Family Emergency Binder

Everything anyone would ever need to deal with emergencies

Protecting our loved ones is important to everyone, we do things everyday to make sure our families are safe, secure, and taken care of.

And we do it all without even thinking about it....but what if you or your partner weren't around?

Would either of you be able to takeover the others responsivities without skipping a beat?...

Probably not that easily, right?

Instead of trying to *get by* the best you can, why not gather all the information needed for anyone to pick up the pieces should, God forbid, something happen to either of you.

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Family Emergency Binder Worksheets

The Family Emergency Binder will help you organize everything anyone would ever need to deal with whatever life throws at you from everyday situations, a family crisis, or the loss of a family member.


  • Where to find important documents, who to contact if needed, and have copies at the tip of your finger for easy access without having to jump through hoops.
  • Personal information of every family member to deal with any situation that may arise
  • Medical information to keep everyone healthy and taken care of if a situation should arise whether it's a minor ailment to a major medical issue.
  • Financial records & accounts and anything else needed to make sure the bills are paid on time, to banking & investment account information, and credit card accounts and more.
  • All your family's assets and any information needed from the value of each asset to  and where to find deeds or titles of ownership and more.
  • Insurance information and policies so anyone could pick up the pieces and get things taken care of should a situation come up if need.
  • Warranty and service plans that are active to help get major repairs taken care of without taking a financial hit to your wallet.
  • Final preparations to document arrangements that have been made, special instructions, where to find or who to contact to access any legal documents needed to carry out those wishes.
  • And just about any other tidbits of information from passwords to membership information, and home maintenance contacts to social media accounts and anything else that can help when in a bind.

Product Highlights


9 Easy to navigate sections to document and organize everything

The Family Emergency Binder has over 120 pages of information and 9 sections to organize and document just about everything you would ever need in an emergency situation making it easy to navigate and find what you need when you need it.


Available in both printable & digital format so you can access the information from anywhere 

The Family Emergency Binder can be printed and filled in or you can fill it in right in the PDF version and save a digital copy so you can access the information securely from anywhere, anytime you need it.


A starter guide to walk you through the process so you can get this done without overwhelm

The Family Emergency Binder comes with a starter guide to walk you through getting your binder set up, saving them to your documents or a thumb drive for easy access, plus recommendations on how to keep your information safe.

Family Emergency Binder mockups

Family Emergency Binder

Nobody wants to think about bad things happening...

Listen, I know nobody wants to think about dealing with emergencies, a family crisis, or worse...

But these things are inevitable so why not be prepare...you know, just in case.

Get instant access to the Family Emergency Binder today.

Buy now for just $39.00 $10.00

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