Hello…Thank you so much for visiting Money Minded Mom. My name is Lisa, I am wife to my hilarious husband and mother to two beautiful and strong girls.

I started Money Minded Mom to help other get inspired take control of your life and ACHIEVE not only your financial goals but also your life’s goals and reach your dreams.

So first, let you tell you what I am not…

  • I am not a financial planner
  • I am not a money expert
  • I am not any sort of professional in any area having to do with money or finance.

Now, let me tell you who I am…

  • I was a person who has made plenty of money mistakes in life.
  • I was the person who was totally oblivious about finances until it was too late
  • I was the person who was in debt
  • I was the person who had been in your shoes financially


  • I am the person who has learned A LOT from my mistakes
  • I am the person who has worked really hard to fix those mistakes
  • I am the person who has persevered and totally transformed my life financially.

So as you can see, I’ve been there and done that.  Bad and good, I want to pass on the good and help you avoid or get out of the bad!!

The goal for my site is to help others get out of the awful situations I was in; or prevent you from getting to that point to begin with.  I want to pass on what I have learned throughout my journey of learning to control spending, manage money, saving more and spending less.