Looking for money gift ideas? Check out these 27 creative ways to give cash as a gift.

Money Gift Ideas For Every Occasion 


Don’t you love getting cash as a gift? It’s typically at the top of my list, and I’m not alone. 

I mean, who doesn’t love getting cold hard cash as a gift? Am I right?

Even though I love money gifts, I have a hard time just throwing a few dollar bills in a card & envelope and signing my name.

It just feels a little too impersonal…like you didn’t put much thought or effort into finding the perfect gift idea…

I know this is silly because if you look at people’s reactions when they open a cash gift their faces light up.

But, there’s nothing better than seeing someone’s reaction when they get a money gift in a fun and creative way. The recipient gets what they want, and they also know that you put some love into giving them the perfect gift. 

This is why when I was brainstorming gift ideas for my daughter’s graduation, I started searching for unique ways to give cash.

I came across so many fun money gift ideas, I decided to put together a big list of money gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion.


27 Creative Money Gift Ideas


Rolling in Dough Pizza Money Gift

Creative ways to give money as a gift with a Pizza Money Box

I love pizza, but if I had to choose, I’d rather get this “rolling in the dough” pizza money gift box instead.

All you need to make this fun money gift idea is a pizza box (I got one at our local pizza shop for cheap), and some felt, foam, or cardstock to make the pizza toppings.  And of course some money bills and coins. 


Money Topiary Tree

Money Topiary Cash Gift Idea

This money topiary is so pretty and a unique way to gift money, I’m not sure I’d want to take it apart to get the money off of it. 

It’s also really easy to make even if you aren’t very creative and can be gifted for many occasions such as a birthday gift, Christmas money gift, or even for Mother’s day.

Click here to learn how to make a money topiary gift.


In Case Of Emergency Money Gift

Cash gift idea - In Case Of Emergency Money as a Gift

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t need a little in case of emergency cash once in a while. This makes this emergency cash gift not only unique but functional too.

So if ever the recipient is in a money bind, they have a little cash stash if needed.


Graduation Money Wreath

Creative Graduation Money Gift Ideas - Congrats Grad Money Wreath Graduation Gift


Looking for a unique way to gift cash for graduation then look no further than this creative money gift wreath.

But it can also be given for many other occasions since this fun graduation money wreath can be easily adapted to fit your needs.


Box of Chocolates Money Gift

Box of Chocolates With Money Gift-Ideas for gifting money


Everyone loves chocolates and would be delighted to get a box as a gift.

But they definitely won’t be disappointed when they realize that this box of chocolate money gift ideas is filled with cash instead of calories.


Money Balloon Gift Idea

Confetti Balloon Money Gift Ideas or birthday, graduation, or anytime


Looking for money gift ideas for birthday? Look no further! This cute money balloon gift idea is a super fun way to gift money.

And in many cases, the recipient won’t even realize that they got a monetary gift (at least not right away). Of course, you could pop the balloon to shower the birthday girl or boy with confetti and cash. 

Puzzle Money Box Gift

Funny ways to gift money - Brainteaser Puzzle - ATM Puzzle Box - Fun Way to Give a Gift of Money

If you’re looking for funny ways to gift money, this brainteaser puzzle box might be just the gift idea.

The recipient must solve this Brainteaser to unlock his or her gift!!! Great for gifting money, gift cards, or any other small gift idea.

 DIY Money Book Gift

DIY Money Book - Book of Money Gift Ideas

Another fun way to gift cash is by making a DIY money book as a gift.

This money book is a simple and easy way to give cash as a gift. All you need is some card stock & decorative paper for the front and back covers and some grosgrain ribbon as a bookbinder. Easy Peezy!


Dollar Bill Origami Money Rosette Bow

DIY money dollar bills origami rosette bow money gift idea


Maybe you already have a gift idea but want to add a few extra bucks to bring up the value. Why not add a dollar bill origami bow accent to the present as a finishing touch.

This money rosette bow looks complicated but it’s really easy to make. Click here to get the step-by-step tutorial to make a beautiful accent to any gift-giving occasion.


Notepad Money Gift

Unique cash gift idea - Note pad money gift

A notepad isn’t exactly on anyone’s gift wish list unless it’s filled with money, of course.

This money notepad is a fun money gift idea that anyone would appreciate getting (once they realize the pages are money), and can be filled with as many bills as you like.

Soda Bottle Money Gift

DIY bottle gift ideas - Soda Bottle Money Gift Idea

Like the idea of a DIY money gift but aren’t very crafty? If so then this bottle filled with money might be just what you’re looking for.


All you need is an empty soda bottle, then replace the label with one that says congratulations, happy birthday, or whatever. Then fill a money soda bottle with some green and a few sweet treats.

Note: This money idea would go great with the Rolling in the dough pizza money gift listed earlier.

Money Tie Cash Gift

Easy gift idea with money - Money Tie fun money gift idea

Not sure how this idea of a money tie came about but I love it. Such a unique way to give money as a gift!

This money tie along with a nice crisp white dress shirt makes the perfect gift-giving idea for dads, brothers, and boys of all ages.

Money Tree Cash & Gift Card Idea

Money as a gift ideas - Money Tree Gift Card Holder With 10 Clips and LED Lighted Tips

Give the gift of cash and gift cards with this money tree idea.  This makes the perfect accent for any party where the guest would like to give cash as a gift. 

As the guests come in, you can simply place their contribution to the money tree since it just clips right in. This makes the perfect money gift idea for baby showers or bridal showers.


Bright Future Bulb Graduation Money Gift

Bright Future Bulb Graduation Gift Ideas With Money

Need a gift idea for the upcoming graduation? The recipient of this Light Bulb gift idea has a bright future ahead of them so why not show it with this fun money gift idea.


Cash Money Album

Cash Money Album Gift Idea - Unique Money as a gift idea

Everyone loves looking at old photos and pictures which makes an album a great gift. 

But instead of filling it with photos, why not fill an album with some of the most famous faces in America while giving a monetary gift in this money album.


Piggy Bank Money Gift

unique ways to give money - Piggy Banks Best Gift for Kids Children Electronic Code Lock Money Banks with Password Mini ATM Money Save for Paper Money and Coins, Great for Boys & Girls (Black/Red)

Another one of those fun ways to give money is by stashing some in a piggy bank, or in the case of the image above a safe bank.

Plus it’s a great way to get kids to learn how to save their money instead of spending it all.

Fortune Cookies With Cash Money Gift Idea

Cash gifting ideas - Fortune Cookie Money Gift Idea

Everyone loves to find out what’s inside a fortune cookie and cash typically isn’t what they expect to find making this a really fun gift idea.

To make it even more special and unique, treat them to a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant too!

Hershey’s Money Nuggets

Fun ways to gift money - Hershey's Nuggets money gift idea for Christmas

Need fun money gift ideas for Christmas? Why not gift some delicious chocolates wrapped with cash like these Hershey’s Money Nuggets.

Hershey nuggets are great but Hershey Money Nuggets are so much better.


Confetti Money Poppers

Confetti Poppers - kids money gift ideas for birthday - creative ways to gift money

These Confetti Poppers are such a fun way to give the gift of cash to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or another special occasion.

You’ll not only shower the special guest with fun confetti but cash too!!


Green Salad Money Gift Idea

Unique way to give money - Green Salad Money Gift Idea

This Green Salad Money Gift idea is such a unique gift to give to anybody, even if they don’t eat salad!

Plus, it’s one of the easiest ways to give money as a gift. Simply fill a salad bowl with crushed-up dollar bills (or $5 $10, or $20 dollar bills) add some salad tongs, and you’re done.

Birthday Cake Money Gift Topper

The Money Cake - Cake Money Pull Out Kit includes special box, 1 plastic roll (50 connected pockets), Happy Birthday Topper

Give cash in the least expected place…inside a cake with this money cake topper idea.

All you need to do is hallow out a place in the cake for the money dispenser, then frost your cake as usual and the lucky birthday girl or boy will pull out money as they remove the cake topper.

Comes with a roll of 50 connected pockets so you can add as much cash as you’d like. This can also be adapted for a graduation, anniversary, or any other occasion.


Money Christmas Tree Gift Idea

Money Tree Gift Idea - Creative ways to give money as a gift

Here’s another Money Tree idea that is the perfect Christmas cash gift. It can be used as a fun decor piece during the holidays then all bets are off when the New Year rolls around.

I’m sure, just like our real Christmas trees, this one will be stripped a few weeks after the holidays.


Money Water Bottle

Water Bottle Money Gift Idea - Monetary gift ideas

This water bottle money gift idea is perfect for graduation and birthdays.

To make these gift ideas a little more pleasing, you can add them to a gift basket with other small gifts that you know the person receiving it will love.


Money French Fries

Money Gift ideas for kids - French Fries Cash Gift Idea

Keep your eyes on your fries (or cash?!). We all love McD’s fries but these Money Fries are so much better. 

If you’re looking for funny ways to gift money to kids, then these money fries are perfect! 


Rainy Days Money Umbrella

Rainy Day Money Gift - Easy DIY cash gift idea


We all have a few rainy days when in need of a few bucks which makes an umbrella cash gift something anybody can use. 

Plus, it’s super easy to make! Simply tie some string to the umbrella frame then tie a paperclip to the other end and clip on some dollar bills and done.

Money Tree Gift Idea

Ideas for money tree - Money Tree Gift Idea

If you’re looking to gift money in the form of money tree ideas, then why not make it pretty too.

This is such a pretty money tree that I’d hate to take it apart to use the cash and really easy to make too.


Money Cake

Birthday Money Cake - Money Gift Giving ideas

This money gift idea takes the cake (pun intended) I love this money cake gift, it looks really complicated to make but really isn’t.

Of course, you don’t have to tell the recipient that…


Money Game – Win a prize!

Gifting money ideas - Cosmic Pinball for Cash, Gift Cards and Tickets, Fun Reusable Game

This pinball money game is the perfect way to gift cash to kids. If they want to access the money, they’ll need to win the game first by getting three balls into the bullseye.

You can even put gift cards, or other small prizes in the game if you don’t want to give cash.

Spring Flower Money Bouquet

DIY money bouquet - Spring Bouquet Ideas

Spring is in the air any time of year when you get this money bouquet. This is another one of those cash gifts that you’ll hate to take the money off of because it’s so cute. But don’t worry, it’ll still be a pretty bouquet even without the cash.

This makes a great gift idea for mother’s day or a birthday. Learn how to make a money bouquet here.

Money Wine Bottle Gift

Wine Bottle Money Gift Idea - money gift idea for wedding or anniversary

This money wine bottle is such a creative and fun idea. Plus it looks really classy!

This makes the perfect money gifting idea for a wedding or anniversary gift.  

Rose Money Bouquet

Money Bouquet ideas for birthday - Rose Cash Bouquet

Another beautiful way to give cash as a gift is with a money rose bouquet. This DIY money gift is really easy to make even if you’re not crafty. 

Plus, you can get all the supplies you need at your local Dollar Tree for just a few bucks.

Money Card Gift Idea

Make a Wish Money Gift CardIdea

Simply putting money inside a card is boring… So why not put money on a card instead of inside of it.

Besides, we all know handmade cards are way better than store-bought ones. Plus these can be adapted for any gift-giving occasion.

Money Gift Ideas Conclusion

As you can see there are much fun, unique, and creative ways to give money as a gift without looking tacky or like you didn’t put any effort into it.

Pick a gift of cash idea that you think the recipient would love, get a laugh from, or will be surprised by and it’s sure to put a smile on their face!


What is a monetary gift?

A monetary gift is the gift of money.

Is money a tacky gift?

Gifting money can be a bit tacky if just thrown in an envelope but not if you give cash in the form of a creative gift idea to show that you put thought into giving.

Can you give a family member money?

The annual gift tax exclusion is $16,000 for 2022. This is the amount of money that you can give as a gift to one person, in any given year, without having to pay any gift tax. ... You can make individual $16,000 gifts to as many people as you want.

Do I need to declare money gifts?

Gifts are neither taxable nor deductible on your tax return. ... You don't need to include the gifts that you and your spouse received as income. The gift giver may need to pay taxes if giving more that $16,000 to one individual.

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