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Grab one of these great chore chart for kids printables to help your child remember what needs to be done with a fun visual reminder

Giving your children chores is a great way to teach them responsibility.  It’s a skill that they are going to need their entire life.

And just like teaching your kids about money is a good parenting lesson to teach your baby, the sooner you start, the better, as long as the chores assigned are age-appropriate.

But if you are just now starting to assign chores to your children, you’ll soon realize that you’re going to need to keep reminding them of their responsibilities just like we need a planner to remind us of everything we need to do.

This is why using a chore chart is a great way to remind and encourage your kids of all ages to do their chores.

Here are 15 great free chore charts that I found to help you teach your kids responsibly.

15 Chore Chart Printable Downloads For Kids

Chore Chart

Zone Cleaning Chore Printables

This first set of charts are ones I designed for zone cleaning but also has a pretty chore chart included. If you’ve never heard of zone cleaning, it’s a simple solution to keep your home clean, organized, and clutter-free in just 15 – 20 minutes a day. Click here to read all about zone cleaning.

Zone Cleaning Schedule Printables

@ MoneyMindedMom

Daily Chore Chart

This daily chart from Living Well Spending Less is a simple way to stay on top of all the responsibilities your kids are given. Simply fill out the tasks given on these free editable printable chore charts and your child can place a checkmark for each day they completed each chore.

@ livingwellspendingless

Daily Chore Chart


Preschool Chore Charts for Toddlers

This fun chore chart from Sugar Bee Crafts is great for toddlers who can’t read yet. Instead of words, the images show your child what needs to be done. What I like most is that each task is also labeled which will help your kids relate written words with the images.

@ Sugar Bee Crafts

Preschool Chore Charts For Kids

Check, Check, Done Chart Chart For Kids

iMom created this beautiful chore chart kids design which has space for both morning and evening chores. This is a great way to break up age appropriate chores so your child doesn’t get too overwhelmed.

@ iMom

Check, Check, Done Chore Chart for Kids

Chore Chart Template

Acultived Nest created this bright fun blank chore template perfect for kids of all ages. All you need to do is fill in the chores that your child has and they can place a checkmark in the boxes for each day of the week.

@ Acultivatednest

Chore Chart PDF

Swap Chores for Screen Time Chore Chart For Kids

I’m loving this chore template from Your Modern Family because she gives a different spin to getting your kids to help out. Instead of assigning chores, she swaps screen time for each chore your child does without being asked so kids get rewarded for good behavior. 

@ yourmodernfamily

Picture chore chart for kids



















My Chore Chart

Here is another chart for chores created by I Should Be Mopping The Floor. What I like about this chart is that it’s gender-neutral so you can use this for both girls and boys. 

@ ishouldbemoppingthefloor

My Chore Chart

Let’s Get It Done Chore Chart For Kids

Hello Cuteness created this beautiful monthly task chart. Besides having a wonderful design, you’ll save paper since you only need to print out one page every month.


Chore Chart Template















Home Master Cleaning Schedule

This master cleaning schedule is a great chore chart for teens and adults alike. Instead of completing all chores every day, it specifies different tasks for each day of the week.

@ simplymadepretty

House Cleaning Schedule
















Chore Chart Printable

This free printable chore chart for kids from The Gilded Pear takes a slightly different approach to getting your kids to help out. In addition to regular chores, you can add some extra credit tasks that your kids can do to earn extra money. 

@ thegildedpear

Free Printable Chart


Weekly Chore Chart

This weekly chart for chores from Printable Crush is a simple way to stay on top of all the responsibilities your kids are given. Simply fill out the tasks given with your chore chart ideas and your child can place a checkmark for each day they completed each chore.


@ printablecrush

Weekly Chores


Chore Chart With Magnets

Fun Smart DIY created this magnetic chore chart with a dry erase board to incentivize doing chores with earning money. What kid wouldn’t want to get their chores done if they know there’s a reward for them.

@ smartfundiy

Magnetic Allowance Chart


Chore Chart Template

Sarah Titus created this bright fun blank weekly chore template perfect for kids of all ages. You can download the design based on if the chart is for a boy or girl. Then all you need to do is fill in the chores that your child has and they can place an X in the boxes for each day of the week.

@ sarahtitus

Chart Printable

Contributions To The Family Chore Chart

This contribution chart from Half Scratched is geared more toward older children and lists responsibilities for different times of the day like morning, afternoon, and evening.

@ halfscratched

Contribution Chart


My Chore Chart For Kids

Mom Dot created this colorful chart with both moms and kids in mind. What’s nice about this printable chore chart is that you can track over three months of chores on one chart saving lots of paper.

@ momdot

My Chore Chart For Kids

Children’s Responsibility Chart

As your children get older, they should realize that doing chores is their responsibility, not a punishment which is why I love the fact that this chart from Ink Happi is more of a to-do list of responsibilities instead of chores.

@ inkhappi

Children's Responsibility Chart

Damask Chore Chart

I’m just loving these chore charts by Sarah Halstead. She incorporates a beautiful damask design that not only reminds your children of their responsibilities but looks pretty hanging on your refrigerator. 

@ sarahhalstead

Chore Chart Printables

Chore Chart For Kids Of All Ages Conclusion

As you can see, there are many free chore chart for kids and parents alike to stay on top of all the daily tasks that we need to do.

Test out a few of your favorite free printables chore chart ideas and see which works best for your family.

If none of these printable chore charts work for your family, check out these popular chore chart for kids ideas on Amazon to find the perfect chore list for your children.

More Chore Chore Chart For Kids Printables On Amazon

Magnetic Responsibility Chart For Kids

The Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart includes a pair of fabric-hinged dry-erase boards with 89 magnets featuring behaviors such as “Clean Room,” “Set Table,” and “No Teasing,” as well as rewards.

The second magnetic board is blank for storage of magnets so every time your child completes an assigned chore, they grab the corresponding magnet from the bottom board to fill in the top responsibility chart .


Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart



Magnetic White Board Chore Chart For Kids

JJPRO chore chart board set includes one magnetic chore chart and two magnetic whiteboards. This combo set fits most size refrigerators mini or full size, single door or side-by-side, super flexible and easy to use!

The upgraded design of the chore chart board ensures that the date box for each day of the week is big enough for you to write down your daily tasks. And the other two whiteboards are perfect for your notes and grocery list.

Magnetic Whiteboard Reward Chore Chart – Dry Erase Refrigerator Responsibility Incentive Chart w/Bonus - Grocery List and Notepad for Kitchen Refrigerator


Reward Chart for Kids

 This INAMIO responsibility chart magnetic board that sticks on your fridge or hangs on your wall. Choose among 80+ pre-printed chores to help establish routine with your little ones. Give stars when they complete tasks.

Perfect for toddlers of ages 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7-9 years old. Great for homeschooling, morning routine and potty training too. Works with multiple children (up to 3).

This Reward Chart encourages positive change and helpful routine. It’s a fun and educational way to introduce discipline.

inamio Reward Chart for Kids – 80+ Chores, Chore Chart for Multiple Kids – Magnetic, for Toddlers at Home – Great for Classroom, Potty Training or Behavior Training – Upgraded Version

Family  Command Center With Chore Chart

This fridge family command center idea comes with a magnetic chore chart, weekly planner, and to-do list is perfect to keep the whole family organized.

With our 2 magnetic charts, you can easily organize your kids chores for up to 4 people. If you don’t need 4 sections, you can include mom and dad as well! Also, don’t skip a beat and never forget an appointment or game! Easily organize your and your kids weeks with our weekly planner.


Get more family command center ideas here

Magnetic Chore Chart and Weekly Planner Calendar Minimalist Design - Dry Erase Board Set - 17x12” Each With Bonus List 10 X 5", 6 Fine Tip Markers with Eraser Caps for Fridge, Used For Multiple Kids, Mom, Family, Home School, Teachers, Behavior, Rewards - Hapetrails

Now that you have some help around the house, you might want to get your family’s important information organized so you can deal with any minor or major family emergency that may happen. The Family Emergency Binder can help. Click this link to see what’s included.

Family Emergency Binder

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