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Free Printable Bubble Letter Y

Free printable bubble letters PDF download outline, template, cut-out, and stencil for all your projects and crafts at home & school

Printable Bubble Alphabet Letter Y



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Uses for Free Printable Bubble Letters & Numbers

There are many different ways to use these free alphabet printables. Below are just a handful of ideas…

  • Create flash cards to learn number and letter recognition
  • Decorate the class bulletin board
  • Use as a letter page or as number wall posters
  • For classroom math centers for early learners
  • Make a party banner with happy birthday bubble letters
  • Create alphabet collages
  • Use to design scrapbook pages
  • Create a number worksheet to learn math
  • Create letter mats
  • A coloring pages for your little learner to develop fine motor skills
  • Use them in endless different craft projects
  • As a fun way to decorate a classroom with printable bubble alphabet letters in different colors
  • Use in a craft project
  • And much more

How to Resize and Print Bubble Letters & Numbers

Our bubble letter alphabet and bubble numbers can be printed in any size needed. By default, the free printables pdf files will download a large full-page number printable sheet.

To print small or medium bubble numbers, simply click the print icon in the top right corner to bring up your printer setting.

Then find and click the “more settings” option, then the “scale” option, and set the percentage to the size of letters or numbers you need to print.

Note: Printer drivers may vary and may not look exactly like the screenshot below but you should still have these options available.

How to Resize and Print Bubble Letters & Numbers

Bubble Letters Alphabet: Printable Bubble Letter Y