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We all want to give the children in our lives wonderful gifts at Christmas time or for Birthdays. We want them to be happy. And, for most people who have children on their Christmas shopping list, toys are what we think of first to make them happy. 

Of course, we still buy them other things that they may need, but the bulk of gifts my children got, from my husband and I as well as everyone else, were toys.

I remember years ago one of my tasks I’d have to do before Christmas rolled around, is go through all my kid’s rooms and get rid of a bunch of toys to make room for another boatload of toys that I knew would be filling up their rooms. 

Thinking about that now, it was pretty ridiculous.

I’d gather up a pile of perfectly good toys and donate them to goodwill. Although this is great because the toys would go to other children that would love to have them, it didn’t make much sense. If my kids barely played with the toys that they had now, then the same would end up happening with all the new toys.

There are plenty of other great gifts that you can buy for children that are not toys that they will still be thrilled to open up at Christmas time.

Gifts for Kids That Are Not Toys

I’m sure that you have seen this before. A child (maybe your children) open up an awesome new toy that they got for Christmas, you think that they will be thrilled, only to see that for the next few hours they are playing with the box that the toy came in instead of the actual toy.

Maybe they are sitting in the box pretending to drive it around the house or building a fort with all the empty boxes that once held some expensive toys. It makes you wonder if you should have wrapped up a bunch of empty boxes for Christmas gifts. 

Instead of giving the children in your life toys, why not give them gifts that will spark their creativity and imagination? You know the same way that an empty box does.

I put together a list of gifts for children of all ages that will do just that and that they will love to get.

Gifts for Kids

Magazine Subscriptions are great gifts for kids. They encourage kids to read and have fun while using their imaginations. Plus, it’s a gift that they keep getting all year long.


Children love growing and nurturing things. These growing kits are great to help kids do just that while learning about nature at the same time.

A bed tent is something every kid will love to get. They get some privacy and quiet time, especially if they share a room with a sibling. They are great for reading and playing using their imaginations too.


Craft sets are an awesome way to nurture children’s creativity. They come in all kinds of different types that will fit every child’s age and style.


Children of all ages love to draw, paint & design. Why not get them art sets that will help bring their artsy side out of hiding.

Spark kids love of discovery with these great gifts for the science-loving children in your life. They will be so thrilled with these gifts, they won’t even realize how much they are learning at the same time. 

What kid doesn’t love playing outside? These next few items will keep your kids entertained and still learning about nature while playing outside.



Bring out the engineering skills in your child develop their building and thinking skills with these great building sets that will keep your child occupied for hours.  


Your child will be amazed while learning all about the solar system with these great gifts.


Give your kids their very own workspace to create learn and develop all the skills that they will gain from the educational gifts that are not toys.  


Ok, some of these gifts will seem like toys to your child. But they are so much more than just that. They will help your child learn, discover, imagine and create. They are going to give your child some very valuable skills that will benefit them for years to come.

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