Looking to make a bit of extra money? Check out these 7 Things to sell from around your home to make extra money


In an age where we are constantly buying things that we need in everyday life, one can very quickly overcrowd the house with items that have outlived their use.

After all, everyone knows that there is nothing better than a clean, well-managed home that is only filled with objects that the family uses!

Although this can look like a nagging thing to do constantly, everything changes when you realize you can make money out of it!

Extra Money

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Nowadays, when times get rough, and it gets tougher and tougher to make a decent living due to inflation, low earnings, and the economic state of the society, many individuals turn to thrift stores and online postings to supplement their income. 

Unfortunately, while these are excellent resources, many households make hasty judgments, such as selling family treasures like your collectible cards or CD collections.

You will probably regret it sometime later because there is emotional worth stored deep inside these objects. The good news is that you don’t have to sell your great-grandmother’s china to get by. 

Instead, take a big breath and contemplate all of the other things you may sell from home.

You can even use your computer to shortlist the items you might want to sell and make things easier for yourself.

Read below to find out how you can make some sweet extra money by selling seven things that are probably just lying around your house. 

7 Things From Home To Sell For Extra Money

1. Books and Magazines

Get started by raiding your bookshelves. We all have favorite books that we can’t imagine living without, but those are commonly a tiny portion of what we have in the house picking up dust.

Fiction books are usually the easiest to sell, but count on the bookworms online to be interested in some non-fiction, too! 

Sell Used Books To Make Extra Money

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Be careful when you get to the comics section belonging to your kids or partners. Comics have collectible value, and you could get across a valuable, rare, and old problem that can sell online for impressive sums. You don’t want to sell it for scraps!

2. Computers, Tablets, and Other Electronic Devices

Everyone in the family has personal electronic devices nowadays, even toddlers. Phones, tablets, iPads, and tablets all have new models every year. Typically, upgrades are made frequently. 


Electronic devices are one of the best items you can sell. Did you get a new business tablet from the office and already own an iPad? Waste no time and check whether you can sell the iPad for cash. Nothing better than an unexpected income.

Sell Old or Broken Electronics To Make Extra Money

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3. Designer Clothes

Those beautiful pieces of designer clothes have kept you feeling great for years. But you could get caught up with some serious cash on your hands!

Now is the time to sell them. It’s worth trying to make money if you have a designer name in your wardrobe. 

Gucci, Louis Vitton, Blue Marine, Valentino, and other designer brands attain their prices very high decades after being launched.

Used Christian Louboutin boots can reach more than $1,000 online. thredUP, Poshmark, The Real Real, Craigslist, and consignment stores are viable.

Sell used clothing for Extra Money

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4. Furniture

Furniture may not be as quickly sold as small items, but if you own a quality mid-century-modern piece, you will sell it before you say cheese.

The biggest issue with furniture is shipping. However, if someone is interested, it can be arranged easily. 

Interior designers, collectors, and the design-conscious always look for distinctive furniture, and Scandinavian-style pieces are exceptionally trendy.

Some online marketplaces for old and vintage furniture assist with sale and delivery coordination in exchange for a 20 to 30% discount. 

More than one mid-century modern table lamp costs more than $3,000, indicating that demand is strong. Another online furniture bazaar is Etsy, where a classic Italian living room set is posted for $2,950.

5. Vinyl Records

If you are an audiophile (or you live with one), it is not uncommon to find yourself in a house filled with vinyl records. Some collectors would rather sell their kidney than a record they love, but vinyl records, especially vintage ones, can bring about good money for us, ordinary people. 

You could know someone who does if you don’t have any vinyl recordings. Most vinyl recordings are now antique, and albums by specific musicians can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

For selling vintage albums, record shops are the best option for selling vintage albums, although eBay also has a good selection. An Elvis Presley unpublished acetate record has been auctioned on eBay for roughly $8,900.

Sell old vinyl records to make extra money

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6. Sporting Equipment

If you are into sports, you are probably into more than one. As you progress in your favorite (and healthy) pastime, you might find your garage filled with sports equipment that you just don’t use anymore. 

There are used sports goods stores that will buy your items, just like used clothing businesses will buy your clothes. Play It Again Sports is a secondhand sporting goods business where you may find a lot of stuff to sell to make money.

“Typically, we will resell our old things for roughly 40-60% of what they would retail for new today,” they say on their website. Depending on demand, quality, and current stock levels of similar items, you would earn 30-50% of that amount.”

Play It Again Sports isn’t the only used sports goods business in town, so look around online and call us to learn more about the many purchasing options.

7. Baby Products

They cost so much and are helpful for such little time. They grow up so fast, what can you do!?

You can make some cash if you have a car seat, high chair, bath toys/mat/baby bath, cot, or a pram/pushchair that you don’t need anymore!

When you have a baby, the shopping list of things you need to acquire for the little one is unending.

As a result, consider what new mommies and daddies are looking for in a home – excellent quality, clean, well-maintained, etc. Make sure that’s reflected in the ad.

Sell no longer needed baby items to make extra money

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Final Thoughts On Things To Sell From Home For Extra Money

Having to clean your house from unnecessary items isn’t easy, and it does demand some time and focus. However, selling the stuff you don’t need is helpful for everyone at home.

The house will be less crowded, cleaner, and less dusty, and your loved ones will appreciate a more minimalistic approach to living. If they don’t, don’t worry, they’ll enjoy the money!

So, strap your boots up and start making extra cash for that vacation you’ve been talking about for years now!


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