Looking for storage solutions for blankets? Here are some great ideas for storing blankets to keep your bedding organized

Storing blankets can be a pain, they are so big and bulky that it takes way more storage space than we have available.

Maybe you’re tempted to just throw them in the bottom of your closet just to get them out of the way.

But this will just end up being more work in the long run since you’ll have to wash them before you use them since they’ll probably collect dust if left for a few weeks.

So grabbing everyone’s favorite blanket before movie night begins will be out of the question if you forget to freshen up your blankets in time. 

Luckily, there are plenty of blanket storage ideas to help you organize blankets and bedding to not only get them out of the way but also to keep them clean and smelling fresh!

Ideas for Storing Blankets

Where to store blankets

Many people typically are used to storing blankets in a bedroom since that’s where they are used more often but there are many other places to store blankets in your home. Here are a few ideas that might work for you depending on what you have available in your home.

Store blankets in the attic of your home

In a Linen Closet

Bedroom Closet

In the basement (if dry)

Blanket Storage furniture

Store blankets in bedroom under bed

Incorporated in your home decor

11 Ideas for Storing Blankets To Keep Your Bedding Organized

Blanket Box

These large-capacity storage boxes are great for storing winter blankets to keep them clean, dust-free, and smelling fresh. There’s even a peek-a-boo window so you can see what’s in each blanket box to easily find what you need. 

What’s great is that they are sturdy so you can stack them on top of each other if don’t have shelves in your closet or are trying to organize a small bedroom with little room for storage.

Lifewit Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag Organizer with Reinforced Handle Thick Fabric for Comforters, Blankets, Bedding, Foldable with Sturdy Zipper, Clear Window, 3 Pack, 90L, Grey

Blanket Basket

Using a blanket basket is another way of adding more storage space for blankets without making your home look cluttered and disorganized.

What I love the most is that you can tuck it away in any corner of a house or where ever you have space while adding an interesting decor piece.

You can also use this oversized basket as a hamper, or even living room toy storage to keep your home organized.


OIAHOMY Laundry Baskets-Laundry Hamper,Storage Basket with Handles,Decorative Basket for Living room,Woven Storage Basket for Toys Bin,Pillows, Blankets,Clothes-20x16in-Gradient Yellow

Ottoman Blanket Storage

This ottoman bench chest is another great way to store blankets. Simply pop off the top and organize your blankets while keeping them out of sight.

It can be used as an ottoman for a love seat or couch and it’s super convenient to grab a blanket during movie night or binging Netflix.

The storage ottoman can also be used as an entryway seat with storage or placed at the foot of your bed too.


Sorbus Storage Bench Chest – Collapsible/Folding Bench Ottoman with Cover – Perfect Hope Chest, Pouffe Ottoman, Coffee Table, Seat, Foot Rest, and More – Contemporary Faux Leather, Large (Gray)

Under Bed Plastic Storage Bins

If you need more storage for blankets but don’t have much closet space, tucking things under the bed is always a great way to hide things and keep them out of the way.

Of course, since it can get quite dusty, so using a clear under bed Plastic Storage Container with lid is one option. This way you keep your blankets clean, dust-free, and smelling fresh.

HOMZ 3470CLGRDC.02 Clear underbed Storage Container with lid, 60 Quart, Grey, 2 Count

Closet Storage Bins

Closet storage bins are yet another way of storing blankets. These are similar to the blanket box shown earlier but are not as wide and bulky to fit smaller spaces.

These storage bins have a metal frame so even if they aren’t full, they’ll hold their shape even when stacked on top of each other while easily can be folding away when not in use.

Clothes Storage Bins Boxes, 2 Pack Foldable Storage Bags with Clear Window/Durable Handles for Clothes, Metal Frame Clothes Storage Containers Organizer Set for Bedding, Blankets, Toys, Books(Dark gray, 24L)

Wooden Blanket Box

There’s nothing I love more than adding storage space with beautiful farmhouse decor. I mean it’s a win-win, right? This is exactly why I love this table that doubles as a wooden blanket box.

You can use it as a coffee table, nightstand, or even entryway bench for added storage almost anywhere in your home.

HOOBRO Storage Bench, Lift Top Toy Box Organizer with Safety Hinge, Sturdy Entryway Storage Chest, Wood Look Accent Furniture with Metal Frame, Louvered Door, Rustic Brown BF85CW01


Storage Bags For Blankets

These large capacity transparent storage bags for blankets is another great option. It holds tons of blankets and fits perfectly under a twin-sized bed.

It’s also great for storing pillows, off-season clothing, and even toys in your child’s bedroom. If you don’t have any storage space left under your bed it can even be placed on the back wall of a closet to keep it out of sight.


Vieshful 3 Pack Clear Underbed Storage Bags 75L Transparent Clothes Bags Large Capacity Under the Bed Clothing Containers with Reinforced Handles Zippered Organizers for Comforters Blankets Bedding

Blanket Ladder

If you have heirloom throw blankets or quilts that you’d rather not tuck away in a closet, why not show them off and add a personal touch to any room with a blanket ladder?

The rustic-chic farmhouse wood ladder shown below with folded blankets will keep them out of the way while being beautifully displayed in your home to add a nice touch to any decor.


RHF 48" Blanket Ladder ,Decorative Ladder,Ladder Shelf,Leaning Shelf,Decorative Ladder for Bathroom, Ladder Shelf Stand, Rustic Chic Farmhouse Wood Ladder,Quilt Rack,No Assembly Required,White

Under Bed Roller Storage

This under-bed roller storage is another great option to tuck away blankets out of the way very similar to the other one shown earlier but since it has small wheels, it’ll make things so much easier to pull out if you are storing heavy weighted blankets or if bending down is an issue.


Sterilite 17611704 60 Quart/57 Liter ClearView Latch Wheeled Underbed Box, Clear Lid and Base with Sweet Plum Latches and Wheels, 4-Pack

Under Bed Drawers

Using under-bed storage drawers is yet another way to store blankets but because they are open on top your blankets can get dusty quite easily.

If you use this type of unit for blanket storage, I’d suggest you cover the contents with an older blanket to keep the contents clean so you don’t have to wash bedding before use.

MUSEHOMEINC Solid Wood Under Bed Storage Drawer with 4-Wheels for Bedroom,Wooden Underbed Storage Organizer,Suggested for Twin and Full Size Platform Bed

Blanket Bag

Blanket bags that most comforters and bedding sets are sold in are perfect for blanket storage and they’re free!! Whenever I buy a new bed set I keep the blanket bag to store bedding, seasonal clothes, toys, and just about anything else since they come in very handy

Of course, you can buy zippered storage bags as well that are thicker, better quality if you need blanket storage. 



SGHUO Clear Zippered Storage Bag, 60L Large Capacity Clothes Storage Organizers for Bedding, Toys, Blankets, Transparent Totes with Sturdy Zippers, Reinforced Handle, Heavy Duty, 4Pack


Large Vacuum Storage Bags

If you’re looking for ways to organize a lot of blankets or store big blankets, but don’t have very much storage space then these space-saving large vacuum storage bags are perfect to maximize storage since these bags reduce the size of its contents by as much as 80%.

Simply place your blankets in the vacuum storage bag, then use a travel hand pump or even a vacuum hose to suck out the air and reduce the size. It might seem like a bit of a hassle but it’s pretty easy and saves so much space that it’s worth the extra effort.

GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags (3 x Jumbo, 3 x Large, 3 x Medium, 3 x Small), Space Saver Sealer Compression Bags with Travel Hand Pump

Cedar Chest Blanket Storage

Lastly, storing blankets in a cedar chest when not in use not only keeps them organized and out of the way, but also keeps them smelling amazing (if you like the smell of cedar, of course). And cedar is also a natural deterrent against moths and other pests as well as mildew which is definitely a must if blankets will be in storage for long periods of time.

This cedar chest blanket storage bench also adds a nice touch to any home when placed at the end of a bed, in a hallway or entryway, and can be used as a seating bench to do double duty.

Powell Natural Cedar Chest Chadwick Bench


How to keep stored blankets smelling fresh

One of the downsides of storing blankets for long periods of time is that they may not smell great when you take them out of storage. The stale, musty smell is due to the fabric filler in blankets absorbing odors in the air.

But who wants to do an extra load of laundry just to freshen up some blankets that are perfectly clean? Luckily there are ways to store blankets and keep them smelling fresh.

Place scented dryer sheets between blankets before storing them

Wrap a bar of soap in acid-free paper and place it in the blanket storage container

Poke holes in a box of baking soda and put it in with your stored blankets

Store blankets in a cedar chest

Place a scented sachet in with your blankets (lavender sachets are my fav!)

Place Borax in a plastic container with holes poked in it to keep blankets smelling fresh

Blanket Storage Conclusion

As you can see there are many blanket storage ideas out there if you think outside the box find a solution that fits your needs.

Of course, not all of these blanket storage ideas will work for everybody but there’s no doubt you can use at least a few of these ideas for storing blankets no matter what your situation.

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Blanket Storage FAQ

How do you keep blankets fresh in storage?

There are many ways to keep blankets smelling fresh in storage. Place scented dryer sheets between blankets before storing them Wrap a bar of soap in acid-free paper and place it in the blanket storage container Poke holes in a box of baking soda and put it in with your stored blankets Store blankets in a cedar chest Place a scented sachet in with your blankets (lavender sachets are my fav!) Place Borax in a plastic container with holes poked in it to keep blankets smelling fresh

Where do you store heavy blankets?

Storing weighed or heavy blankets in a container with wheels is the easiest way since you can roll it to where ever you need them without any heavy lifting.

What to do with extra blankets?

There are many storage solutions for blankets, here are some of the most common. blanket box plastic under bed storage containers ottoman with storage cedar chest blanket bags blanket ladder blanket basket closet storage bins underbed drawers and vacuum storage bags... just to name a few

What to do with extra blankets?

Ideally you'll want to store blankets in a linen or bedroom closet where you can easily rotate bedding when needed. Of course this may not be possible if you don't have much storage space. If not, there are may ideas for storing blankets that doesn't require much space.

Blanket storage

11 Ideas for storing blankets to keep your bedding organized