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My name is Lisa and I’m a self-taught personal finance geek and frugal fanatic who was able to get our family out from under $70K of debt after having our family income cut in half.

I’ve been in the exact place you may be in today because I was never really taught how to manage money since we really didn’t have much while growing up. This led me to make some bad financial decisions as a young adult.

I know how struggling with money is really discouraging so my goal for this site is to help make things a little easier through simple strategies to improve your finances, frugal living, and cutting expenses.

I spent countless hours educating myself and learning whatever I could regarding…

saving money

getting out of debt

making money

frugal living


and just about anything else that would help me improve my finances.

After going through this first-hand experience, I decided to start this site to give real advice for real moms who not only have to navigate their finances but also take care of their families.

I’m sharing everything I’ve learned on my site in hopes that it will help others who are in a bad place financially and are willing to put in the work to make their lives and their families better.

Some of my tips have been featured in…

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