Create a DIY Plant Stand to Display Your House Plants

Looking for an easy and cheap way to display your house plants? Check out these 32 DIY plant stand ideas.

I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in, especially since the winters in my neck of the woods are so long and cold. One easy way to do that is to get some house plants to add to your home. 

Of course, one requirement of having indoor plants is sunlight which can be difficult if the plants are sitting on a shelf or tucked away in a corner of a room. 

One easy way to remedy this is to use plant stands that can be set in front of a window or a place in your home with sufficient lighting. 

And since I have quite a few plants, buying stands for all of them could get quite costly so I went on a mission to find some inexpensive DIY plant stand ideas to save money.

Here are 32 DIY plant stand ideas that just about anyone can make!

37 DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Click on the image to get instructions, plans, or tutorials for these DIY plant stands 

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern DIY Wooden Plant Stand

This first mid-century-inspired plant stand is a classic style that you see often in some form or another. And for good reason, it’s super simple to make (and manufacture) with minimal effort using some small pieces of scrap wood that many of us have lying around at home.

Pretty crazy considering West Elm sells an almost identical indoor plant stand for over $140

I found this easy-to-follow YouTube video on how to make a DIY wooden plant stand just like it in less than 7 minutes.

>> Plant Stand Tutorial


Simple DIY Metal Plant Stand

Learn How to Turn a Basic Tomato Cage Into a Chic Plant Stand - Simple DIY metal plant stand designs

Such a creative idea, this upcycled metal plant stand DIY project idea from Martha Stewart is made out of recycled tomato cages.

Simply place the tomato cages upside down and cut off the spikes that go into the ground. Smaller potted plants can fit into the first rung and you’ll need to remove more rungs for larger planters.

You can also leave the DIY plant stands as is or spray paint them to match the decor of your home.


DIY Tiered Plant Stand

DIY Tiered plant stand plans

I love this beautiful DIY tiered plant stand idea because it can hold multiple plants, can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be made with less than $20 in materials.

You probably even have most of the supplies to make this tiered plant stand on hand if you work with wood on other DIY projects


Staircase Plant Stand Idea

How to Build a Simple Staircase Plant Stand

Another version of the tiered plant stand above is this staircase plant stand DIY project. Great for container gardens on outdoor patios or decks and indoors next to a large sunny picture window.

I also love the idea that it has a bar on top where you can add hanging plants too. 


Upcycled Dress Drawer Plant Stand DIY

scrap wood plant stand

This upcycled DIY plant stand using a dresser drawer is the most unique and fun stands for plant pots that I’ve seen so far.  It holds multiple planters to add a variety of foliage to make it an eye-catching piece of home decor.

Simply place and brace the drawer on any wide stand you already have or you can easily build a wooden stand from scrap wood that you have lying around the garage.


Hanging Plant Holders DIY

Diy hanging plant holder for multiple plants - hanging garden

This hanging plant holder is the perfect way to create an indoor herb garden or hanging garden idea to add a unique touch to your home.

The one in the image above is hung against a wall but this would be much more effective if hung in front of a large window so the plants can get enough sunlight during the day.


Home Depot DIY Plant Stand

DIY plant stand made with wooden crates

Another creative and unique way to make a homemade plant stand is to use different-sized crates that can be found at Home Depot or any other building supply store.

All you need to do to create this Home Depot inspired wooden plant stand is fasten the crates together with a few screws in any design you like, then add some legs to the plant stand by making some out of scraps or buying them premade.


DIY Ladder Plant Stand

DIY A frame ladder plant stand - DIY plant stand A frame

This DIY Ladder A frame plant stand is the perfect outdoor plant stand idea to start seedlings and other garden plants too. But it’s also great to display your house plants in front of a big picture window where it can get enough sunshine.

The idea to put large trays on the shelves with pebbles in them is also genius since it’ll not only help to keep messes from overwatering down to a minimum but also to have a water reserve if you’re the type of person who forgets to water your plants from time to time.


Upcycled DIY Plant Stand

DIY plant stand from upcycled thrifted bar stool

If you love DIY farmhouse decor, then you’ll love this project. This upcycled DIY wood stand is one of the easiest projects out of this entire list to make at home. All you need to do to create these wooden plant stands are a few used bar stools that you can find at garage sales or thrift stores.

You’d then cut the legs down to the height you need or want and you’re done. You’ll have amazing farmhouse-style indoor stands for plants in no time!

Love the idea of an outdoor garden but don’t have the space? Bet you didn’t think you can grow a garden with less than 2 square feet! Well, you can with the garden tower…

Small space vertical garden idea


Tiered Modern Plant Stand

white two tiered plant stand with plants in clay pots


Looking for a more unique way to display your plants? This modern plant shelf idea might be just the style you’re looking for.

You can easily build a plant stand like this with just a board and a 2×4 that you might already have on hand and it’s easier to make than it looks.


Corner Plant Stand Idea

corner shelf DIY plant stand idea

This tiered corner plant stand makes a great addition to any front porch to make it more inviting to guests. It’s also great for dressing up a bare corner of your home.

You can build a plant stand like this with just a few 2×4 boards that you can find at any hardware store and just a bit of woodworking skills that anyone can learn. 


Mid Century Plant Stand DIY

Diy plant stand

Here is another one of those mid-century style DIY plant stand ideas that would look good in any home. It has a nice sleek design and holds two potted plants.

This easy-to-make plant stand is such a simple design, yet adds class to any room.

Trellis Plant Stand 

Turn Basic Wood Trellises into a Stylish Outdoor Plant Stand

Bring the feeling of an outdoor garden inside with this beautiful trellis plant stand design from Better Homes and Gardens.

You can display multiple plants on this stand so it’s the perfect idea for people who have a green thumb that have lots of plants in their homes.


Vintage DIY Planter Stand

potted cactus holder diy tutorial

Easily create a nice plant arrangement in this DIY vintage style planter idea perfect for a cactus or indoor succulent garden arrangement. 

This allows you to have multiple plants in one planter, just make sure all plants require close to the same care in terms of water and sunlight so all plants stay healthy and beautiful.


Simple Copper Pipe DIY Plant Stand

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Plant Stand

This DIY raised copper pipe plant stand is one of the easiest plant projects to make, even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

All you need is a few pieces of copper piping, a few fittings, and tools most people already have available to tie it all together. 


DIY Plant Shelf


Diy wood plant stand

Check out this lovely plant shelf idea I found. This is the perfect DIY plant project for those who have large, floor to ceiling windows. 

The stand allows your plants to get sufficient sunlight while not obstructing your view out the window. Plus it utilized space that would otherwise go unused.


Mid Century Modern Marble DIY Plant Stand

Diy Plant Stand + Easy Faux Marble Effect

Need a more sleek and stylish plant stand idea? This mid-century modern marble and black stand is the perfect way to display house plants to fit your home decor.

If nothing else, you’ll want to check out this tutorial to see how to create faux marble to use in all kinds of DIY home decor projects.


Garden Bench Style DIY Plant Rack

Garden Bench Style Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand Idea

I am loving this garden bench-style plant stand DIY project. It’s made out of bamboo and has three tiers so there’s plenty of room for a lot of plants, plus a bar for hanging plants too.

This stand would make a perfect addition to any room in your home or add a nice touch to any outdoor space too.


Upcycled Stool DIY Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

There’s nothing I like more than finding a new purpose for stuff you don’t need or want anymore. This is why I love the idea of using an old piano stool as a plant stand.

Of course, not everyone has a piano stool just lying around their home but I’m sure you can find one at a flea market or thrift store in your area.


Simple Basket DIY Plant Stand

DIY Basket Plant Stand

Who would have thought you can turn a simple basket into a unique and beautiful plant stand! It’s also really easy to make too!

All you need to make this DIY basket plant stand is a basket, a piece of scrap wood, and some table legs which you can easily find at any building supply store or even a thrift store.


Easy DIY Wooden Plant Stand


how to make mid century wood potted plant stand

This wooden plant stand is one of the easiest to make out of this entire list. All you need is two pieces of a board approximately 10 x 10 inches each, and a few common hand tools to cut and assemble the stand.

If you aren’t great at making curved cuts (like me), you can alter the pattern a bit to make the cutout for the legs square instead of round to make things easier.


Copper Plant Stand DIY

Copper plant stand with fringes

Have a plant stand but think it needs a little dressing up? No worries. That’s exactly what Sarah Sherman Samual shows you how to do in her DIY copper plant stand tutorial.

This idea is a great reminder that you can transform any piece of ho-hum furniture into something amazing by adding your personal touch to it.


Modern Wood Plant Stand DIY

simple outdoor wooden potted plant holder

This DIY wood plant stand is a bit sturdier than most on this list which is great if you have pets or young children at home.

Made out of 2 x 2 wood, all you need to make this are a few simple cuts with a skill saw and you’ve got yourself a great indoor or outdoor stand for your favorite foliage.


Stacked Book DIY Plant Stand

colorful indoor planter stand from old books

This book plant stand idea is simply genius, and it requires zero handyman skills to make! Simply dig out some old books you have lying around your home. 

If you don’t have any or enough, you can get some for really cheap at a thrift or consignment shop. If you find vintage books, you can leave them as is or you can get some inexpensive book covers in different colors to add some flair and color to any room.


Concrete DIY Plant Stand


Concrete plant stand diy tutorial

One of the cheapest plant stands to make is this concrete tripod plant stand which costs just about $5 to make with just a bag of concrete, bucket, and a dowel.

All you need to do is mix the concrete in a bucket and use the dowel to create legs the length you want by placing them in the hardening concrete and done.

DIY Pallet Plant Stand

Build A Pallet Planter

Another inexpensive plant stand idea is this pallet plant holder. What I like about this is that you can create a small garden of like plants such as succulents, cacti, or even a herb garden.

Supplies needed are minimal and you can probably get a pallet for free or around $2 apiece if you don’t already have some lying around your house.


Plant Shelf DIY Project

DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf

This DIY plant shelf is can be used for just about anything, but definitely works great as a plant stand too, and allows you to hold multiple plants.

The stand in the image above has a poly finish on it but you can paint or stain this shelf to match your decor.

DIY Multi Level Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand

You can definitely group multiple plant stands to create the multi-level stand for plants effect like in the image above but why not save some time, energy, and material by making one already grouped together?

And it’s easier to make than you think, you can get full instructions with diagrams and images to create this homemade plant stand here.


Boho Balsa Plant Stand DIY

Decorative Tabletop Plants Stands

I recently wrote an article on DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse decor and will definitely be adding this idea to it since it fits the bill. You can so make this unique plant stand with just a few items from any dollar store with craft wood and some string for less than $5 apiece.

These work great to display smaller plants on shelves or on tabletops in your home to create an inviting look.


DIY Hanging Plant Stand

Metal Plant Stand

Don’t have any place to hang plants? No problem, just DIY this hanging basket plant stand to hang plants anywhere you choose.

What’s nice about this is that all the pieces will be assembled with threaded joint fittings so all you need to do is screw the pieces together where they belong and you’ve got an outdoor/indoor plant stand ready to go.


IKEA Plant Stand Hack DIY

IKEA Hack plant stand idea

Technically this isn’t your typical DIY plant stand idea since most of the stand is constructed using an IKEA plant stand that just needs assembling. 

But Sugar And Cloth added her own touch to it by Acadia wood to the plant platforms giving it a nice wood touch to soften the look.

Creative Plant Stand Ideas

outdoor metal plant holder tutorial

When I first started looking for homemade plant stand ideas, I saw the one in the image above and almost skipped it because it seemed way too difficult to make.

But to my surprise, these stands are made out of lampshade frames so no welding or soldering is involved! 

DIY Plant Stand Conclusion

As you can see, there is no shortage of plant stand ideas that you can DIY with little effort and supplies that you already have on hand to beautify your home.

Pick a project that you think would fit nicely into your decor as well as your handyman skillset and get creating!


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