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Not so long ago (it feels that way anyway) I was in a place in my life that I wish no one else would be in, EVER!!  I was in so much debt and not even making ends meet  living paycheck to paycheck.

I was constantly thinking about how I was going to get one bill payed by shorting another, and playing the credit card shuffle game to try to keep ahead of everything.

I finally got so fed up with my financially stressed life that I made a vow to change my situation once and for good, no matter how hard it would be.  I mean who else can change me except for me?

I literally had to do a ton of work to get my life to a place that would make me truly happy.  To make my dream of financial stability a reality.

I spent every free minute reading, researching and learning how to budget, save money, frugal living, get out of debt strategies and so much more. I found ways to earn extra income by completing surveys, taking on side gigs on and off-line, almost anything to get it done!!

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I think I was doing really well and on the road to financial freedom.  The thing is, even though things were looking up, it still didn’t seem to come fast enough. So one day I was searching online on other ways I could  try to make some extra money.

That is when I came across a book that changed everything for me.  The title is “Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 hours a Week” by Cynthia Stine,  sounds awesome right?  I thought so too!

I debated buying this book because I knew I shouldn’t be spending any money on things like this.  After all, it is money that should be used to pay down my debt.  After doing some research and reading free preview chapters, I was hook.

Here is the book that I found on Amazon that changed everything in my journey to get out of debt.

This book shows you all the hows and whys and ins and outs of selling on Amazon through their FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). It also comes with a bunch of freebies from very well-respected Amazon sellers and mentors including Chris Green, Jessica Larrew, Skip McGrath and so much more.

So I bought the book and that is when everything started to change. I signed up as an Amazon seller account and sent in some test products that I gathered from my couponing stockpile, which meant that there was no upfront cost to send in my first shipment except the charge to ship my items to Amazon.

The same day my shipment arrived at the Amazon warehouse, I made my first sale!!  (Happy Dance!)  I was so excited that everything I learned in this book was real.  I can tell you that I am now debt free because of selling on Amazon. I know that I would have eventually gotten there but this new venture put my goal of financial freedom on the fast track.

What is nice about Amazon’s FBA program is that you don’t need to keep tons of inventory at your house and run out to ship products every time something sells.  You don’t even need to deal with customers, Amazon takes care of all that for you.  It’s a win-win situation.  You just source products, ship them off to an Amazon warehouse and sit back and watch your sales grow.


Of course, once the money started to roll in I wanted to keep growing and learning different avenues to source product.  I found a guide written by The selling Family called Liquidation Gold.  Since I have a liquidation store just a few miles from my home, this was a no brainer.  I knew that my small investment would pay off.  And it did big time!!

If you’ve never heard of Jessica and Cliff Larrew from The Selling Family, they are a family who started selling on Amazon and are now bringing in a six figure income with their business.  They have tons of resources and guides to help you with your Amazon business.  If you are interested in selling on Amazon, The Selling Family has a FREE email course called “Everything You Need To Know To Start Selling on Amazon”.

I can not say enough about these products.  They have help me turn my Amazon selling side gig into a true business! Finally, I was able to pay off over $30,000 in debt in a little over a year and am truly grateful that I discovered this business model.

Anyone can make this business model work for them too!!

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Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have about my Amazon business journey.

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