Need a perfect circle for a creative project? Look no further, just download one (or all) of these free printable circle templates in a variety of sizes.

Don’t you hate it when you’re working on a project that requires a specific size circle and can’t find anything that’s just the right size?

And you end up wasting precious time measuring every round object in your home to find the right-sized object to make a circle pattern.

Or worse, have to run out to your local craft or Michaels stores and spend money on stencils for one specific craft project.

Yeah me too, until I created these free circle outlines to use to create cut-out circle shapes and round stencil outlines for a multitude of different ideas that require circles.

What is a circle template used for?

A circle template is an essential tool needed for many craft projects as well as most geometric shapes like printable hearts and star templates.

Circle templates are a great way to create simple and unique designs for cards, invitations, or other paper crafts.

You can use them to make round labels, create wedding invitations, decorate a bulletin board with colorful circles, or even create unique DIY home decor.

How to download and print

  1. Choose which printable circle shapes you need
  2. Click on the image or link below the image to open the PDF files for the printable templates.
  3. Click on the downward-facing arrow in the top left-hand corner to download the PDF template to your computer or…
  4. Click on the printer image in the top left-hand corner of the page to print without downloading the digital file.
  5. For best results, print the circle templates on card stock or heavy construction paper to make the shapes easier to trace.

Note: All templates come in PDF format and are for personal use only

Free Printable Circle Templates & Stencils

Grab your free printable circle templates for your next new project and create round shapes the easy way!

1/2 inch Tiny Circles and Printable Round Dots

1/2 inch free circle outlines with 120 polka dots on one page

1/2 inch circles

Our smallest size circles are tiny 1/2 inch circles and printable round dots. There are 120 polka dots on this page which make it perfect for projects that require a lot of circles.


Small 1 inch Circle Shapes

a pdf of precision die-cut 1 inch smaller circles

1 inch small circle shapes

These one-inch small circle templates make the perfect printable circle outlines for tons of kid’s arts and crafts projects.

2 inch Circle Templates

image of 2 in circle outline templates

2 inch circles

These 2-inch circle outline templates are the perfect size for making labels to keep your home organized. Simply download and print on sticker paper to create custom labels.

3 inch Round Cut Outs

3 inch circle cut outs

3 inch circle cut outs

Need gift tags labels in a pinch? Just grab this free download of 3-inch circle cutouts and print on colored paper to make easy DIY gift tags.

Medium 4-inch Printable Circles

Medium circle stencil printables of 4 inch circle patterns

4 inch circle printables

These four inch circle printables perfect sized templates for cutting round pictures for scrapbooking or creating cute photo Christmas ornaments.

5 inch Circle Stencils

printable template of 2-5 inch circle stencils

5 inch circle pdf

This set of two 5-inch diameter round templates can be used for an unlimited number of art and craft projects, decorations, and so much more.

6-inch Circle Template

image of a 6 inch circle free printable template

6 inch circles

I love polka dot designs and had a great idea of using these six-inch medium circles as wall stencils and trace outlines to paint as a feature wall in my kid’s bedroom.

7-inch Printable Circle Shapes

image of a free printable circle template 7 inches in size

7 inch circle 

Use these seven-inch circle template printables with any project you’re creating that requires a big circle shape or outline.

Large 8-inch Circle Printable

image of a large circles 8 inch printable template

8 inch printable circle

Our eight-inch template printables are the largest circle that can fit on one standard 8.5 x 11 US letter-sized paper.

Extra-Large Circle Templates

I also made some extra large circle templates, but since I couldn’t fit a full circle outline on one regular-sized sheet of paper, I made 2 half circles so you can match both arc elements to create the perfect size 9 and 10-inch circle guides.

Extra Large 9-inch Circle Outline


Image of a 9" extra large circle outline

9″ circle template

One creative way to use these nine-inch large circle templates is to create festive party banners to decorate for birthdays, baby showers, or whatever your next celebration may be.

10-inch Super Large Circle Template Printable

Image of an extra large circle template made with 2 sheets of standard letter sized paper

10 inch circle template

These 10″ super large circle printables will come in really handy for wood crafts or creating DIY home decor projects.

Circle Template Tool in a Variety of Different Sizes

Sheet with a variety of different sized circle templates including tiny 1/2 inch polka dot circles, small 1 inch outlines, 2 inch cutouts, 3 inch circles, 4 inch round templates, and large 5 inch circles

Variety of different-sized circle templates

This last printable has a variety of circle sizes on one sheet which is perfect for the avid crafter. Use this printable to create cutout shapes that can be used to trace whatever sized circle template you need.


Craft projects for circle stencils, shapes, and templates

Here are some great ideas for ways to use these free printable circle templates.

Use the tiny circle dots to make confetti to use for celebrations and fun gift ideas

Use the medium circle templates as well as other different shapes for scrapbooking 

Use the circle stencils as outlines to create DIY coasters

Make different-sized snowmen with different-sized circle cut outs for cards holiday decor and more

Utilize the large round templates as circle wall stencils

Use the circle templates as a base to make festive snowflakes

Printable Circle Template FAQ

What is a circle template used for?

A circle template has multiple uses for creative projects. Two of the most common ways circle templates can be used is as a tracing outline to create a perfect round circle or as a cutout for craft projects.

What is a circle template made of?

Circle templates can be made of many different materials. Circle stencils sold, for example, are typically manufactured out of sturdy plastic but can be made with many different materials.

How do you make a perfect circle template?

There are many ways to create a template of a perfect circle. Two of the easiest ways to create a circle template are to either use graphic design software to create perfect circle shapes in any size or trace any round object onto construction paper or card stock and cut it out to make a sturdy circle template.


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Free Printable Circle Templates & Stencils