Are you ready to kick debt to the curb for good? Check out these 10 FREE Debt Snowball Worksheet Printables to help you get started on your debt-free journey

If you’ve been looking into how to get out of debt, then you may have heard of the debt snowball method.

It’s one of the most popular debt payoff methods and was made famous by Dave Ramsey and is the method I used to get my family out from under $70K of debt after having our income cut in half. 

One of the most important things you can do to stay on top of your debt payoff plan is to track your progress. Which is why I put together a roundup of the best  10 FREE debt snowball worksheet printables to help you kick-start your debt payoff journey on the right foot.

But first, let me explain how to use the debt snowball method and why it works so well…

Enter your debts in this Debt Payoff Calculator to see how long it’s going to take you to reach debt freedom.

How To Used The Debt Snowball MethodDebt Snowball Worksheet

The debt snowball method focuses on paying one debt off at a time. You focus on your lowest balance debt first, while paying only the minimum payments on all other debts. 

If you have any surplus cash to contribute to your debt payoff plan, it should also be put toward your lowest debt balance. 

Once your first debt is paid, you would then take the money that you were paying on that debt and snowball it into the minimum payment on your second lowest balance. 

Then once that debt is paid you would do the same as you attack your third-lowest balance debt, and so on until you are debt-free. 

Why the Debt Snowball Works

The concept behind the debt snowball method is psychological and motivational. When you concentrate on the lowest balance debt first, you can get it paid off much faster.

This quick win gives you the motivation and “I can do this” attitude to keep at it until you get the next one paid off and so on.

Since paying off debt can be a long journey, that motivation is what’s going to keep you focused on doing what you need to do to reach debt freedom.

Below are 10 Debt Snowball Worksheets that you can download for free to use to track your debt payoff process. If you prefer to use a spreadsheet to track your debt payoff progress, you can grab my Debt Payoff Toolkit here.


Debt Payoff Simplified


...paying off debt doesn't have to be so hard...

These 9 simple strategies will help you kick start your debt payoff plan

even if you can't squeeze another dime out of your budget...

10 Free Debt Snowball Worksheet Printables

Money Minded Mom’s Debt Payoff Worksheets


I created a set of debt payoff worksheet templates to help anybody get started on their debt-free journey. The set includes a Debt Overview Sheet, a Debt Payoff Tracking Sheet, and a Debt Thermometer to give you a visual of your progress as you are working on paying off your debts.


Simply Unscripted’s Debt Snowball Tracker 

Debt Snowball Tracker

This Debt Snowball Tracker is a simple form to help you track your debt payoff progress. You can list up to four of your debts that you’ll be working on paying first on this tracking sheet. If you have more debts, you can simply print up an additional copy or two.


Acultivated Nest’s Debt Snowball Worksheet


Debt Snowball Worksheet

This Debt Snowball Worksheet created by Acultivated Nest is another easy to use tracking sheet. You list all your debts, the balance on each debt and your debt snowball payments first. Then simply fill in your new balance each month you make payments and watch your debt dwindle.


Debt Snowball Calculator by One Beautiful Home Blog

Debt Snowball Calculator

This debt snowball calculator will help you figure out exactly how long it’ll take you to pay off your debts and how much interest you are going to be paying on your debts. This is important information to know so you can make smart decisions on how you are going to find more money to add to your debt payments.

Debt Payoff Printable by Financial-Minded Millennial


Free Debt Payoff Printable

This debt snowball calculator is meant to gather information on all your debts. It includes a balance, interest rates, and you pay off goal date so you can focus on knocking your debts out one by one.


Sugar Spice and Glitter’s Debt Repayment Tracker


Debt Repayment Tracker

You can grab this free debt snowball calculator by Sugar, Spice, and Glitter to track your debt repayment progress. Like most of the other worksheets, you’ll list your debts, balances, and payments every month and there’s even a section to jot down some notes.


Debt Snowball Form by Well Kept Wallet

Debt Snowball Worksheet

This debt snowball calculator from Well Kept Wallet is a little different than the other sheets. You list your debts, the amounts you owe on your debts, and the minimum payment. But there is also a column that will tell you the amounts of your snowball payment as you knock each debt out so you can use a debt snowball calculator to estimate your payoff dates and how long it’ll take to be debt-free.


Debt Payoff Simplified


...paying off debt doesn't have to be so hard...

These 9 simple strategies will help you kick start your debt payoff plan

even if you can't squeeze another dime out of your budget...

Frugal Fanatic’s Debt Paydown Worksheet


Debt Paydown Worksheet

This debt paydown worksheet by Frugal Fanatic will help you stay on top of all the information you need to pay debt off from month to month. You’ll need to print one sheet off for each debt you are working on paying off. You’ll probably want to assemble them in a small binder and fill them out each month as you make your debt payments.


Debt Snowball Worksheets from Funding Cloud Nine


Debt Snowball Tracking Sheets

Funding Cloud Nine has a three-part set of Debt Snowball Tracking Worksheets to help you plan out your debt payoff strategy. There is a debt priority worksheet to help you figure out which debt to attack first. A debts snowball payments sheet to record your debt payments, and a debt payoff visual that you can fill out as you progress through your journey.


Debt Repayment Printables by Simply Stacy

Debt Repayment Printables

Grab these debt repayment printable set by Simply Stacy. You’ll get two sheets, one debt overview worksheet and one debt repayment plan tracking sheet to help you along through your debt payoff journey. 

Debt Snowball Worksheets Conclusion

When working on paying off debt, it’s important to find a system to track your progress and stay on top of your progress. Whether you choose a printable or would rather use a spreadsheet to maintain your debt payoff plan, the most important thing is that you keep at it until your debt is history.

Prefer to track your debt payoff plan on an excel spreadsheet? Check out the Debt Payoff Tool Kit for all the tools you need to help get out of debt faster.

Debt Payoff Toolkit


Need more help getting out of debt? Grab my free Debt Payoff Simplified Guide below.