Get the classic farmhouse look on a budget with these DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse décor projects


Since I was a kid, I have always loved looking around old farmhouses. There are always so many unique decor features and subtle accents that just seem to draw your eyes in.

It’s a classic décor style that’ll never go out of style which is probably why there are so many variations of farmhouse décor popping up all the time… farmhouse chic, industrial farmhouse, modern farmhouse and the list goes on.

It’s almost as if no matter what home décor style you have, you can incorporate a little farmhouse into it and it still works and looks gorgeous.

If you’ve ever seen Fixer Upper on HGTV and watched Joanna Gaines as she’s designing and decorating a home, then you’ll see that a little bit of farmhouse décor can go a long way in making your home look amazing.

Lucky for us, we don’t have to hire Joanna and Chip Gaines to find a fixer-upper just to get the farmhouse look.

You can easily add some classic accents to your home and on a budget with these DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse décor projects.

27 DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor Projects


DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor Craft Supplies you’ll want to stock up on

If you are an avid crafter, you can order your Dollar Tree craft supplies online and have them shipped directly to your home or better yet, to your local Dollar Tree store which will save you on shipping costs.

Wooden Picture Frames

Floral Craft Supplies



Precut Craft Wood Pieces


27 Easy DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor Projects

DIY Picture Frame Lantern



These beautiful farmhouse lanterns from HGTV are arguably one of my favorite DIY projects on this entire list. 

Can you believe that you can make something so beautiful with Dollar Tree supplies?

Pretty crazy since I’ve seen lanterns very similar to these that cost $30 or more!


DIY Succulent Decor

Dollar tree succulent farmhouse decor


If you are a plant lover but can’t seem to keep any alive, then this succulent DIY farmhouse decor accent piece from Craftberry Bush perfect for you.

Can you believe you can make a DIY plant stand so beautiful for around $6 – $7 from Dollar Tree supplies?

And the best part, you can’t kill these succulent plants so it’ll stay gorgeous even if you don’t have a green thumb.


Farmhouse Style Wall Platers

DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse decor wall planter


Check out this creative DIY Dollar Tree project from The Hip Homestead.

It’s hard to imagine that these farmhouse wall planters were once cookie tins, right?

Just like the succulents display above, it’s a great way to add greenery to your home even if you don’t have a green thumb if you use fake plants from the dollar store.


Dollar Store Cotton Wreath

DIY Dollar Tree cotton wreath

Subtle accents are what make farmhouse decor so appealing and these DIY cotton wreaths from The Crazy Craft Lady are a perfect example of that.

And if you can find some old window frames at the flea market you can create an amazing feature wall just like in the image above!


Farmhouse Candle Holder

Dollar Tree candle holder

Who doesn’t love candles? This DIY candle holder from Our Southern Home is a great way to display candles while giving it a farmhouse look.

The best part is that they only cost around $5 with Dollar Tree supplies and are so simple to make anyone can create these!


Farmhouse Bathroom Caddy

DIY dollar store farmhouse bathroom caddy

I am obsessed with these super cute clawfoot bathtub caddy from Kimspired DIY.

Can you believe that you can make these with craft supplies from the Dollar Tree?

And they aren’t as hard to make as they look! Check out Kim’s DIY video tutorial below.



Farmhouse Style Bud Vases

Mini farmhouse bud vase decor accent


Farmhouse decor is all about the small details you place around you home and these salt and pepper DIY bud vases from Average Inspired are the perfect example of that.

You can use them to display freshly picked flowers from your yard or fake flowers from the Dollar Tree.

DIY Hanging Wall Planter

DIY Farmhouse decor hanging wall planter

This hanging wall planter from Love Create Celebrate is so simple to make and gorgeous too.

You can use this to grow real plants or add faux plants found at the Dollar Tree but I think these would be perfect to grow your own indoor herb garden.

DIY Farmhouse Wall Art

DIY Farmhouse wall art decor

Farmhouse decor is all about finding unique pieces that you don’t see every day and I think the Salvagedior’s DIY farmhouse wall art fit the bill!

Who would have thought you could make something so beautiful out of a rubber doormat? 

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Décor Projects

DIY Coffeehouse Chalkboard

DIY rustic farmhouse coffee house chalkboard menu

I always loved looking at the chalkboard menus at coffeehouses because each one is so unique.

You can get the same look in your kitchen or coffee bar for a lot less with this DIY coffeehouse chalkboard project from Starfish Cottage.

Rustic Farmhouse Lantern

DIY Dollar Tree rustic lantern decor

Here is another example of a rustic farmhouse lantern from Prudent Penny Pincher.

This one has a fall theme but what’s great about these is you can easily swap out what you place in them to match the season, holiday, or color scheme of your decor.

Farmhouse Style Message Boards

DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse style message boards

Look at this super cute DIY Dollar Tree project found on Pinterest from Southern Color.

You can use these to display photos or as a fun message board to add little notes, reminders, or whatever else you can think of. 

Yarn Wrapped DIY Glass Vase

Dollar Tree DIY yarn wrapped vase

Even if you aren’t a crafty person you can still make these super simple yarn wrapped DIY glass vase from Craftsy Hacks to add farmhouse accents around your home.

You can fill these with fresh flowers or fake ones from the Dollar Tree to make a beautiful display.

DIY Flower Wall Hanging

DIY Floral wall hanging decor

Check you this unique floating flower wall hanging from The Learner Observer.

All you need is to find a unique piece of driftwood and some fake flowers from the Dollar Tree and you’ve got a beautiful piece of farmhouse wall decor.


DIY Captain Mirror

Dollar tree captain mirror DIY

Farmhouse decor is really all about the small details and this DIY captain mirror from Little House Of Four fits the bill perfectly!

Just look at the way this project is displayed with vintage books you can pick up at your local or online thrift store and a floral vase reflecting in the mirror. Simple yet so gorgeous. 

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard / Message Board

DIY farmhouse magnetic chalkboard message board decor

This DIY magnetic message/ chalkboard from Little House Of Four is so inexpensive to make with Dollar Tree supplies.

I love these types of DIY projects because it’s not only functional, it’s also super simple to make and it makes a great addition to your family command center! 


DIY Industrial Farmhouse Decor

DIY industrial farmhouse storage from the dollar tree


Who knew you could make this industrial farmhouse decor accent piece from Little House Of Four with just a few items found at the Dollar Tree?

This is the perfect piece for holding your keys so they never get lost or as a jewelry box to help you organize your bedroom or really anything else you can think of.

DIY Letter Board From Dollar Store Supplies

Cute DIY letter board from the dollar tree


Have you noticed that letter boards seem to be popping up everywhere these days? 

Lucky for us we can get the same look for really cheap with this DIY Dollar Tree letter board from Love Create Celebrate

You can display it by your front door to welcome your guests, in the kitchen to display what’s on the menu for the day or really anywhere to add a bit of farmhouse style to your home.

DIY Tea Towel Pillows

Dollar Tree Tea Towel DIY Pillows

Pillows are a great way to add a bit of color to any home and it’s always one of those finishing touches you see home designers add when watching HGTV home makeover shows. Am I right?

Luckily you don’t have to spend a fortune on accent pillows thanks to this DIY tea towel pillow tutorial by The Wood Grain Cottage.


Farmhouse Kitchen Canister DIY

Farmhouse kitchen canister set dollar store DIY with wooden spoons

One piece of decor you’ll see in just about every farmhouse are antique canisters in the kitchen.

Luckily we don’t have to spend days running to antique shops trying to score some thanks to this DIY tutorial for antique farmhouse canisters by House Ful Of Handmade.


DIY Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood wreath project DIY

Every farmhouse needs a wreath on the front door to welcome guests and this boxwood wreath DIY tutorial by Table and Hearth will add that perfect touch to your farmhouse decor.

What’s great about this wreath is that you can easily add accents to fit the season, the exterior of your home, or even an approaching holiday.


DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Dollar Tree Decor


Dollar Tree farmhouse style dinnerware

This collection of DIY Rachel Dunn Inspired dinnerware by The Yellow Brick Road is the perfect touch to any farmhouse decor inspired kitchen!

I can literally see Joanna Gaines meticulously organizing these in the classic farmhouse styled opened shelved cabinets on fixer upper for sure!

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Lantern


DIY Farmhouse decor lantern with dollar tree craft supplies

I am blown away by this beautiful antique-styled DIY farmhouse lantern by Lizzy & Erin.

Who would have thought you could make something so unique from cheap plastic fencing found a Dollar Tree and they are so simple to make too!


DIY Topiary Trees From Dollar Store Supplies


Decrotive DIY Farmhouse style topiary trees from dollar store supplies

Here is yet another classic and beautiful farmhouse decor item that would be pretty expensive if you bought it at a  department store.

Luckily yo can make these pretty easily with this DIY Dollar Tree topiary tree tutorial from AKA Design for so much less!

DI Y Farmhouse Style Kitchen Platter


Dollar store DIY farmhouse kitchen decor

Every farmhouse needs a platter to display delicious goodies for your guests and this tiered DIY Dollar Tree player from What Treasures Await is the perfect kitchen decor piece!

It’s crazy to even believe that it’s made with just a few picture frames, reclaimed wood, and a candlestick holder for just a few dollars!


Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Style Vase Holder

DIY farmhouse decor style vase holder from dollar store supplies

How cute is this DIY farmhouse style vase holder by Home Talk

It’s perfect to display handpicked wildflowers that you’re kid’s picked or you can buy a few fake flower arrangments for the Dollar Tree to complete the look.

DIY Farmhouse Style Moss Topiary Tree


DIY farmhouse moss topiary tree decor


I’m loving these mini DIY moss topiary tutorial by The Happy Housie because they are so simple to make so you can easily add farmhouse decor accents to your home.

You can even add some mini Dollar Tree ornaments to it during the holidays!

DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor Conclusion

As you can see, getting that classic farmhouse look doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t need to get a degree in interior design.

Anyone can add some simple accents to your home on a budget with these easy DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse decor tutorials for so much less.

Try one of these projects out and then leave a comment to share how easy it was to make with just a few supplies for the dollar store.

If you have any DIY tutorials to add to this list, I’d love it if you share them in the comments too!!


A Collage of Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Décor Projects Listed in This Post