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Budgeting Made Easy

An easier way to manage your money...

 customizable | automated | easy to use

Taking control of your money (and ultimately... your future

all starts with a BUDGET...

Budget Spreadsheet for Excel or Google Sheets

Are you ready to STOP...

Stressing over money ALL-THE-TIME

Wonder where it all went half way through the month

Constantly checking your bank balances

Feeling like you'll never live the life you so want

If you answered YES - Budgeting Made Easy can help

Save time and frustration with a customizable budget tool that will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on more important things

If you're tired of...f...

  • Constantly worried about your financial situation
  • Not knowing where your money is going because you just can't maintain a budget
  • Living paycheck to paycheck or not having enough money to make ends meet every month
  • Wasting precious time tracking your budget every month
  • Hoarding receipts only to spend hours every month sorting everything out
  • Always getting tripped up by unexpected expenses that weren't really all that unexpected to begin with

Now imagine...

  • Creating a budget that fits your lifestyle instead of trying to fit your life in a budget...
  • Taking control of your money (and life) by telling it where to go instead of letting your money control you...
  • Always knowing exactly where you stand with your money anytime during the month so you can adjust as needed
  • Spending minutes instead of hours maintaining your budget, saving time which I know is important to you
  • Having a tool that will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on more important things in life

If this sounds good, then Budgeting Made Easy is right for you!

Budgeting Made Easy is a budget tracking spreadsheet designed to simplify your budget....and your life

How the Budgeting Made Easy Spreadsheet is different from other budget spreadsheets

An easier way to manage your money 

It's fully customizable ~ This is not a one size fits all budget. Your can customize every category to exactly what you want to meet your needs.

It's automated saving you time ~ You'll never have to sort and categorize your expenses ever again! You don't even need a calculator, the spreadsheet does it all for you.

Time saving ~ You'll never have to spend hours at the end of the month updating your budget...only to find out you have overspent in certain categories AFTER it's too late to do anything about it...

At a glance reporting ~ The simple pie chart graphs will show you exactly what areas you are spending the most on so you can adjust accordingly before you bust your budget.

Budget Spreadsheet for Excel or Google Sheets
Pie Chart

Budgeting Made Easy works with both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

No more hoarding receipts, categorizing expenses and wasting precious time calculating everything, only to find out that you've already blown your budget...

Grab the Budgeting Made Easy Spreadsheet today for only $17.00 $29

What others are saying about the Budgeting Made Easy Spreadsheet


Hey there, I'm Lisa!

And just like you, as a busy mom I get super overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done every-single-day...

And spending hours managing my budget just wasn't possible, not to mention that most budgeting tools are one sized fits all.

I needed a tool that would be easy to use and customizable so it worked for my situation...

I created Budgeting Made Easy because I could not find a budgeting tool that fit my needs. 

And I know I'm not alone. So many people struggle to maintain a budget, sometimes to the point of not even bothering because it's such a hassle. 

Budgeting Made Easy is the exact tool that I used to make ends meet when our families income was cut in half... and it is one of the tools that made getting out from under $70 K of debt possible...

"Now I'm in control of my money instead of being controlled by it"

Imagine never having to worry about money again because you KNOW that you've got everything covered...

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special program to use BME?

Yes and No. BME is available in both Excel and Google Sheets (you will get both versions delivered to you with your purchase). Although not everyone will have access to Excel, everyone has access to Google Sheets with a Gmail account . All you need to do is sign up for a free Gmail account (which most people already have) to use this budgeting tool. If you don’t have a Gmail account you can sign up here for free.

Will I need to buy BME every year?

Nope. What’s great about BME is that you can use it year after year. All you need to do is save a master copy on your PC or in your Google Drive and create a working copy for every year going forward.

How does BME save me time?

BME was designed with time savings in mind. All you need to do is enter the amounts you spend in the spending log and BME does the rest. It’ll categories and total each budget category for you and the numbers flow into your budget for the month. It’ll also calculate the amount you have remaining for the month for each category so you always know how you are doing throughout the month.

When will I get my budgeting spreadsheet?

You'll get instant access to your BME so you can download it right away and start using it right away.

Does it take long to set up my budget with BME?

It doesn’t take very long, you should have it set up and ready to use in about 10 minutes or even less. There is a one time set-up to personalize your budget categories and spending limits for each category then you are ready to use the spreadsheet.

Can I only start using BME at the start of a new year?

Nope. BME is set up on a 12 month basis but the months are not defined, you’ll define your start month so you can start using it at any time.

Budget Spreadsheet for Excel or Google Sheets

Grab the Budgeting Made Easy spreadsheet today for only $17.00 $29

over 40% off regular price

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