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Use the grocery budget calculator (below) to learn how much you should be spending on groceries.

Use the grocery budget calculator below to see how much you should be spending on groceries and if your food budget is out of control, keep reading for some great tips to stretch your grocery bucks.


Is your grocery budget out of control?

Use the grocery budget calculator below to find out how much the average cost of groceries per month should be…

And if you are spending way too much on food, keep reading for some tips to help you save money on groceries.

Please note: Figures for the grocery budget calculator are based on Official USDA Grocery Budget Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home, Low-Cost level for latest month available.

How to use this grocery budget calculator

  1. Click on “ADD A MEMBER” 
  2. Select the first member’s gender 
  3. Enter the number of meals away from home (including takeout)
  4. Follow the steps above for each member of your family
  5. Once all information is entered, click “CALCULATE”

**Keep in mind, restaurant meals, takeout, and work/school lunches are not included in this grocery budget estimate.


How does your grocery budget align with the numbers above?

If you just realized that your grocery spending is out of control, I’ve put together some great tips to help you take control and reel in your food spending…

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Shopping List

Meal Planning

Meal planning is not only about planning on what you are going to eat this week, but it’s also about making a plan for your money and preventing food waste.

When you know what you are going to be making for the upcoming week/month, then you have a plan on what you need to buy.

Otherwise, money is wasted purchasing items that you don’t need or possibly will never get to use if it’s perishable resulting in wasted food.

And, if your weekly grocery budget doesn’t allow for everything that you added to your meal plan, you can easily swap things out with a few budget-friendly meals or find cheaper food alternatives to bring down the cost.

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Couponing to save money



Couponing has gotten a bad rap in recent years, partially due to extreme couponing shows since pulling off a major grocery haul for pennies takes a ton of time to strategize such a mission.

With that being said, using coupons to reduce your grocery bill is effective. But you don’t need to go to extremes.

It’s up to you how much time you spend. You could take 15 minutes a week to scan Sunday coupon inserts or printable coupon websites to see if there are any offers for things that are on your list this week.

If you can save $10 – $20 a week in 15 minutes, and with little effort, your ROI (return on “time” investment) is really good. I’m talking $80 hr. I don’t know about you but that’s certainly worth my time.

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Grocery budget calculator - Using a couponing app


Grocery Budget Apps

Like couponing, using grocery budget apps are another way to save money on food that can give you a really great ROI for the time spent.

What’s nice about using apps is that they link to your store’s loyalty card, so you present your loyalty card at checkout, there typically isn’t anything more to do on your part.

But there may be some places that you make a purchase that doesn’t have a loyalty card such as privately owned grocery stores or convenience stores.

In these cases, you would need to submit a picture of your purchase to prove you made the purchase.

The process is really easy and many times the apps will deposit the money earning in your account balance within 24 hours.

The Best Grocery Savings Apps


Checkout 51

Saving Star

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Grocery budget calculator


Sale Shopping

Sale shopping is one of the easiest ways to save money at the supermarket but there is a big misconception about how to do this.

Many people are turned off by this method because they think that it’s very restrictive, thinking that they will have to eat the same things all week long. Although this is one way to go about it, that’s pretty constrictive. 

Instead, what you do is find the best deal for things that are on sale and you buy enough of those items to last until it comes on sale again (usually between 4 – 8 weeks depending on the store’s sales cycles).

Then, you do the same the next week, and so on. By doing this, you are not eating the same food all week long because you have a variety of food, and you’ll never have to pay full price for those products again.

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Meal prep

Meal prepping typically isn’t associated with reducing your grocery budget, but I thought it fit perfectly in this list since “time is money”.

Prepping meals not only helps you save time preparing healthy meals for your family, but it also reduces the amount of 

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