby shower guests to spend more money to be entered into the raffle drawing, the winner should get a special prize as opposed to the typical baby shower game prizes. In my opinion, it should be worth at least 4 – 5 times the cost of entry.

Since the typical cost of diapers is roughly $10 – $15, the awesome prize for the raffle winner should be worth around $50 (or more). I know that this might seem like a big expense added to the cost of a baby shower, but when you consider the cost savings for the parents of the new baby, it seems well worth it.

Diaper Raffle Gift Ideas

Winning raffle ticket prize winner gift ideas should be something that just about everybody would be excited to receive. Since it’s hard to please everybody, gift cards or gift certificates are the best diaper raffle gift ideas.

If you opt to get a physical prize, keep the party guests in mind. For example, bath bombs may not be the best prize if you are throwing a coed baby shower.

  • Gift Card 
  • Gift Certificate 
  • Bottle of Wine
  • Movie Tickets
  • Bath Bombs 
  • Gift Baskets
  • Lottery Tickets

Baby Shower Diaper Raffle Guide

Baby Shower Diaper Raffle FAQ 

How does a diaper raffle work?

Baby shower guests bring diapers to be entered into a raffle drawing to win prizes.

How to do a diaper and wipe raffle?

A diaper and wipe raffle works the same way as a traditional diaper raffle does. The only difference is that bringing wipes will qualify you to be entered into the raffle drawing.

What's the difference between a diaper raffle and a diaper fund?

A diaper raffle is when shower guests bring a pack of diapers to be entered into the raffle drawing whereas a diaper fund is based on raffle ticket sales where guests can purchase raffle tickets to enter the drawing and the money raised goes into a diaper fund for the new parents to purchase their preferred brand of diapers.

How do you announce a Diaper Raffle?

The easiest and most convenient way to announce a diaper raffle is by including diaper raffle cards in baby shower invitations.

How to get diapers in multiple sizes?

The best way to ensure that the expecting mom gets multiple sizes of diapers is to simply ask for them. Make a notation on the diaper raffle invitation stating mom needs assorted diaper sizes as well as diaper brand preference.


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