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Come on down, you’re the next contestant on… If you are hosting a baby shower, then why not bring the fun of the most-watched game show to your party with The Price Is Right baby shower game?

And just like Bob Barker and Drew Carey have said every weekday for the past 47+ years, the person who gets closest to the regular retail price without going over is the winner!

What makes the Price Is Right baby shower game so much fun is that it’s super easy to play, and just about everybody knows the rules of the game.

Grab your free printable templates here and watch your party guests have a hilarious time trying to win the big prize!

Price Is Right Baby Shower Game Printable

(I’ve included both gender-specific and gender-neutral themes)

 What You’ll Need To Play:

All you really need to play this game is the free printable Price Is Right game cards (which you can download here), and the current price of each item.

The printable PDF Price Is Right game cards include some popular baby items listed to make things easier.

Next, you’ll need to run out to your nearest drug store and record the prices for each product on a game card. This will be your answer key as the host of the baby shower game.

You can also look up the prices online if you prefer. I suggest you visit a drugstore or national chain store as opposed to Amazon since the prices fluctuate quite a bit.

If you want to make this party game more realistic and like our favorite game show, you can even buy the items to give the contestants a visual of the products as well as size and brand just like the game show.

Once the party is over you can give the items to the mother-to-be as a gift.

How To Play The Price is Right Baby Shower Game

The game rules are simple, describe and/or show the party guests one item at a time and ask them to take their best guess on how much each item costs.

Once you’ve gone through each product, ask your guests to total the amounts of all the items. The person who got closest to the grand total without going over wins.

You can also opt to give a small prize for each individual item instead of just one winner for the entire game if you’d like.

Download your free printable Game Cards Here.



Price Is Right Baby Shower Game


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