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Looking for money gift ideas? Check out these 27 creative ways to give cash as a gift.

Don’t you love getting cash as a gift? It’s typically at the top of my list, and I’m not alone. 

Even though I love money gifts, I have a hard time just throwing a few bills in a card and signing my name.

It just feels a little too impersonal…like you didn’t put much thought or effort into it…

I know this is silly because if you look at people’s reactions when they open a cash gift their faces light up.

But, there’s nothing better than seeing someone’s reaction when they get a money gift in a fun and creative way. The recipient gets what they want, and they also know that you put some love into giving them the perfect gift. 

Which is why when I was brainstorming gift ideas for my daughter’s graduation, I started searching for unique ways to give cash.

I came across so many fun money gift ideas, I decided to put together a big list of money gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion.


27 Creative Money Gift Ideas

Rolling in Dough

Pizza Money Box

I love pizza, but if I had to choose, I’d rather get this “rolling in the dough” pizza instead.


Money Topiary

Money Topiary

This money topiary is so pretty, I’m not sure I’d want to take it apart to get the money off of it. 


In Case Of Emergency Money

In Case Of Emergency Money

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t need a little in case of emergency cash once in a while.


Money Wreath

Money Wreath


This fun graduation money wreath can be easily adapted to fit any gift-giving occasion.


Box of Money Chocolates

Box of Chocolates With Money


This box of chocolate money gift idea is filled with cash instead of calories.

Money Balloons

Confetti Money Balloon

This cute money balloon idea is super fun. Pop the balloon and get showered with confetti and cash. 

 Money Book

Money Book

This money book is a simple and easy way to give cash as a gift.

Money Rosette Bow

Rosette Bow Money Gift Idea

This money rosette bow looks complicated but it’s really easy to make.

Money Notepad

Money Note Pad

This money notepad is a fun money gift idea, fill it with as many bills as you like.

Money Soda Bottle Gift

Soda Bottle Money Gift Idea

Fill a money soda bottle with some green for the new grad or adapt it to fit any other gift-giving occasion.

Money Tie

Money Tie

This money tie makes the perfect gift for dad and boys of all ages.

Bright Future Money Bulb

Bright Future Bulb Money Gift Idea

The recipient of this Light Bulb gift idea has a bright future ahead of them.

Money Album

Money Album

Fill this money album with some of the most famous faces in America.

Money Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookie Money Gift Idea

Everyone loves to find out what’s inside a fortune cookie and cash typically isn’t what they expect to find making this a really fun gift idea.

Hershey’s Money Nuggets

Hershey's Money Nuggets

Hershey nuggets are great but Hershey Money Nuggets are so much better.

Confetti Money Poppers

Confetti Poppers

These Confetti Poppers are such a fun way to give the gift of cash.

Green Salad Money Gift Idea

Green Salad Money Gift Idea

This Green Salad Money Gift idea is such a unique gift to give to anybody, even if they don’t eat salad!

Money Tree

Money Tree Gift Idea

Here’s another Money Tree idea that the perfect Christmas cash gift.

Money Water Bottle

Water Bottle Money Gift Idea

This water bottle money gift idea is perfect for graduation and birthdays.

Money French Fries

French Fries Money Gift Idea

We all love McD’s fries but these Money Fries are so much better.

Rainy Days Money Umbrella

Rainy Day Money Gift Idea


We all have a few rainy days when in need of a few bucks which makes an umbrella cash gift something anybody can use.

Money Tree Gift Idea

Money Tree Gift Idea

Such a pretty money tree and really easy to make too.

Money Cake

Money Cake

I love this money cake gift, it looks really complicated to make but really isn’t.

Spring Flower Money Bouquet

Spring Bouquet Money Gift Idea

Spring is in the air any time of year when you get this money bouquet.

Money Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle Money Gift Idea

This money wine bottle is such a creative and fun idea for wine lovers. 

Money Rose Money Bouquet

Rose Bouquet Money Gift Idea

Another beautiful way to give cash as a gift is with a money rose bouquet

Money Card Gift Idea

Make a Wish Money Gift Idea

Why not put money on a card instead of inside of it.


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