Are you sick of spending a small fortune on groceries every week?? 

Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder

If you are tired of...

  • Spending a huge amount of your paycheck on groceries week after week
  • Throwing food in the trash because it went bad
  • Stressing out every day with those dreaded words "what's for dinner?"
  • Wasting money on fast food and take out because you just don't have the time

...Then the Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder is for you

Now imagine...

  • Knowing exactly what to buy at the supermarket and at the best prices to keep your grocery budget in check...
  • Having a detailed plan on what's for dinner every day so you never have to turn to expensive takeout to feed your family...
  • Never throwing food in the trash because you have a plan for everything you buy
  • Staying one step ahead so you don't have to spend every spare moment in the kitchen day after day
  • Never hearing those dreaded words "not this again" at the dinner table again

This is exactly what life will look like for you, but only if you have a plan...

And it's the very reason I created the 
Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder!

Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder

Grab the stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder for only $17 $39 today. That's over 56% off the Regular price!

Hi, I'm Lisa (aka: money minded mom)

While our family was trying to dig our way out of $70K of debt, I quickly realized that there was one monthly expense that I had the most control over to save money and stretch our paychecks even further every month...

And that was our grocery budget, because unlike other expenses and obligations, we have total control of how much it costs us. 

But only if you have a plan...

And that's exactly what the 
Stretch Your Grocery Budget Binder will help you do.

Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder

Checkout what's included...

The Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder has over 70 helpful tools, tips, worksheets, & templates that will save you hundreds of dollars every month at the supermarket...

  • Grocery Budget - Take control of your grocery budget, learn how much groceries should cost depending on your family size and situation with the Grocery Budget Calculator, and track how much you are spending AND SAVING with the Grocery Budget Savings Tracker sheets.
  • Grocery Shopping - Learn how to shop for groceries the smart way to save as much as possible with actionable Grocery Shopping Tips. Use the Grocery Price Book to track prices so you never spend more than you have to on food and create weekly plans for what to buy with the Shopping List Templates so you never waste money on food again.
  • Pantry Challenge - How much would you save if you skipped grocery shopping for a week or even a whole month? That's exactly what the pantry challenge will help you do. Take inventory of what you have on hand, set your pantry challenge rules, create a meal plan around what you have on hand and reduce food waste with the Pantry Challenge tips, worksheets, and templates.
  • Meal Planning - Planning is the key to saving money on groceries, whether you prefer to meal plan weekly or monthly, create a rotating meal plan, backwards plan, or themed plan, the Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder has you covered with tips and tricks to help you every step of the way.
  • Recipe Book - Keep all your recipes in one place and organized with the Recipe Book templates and Table of Contents, along with forms for new recipes to try and family favorite recipes to keep in your arsenal so you never have to wonder "what's for dinner again"
  • Meal Prep - Prepping meals when you have the time is the best way to save time, money and stress in the kitchen.  Learn the benefits of meal prep as well as meal prep tips to get started. Then take it to the next level while saving money with the leftover tips guide and leftover planning worksheets, along with freezer meals inventory sheets so you always know what you have on hand.
  • Conversion Charts - The Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder comes with multiple cooking conversions charts to help you create meals that fit your families needs. Whether you want to double recipes so you can freeze one meal ahead of time, split recipes so you never make food that just ends up in the trash, or translate recipe measurements based on the tools you have available. There is even a food substitution guide to get you out of sticky situations in the kitchen and save money.

And much more including...

  • Food Storage Labels - so you always know how much time you have to use your stored food before it goes bad, preventing costly food waste.
  • Freezer Meal Labels - to label your meals so you know what and how much  meals you have on hand as well as directions for easy reference so anyone can make dinner in a jiffy.
  • Mason Jar Labels - to record the contents as well as dates. There are even a few decorative labels to pretty up your mason jars if you like to give your favorite homemade foods as gifts.
  • Recipe Stickers - to track which recipes your family loves and which are great budget meals for when money is tight and more.
  • Blank Labels - to use any way you wish, whether it's to label leftover food in containers, mason jars, or pantry canisters.
  • 4 x 6 Recipe Box Cards - prefer to keep all your recipes in a recipe box? No problem, I've included some beautiful recipe card templates just for you.
  • Printing Instructions - for all the little extras such as stickers, labels, and recipe cards that are included in this binder bundle as well as some tips to put your binder together.
  • Category Pages - to easily find what you need and stay organized while using this huge resource of everything you need to stretch your grocery budget.

All this in a beautifully designed binder with functionality in mind. It's the only grocery budget resource you will ever need...

Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder

Grab your copy of the Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder for just $17 today (save over 56% off, a $39 value)

Please note...

The Stretch Your Grocery Bucks Binder is a digital download. This is NOT a physical product that will be shipped to you.

This binder is for personal use only and can not be sold or distributed without permission from moneymindedmom.com

Questions about the binder? No problem, email me at lisa@moneymindedmom.com and I'll be glad to answer them for you.

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