Everybody loves spring because the whole ecosystem is waking up. Spring represents a new start for everything and it gives you the perfect chance to turn over a new leaf.

That’s why we have spring cleaning when we get rid of everything we don’t need and give our homes a fresh new start. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune in order to start fresh. Rather, make use of budget-friendly ways of cleaning your house.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning on a Budget

Rent or borrow expensive gear

Maybe you don’t have enough storage space for all the hefty cleaning appliances or you just don’t use them frequently enough. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t engage in some deep spring cleaning.

You can easily ask your neighbors, friends or family to lend you some of their gear or you can even rent it from a local store. Renting or borrowing carpet steam cleaners and floor polishers are still way cheaper than purchasing new ones, so don’t hesitate to go deep.

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DIY cleaners

You don’t need to spend loads of money on branded cleaners. You already have what is needed at home – water, bleach or vinegar – and they are less toxic for you and the environment. The combination of these three can easily remove any type of stains from any surface and save you plenty of money.

Moreover, if you pair them with some lemon, salt, and baking soda, you will be able to clean out every pesky stain from your toilet bowl, sinks, tubs and floors. Surprisingly, you can even use Coca-Cola to clean out rust or water stains from any surface and don’t do any damage to the environment or your health.

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Clean the air

By making draft you will let the wind carry away the dust and any strong smells your cleaning products left behind. However, the wind can carry in some of the outside dust and even some allergens into your home. You will need something that will clean the air every day and keep it fresh and healthy for your household members.

One of the cheaper long-term solutions includes plants that will purify the air. Plus, they make a great spring décor addition. Another solution is opting for air purifiers. This isn’t the cheapest solution, but if you install an Oransi air purifier or some HEPA filters in your ventilation system, you are guaranteed clean, pollution- and allergen-free air which is greatly beneficial for everyone’s health.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning on a Budget

Rearrange furniture

Since spring cleaning can remind you of all the things you hate in your house, this is a perfect opportunity to do some rearranging. Switch places of some bigger elements and you will notice what big difference furniture can make. Also, this will give you access to those long-forgotten corners behind and under the furniture and you should clean them thoroughly as well. Not to mention how refreshing this can be and you won’t even spend a dime.

Recycle and repurpose

There is no need for purchasing expensive cleaning tools, such as rags, mops and other necessities. You can easily utilize what you already have and give a new purpose to old fabrics.

Use dryer sheets to clean your TVs, computers and other devices and bigger surfaces. Instead of using an expensive rag, you can easily make your own dust rag out of old T-shirts or microfiber washcloths and simply wash them after use. Skip the paper towels because these only pile up trash and pollute the environment more.

If you really like cleaning, then you will adore these budget-friendly cleaning tips. Give your home a fresh new spirit and embrace all the beauties of spring. After everything is done, you will be satisfied with your home again and you will throw out everything old and useless.

Cleaning your home could get very expensive with all the different types of cleaners, supplies and tools needed to do a good job. but there are things you can do to save money while deep cleaning your home. Here are some great cleaning hacks to help you do just that. #cleaninghacks #diy #householdsavings

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