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Today, I have a great guest from Hanna Jääskö. Hanna is an SEO Executive at Surveybee UK which is a survey aggregator website. She is also finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Business and IT. She is passionate about design and finance, among other things. Hanna is going to share with us how to safely make the most of online surveys.

Paid online surveys are becoming increasingly popular as people are starting to realize that they are an actual way to make money online. People have also become more critical when it comes to online scams, and are no longer so afraid of trying online earning opportunities, like online surveys.

This, unfortunately, doesn’t mean that there are no more scammers and people who want to take advantage of you online. Instead, as people become better internet users, scammers are forced to think of more elaborate and sneaky ways to try and get your money.

However, you shouldn’t let this stop you. As long as you stay careful, critical and smart, you can avoid the scam sites and really earn some additional income from online surveys. They won’t make you rich and cannot replace a day job, but they are a great option for anyone who has some extra time in their hands that could be used more productively. Here are 8 steps that will help you maximize those possible earnings with these online surveys, in a safe way.

How to Make The Most of Online Surveys – Safely – In 8 Steps

1. Only sign up for free survey panel sites

The most important thing to keep in mind when looking to take surveys is to never pay for them. If a survey site asks you for a fee to sign up, you know something is wrong. After all, you are the one who is putting the time and effort into providing valuable feedback.

2. Research the sites before you sign up

Even though money is not in play when you sign up for free survey sites, it is still a good idea to find out other people’s opinions of the site you are about to sign up for. Try searching the survey site on different forums and especially social media.

Signing up for a fishy site might lead to you answering surveys without getting anything in return, and getting spammed by marketing companies that have been sold your information without your permission.


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3. Create a separate email for just for surveys

Before signing up, it is a smart idea to create a new email address that you dedicate to surveys only. Especially if you sign up to many survey panels, you might feel that your personal email gets flooded with survey invites.

Not only is this inconvenient when managing personal emails, but it might also mean that some great opportunities to take surveys and earn money get lost in the inbox.

4. Make an honest and detailed personal profile.

Don’t be afraid to provide all the information asked by the survey panel site. When you have made sure to sign up to a legitimate site, your information will only be used for finding the right surveys for you. You won’t receive any spam, only invitations to surveys that you are more likely to qualify for.

The more information you provide, the more specific surveys the site can send to you, meaning that you are much more likely to qualify in them, and won’t end up wasting your time on surveys where you are filtered out after a few questions.

5. Sign up for as many survey panels as you can

Especially in the beginning, you want to answer as many surveys as you can. When you start out, companies don’t know if you are someone whose opinion is particularly valuable to them. So, in order to receive more well-paying surveys, it is a good idea to try and take as many surveys as you can in the beginning, and keep answering them consistently.

6. Check your email often

Sometimes companies only have a certain amount of participants they can take per survey. This means that the ones who are late to click a link, might not get a chance to participate, even if they would qualify. So if you don’t want to miss any great earning opportunities, make sure you create a habit of checking your email regularly.

7. Always answer consistently and honestly

The companies creating surveys want honest and trustworthy feedback about their products, and they keep track of the participant’s answers. If they notice that you have claimed to be a stay-at-home mother of two in one survey, but a childless student in another, you can be sure that you won’t be receiving any further surveys from them.

On the contrary, if the companies see from your answers that you are very consistent, effective and trustworthy, they are likely to send you even more surveys, and surveys that pay better too.

8. Keep track of your earnings

When you take multiple surveys, it can be a bit hard to keep up with how much you have made. This is why it is a good idea to keep track of the money you have made.

While legitimate survey sites will always pay you for your time and effort as they have promised, mistakes do happen, and technology isn’t perfect. If you are keeping track of what you have earned, you can easily spot if there has been a mistake and can point it out to the survey site.

So whether you are looking to earn some pocket money to make it through the last days before next paycheck arrives or for some gift cards to shop without guilt, online surveys are something you should not be afraid to try.

However, If you find yourself getting frustrated with surveys, you need to realize that they are not the fastest way to make money. You definitely need patience to earn money with online surveys, but if you go in with the right attitude, you will make money, slow but steady. If you stay smart and careful, and always do your research of the websites you are about to sign up, there is nothing for you to lose!

8 tips for safely completing online surveys

Thank you so much, Hanna. This is great information for those wanting to make some extra money by completing surveys.   

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