Looking for the best online thrift stores? Consignment shopping is a smart money move because you can get clothes for so much cheaper. 

But in addition to saving money, it has a positive impact on our planet. Buying second-hand clothes means less waste filling up our landfills which is a big problem these days so anything we can do to help reduce waste while getting cheaper clothing is a win-win.

If you’ve ever shopped at your local thrift store, then you know you can buy affordable clothing for so much less than shopping at department stores.

You can even find some brand new clothing with the tags still on and pay pennies on the dollar, and if you have children you could save a small fortune on kid’s clothing since they outgrow clothes so quickly.

If vintage clothing is your thing, shopping online will allow you to find more unique items to fill your wardrobe than you probably can if you only shopped at your local second-hand stores

With all the benefits of shopping at online thrift stores, I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to.  

You can even sell your gently worn clothing at most of these online shops and earn cash while cleaning out your closet.

15 Best Online Thrift Stores to Buy Vintage and Second-Hand Clothes

Best Online Thrift Stores



>> Best Online Thrift Stores for Consignment Shopping <<


ThreadUP | Best Consignment Shop Online

ThredUP Online Thrift Store

ThredUP is the largest online thrift store on the web today and has over 35,000+ listed brands of clothing available for purchase. 

It’s one of the best places to find good quality clothing for up to 90% off in some cases and they specialize in women’s and children’s second-hand clothes. 

ThredUP also only accepts certain brands of clothing such as Nike, J Crew, Forever 21, Loft, and much more so you know that you are purchasing quality clothing at this online thrift shop. 

If you’ve never shopped at ThredUP before, you can get up to 50% off your first order to test the waters and save even more money consignment shopping. You even get $10 off your first purchase just for signing up!

What’s more, every time you shop on ThredUP, you earn points through their loyalty program to save even more on future purchases. 

Shop ThredUP


eBay | Original Online Thrift Store 

Ebay Largest Online Thrift Store

This list would not be complete if I didn’t mention eBay which is the largest and one of the first online thrift stores where you can buy just about anything, including new and second-hand clothes.

As one of the largest peer-to-peer platforms, eBay has strict policies that keep the buyer and safety at the forefront of transactions.

As you know, eBay is an auction style website but you can also buy products straight up as well. They have something for everyone and you’ll be hard-pressed not to find some good deals on the site.

Shop eBay


Swap | Second-Hand Clothes

Swap Online Thrift Store

Swap is an online thrift store that originally started out as a kid’s consignment shop in 2013 where you could buy affordable kid’s clothes but has evolved over the years to include more than just children’s clothing. 

They now carry woman’s and men’s second-hand clothing as well as maternity wear, baby clothes and items, and even toys.  

At Swap.com, we breathe new life into one-of-a-kind items. Our quality will shatter your idea of “thrift”, and our unbelievable selection of everyday items will help you find anything you need.

Swap carries over 2 million unique items, so you are sure to find what you are looking for while shopping at this consignment shop.

If you decide to check out Swap, you’ll save 40% off your first order and they offer free shipping on purchases over $60.

Shop Swap


Vinted | Second Hand Online Thrift Shop

Vinted Online Thrift Store

I just discovered Vinted and I’m super excited because they probably have some of the cheapest prices for second-hand clothing that I’ve found online so far.

You can get great clothes for anywhere from a few dollars and up, so filling your closet with a new wardrobe will be super cheap!

Vinted carries men’s, woman’s, and children’s second-hand clothing so you can literally dress the whole family for pennies on the dollar than if you were to buy new clothes.

1 simple idea now unites a community of 25 million

Shop Vinted


Bagsy | Specializing in Children’s Second Hand Clothes

Bagsy Online Children's Thrift Store

If you have children, then you know how fast they can outgrow clothing and how much it can cost to replenish their wardrobes.

This is the very reason three Moms decided to start Bagsy, an online kid’s thrift store that specializes in children’s and baby clothes as well as footwear for kids. 

Bagsy literally has hundreds of name brand children’s clothing and you can shop by size which makes finding clothes for your kid’s so much easier. 

Refining Children’s Clothing Resale

And if you are looking to make money from the clothing your children have outgrown, just request a postage-paid “bag” to send them in and have listed for sale on Bagsy

Shop Bagsy


Shop Good Will | The Original Thrift Store

Shop Good Will Online Thrift Stores

If you’ve ever shopped at thrift stores, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Good Will, but what you may not know is they also have an online thrift store too.

The thing with shopping online at Shop Good Will is that it’s an auction type website similar to eBay so you can’t buy items outright, you’ll need to bid on the items you wish to purchase. 

Shop Good Will, like it’s physical locations offers just about anything from clothing, collectibles, antiques, furniture, and more. 

If you like bargain hunting and don’t mind the bidding style of Shop Good Will’s online thrift store, then you’ll be able to snag some good deals. 

Shop Good Will


Patagonia Worn Wear | Repurposing Used Clothes

Patagonia Worn Wear Online Consignment Shop

I’m sure you’ve heard of Patagonia’s outerwear clothing, but you may not know that they also have a Patagonia Worn Wear brand which is a pretty unique type of online thrift shop.

In addition to selling second-hand clothing, they also actually create new clothing and bags out of used clothes to help the environment by reducing waste.

Patagonia Worn Wear offers clothes for men, women, and children and they also resell packs and gear as well.

Worn Wear is Patagonia’s hub for keeping gear in play.

Another thing that’s great about this company is that you can trade-in your used Patagonia brand clothing and get credit to purchase new clothes in their retail shops.

Shop Patagonia Worn Wear


>>  Best Online Thrift Stores for Vintage Clothing <<


Etsy | Vintage Clothing Marketplace

Etsy Vintage Consignment Shop

If you are looking for vintage clothing, then you need to check out Etsy. They have a huge selection of vintage items including clothing, jewelry, handbags, and beautiful vintage wedding dresses that you can’t find anywhere else. 

If you’ve never heard of Etsy, it’s an online marketplace for people to sell their handcrafted goods and shoppers to find unique items that they can’t get anywhere else.

And because antiques and vintage clothing fit that criteria, there are may Etsy shops who also offer these unique finds in their shops. 

Whether you are looking for vintage clothes or not, you should still check out Etsy.com to shop for handcrafted items and support small businesses.

Shop Etsy


Depop | Unique Fashion Marketplace 

Depop Second Hand Vintage Clothing

Depop is a unique online thrift store that is similar to Poshmark but is geared toward vintage clothing and a unique style.

Like Poshmark, it’s only available on an app so you’ll need to access the site with a smartphone and download either the apple or android app to shop on Depop.


This shop looks more like an online social media app than it is a store, in fact, their motto is ‘be part of the community that’s transforming fashion one item at a time.”

Shop Depop


Urban (Outfitters) Renewal | Re-Designed Second Hand Vintage

Urban Outfitters Renewal Second Hand Vintage Clothes

Urban (Outfitters) Renewal has taken a different approach to sell second-hand clothing which is similar to Patagonia Worn Wear in that they are upcycling and repurposing clothing to avoid waste.

This means that you’ll be able to snag some unique one of kind pieces and help the environment by shopping Urban Renewal.

Urban Renewal’s upcycled garments are created from leftover remnants so that the processes are as low-waste, unique, and sustainable as possible.

Urban Renewal is our curated collection of original vintage items and vintage that has been carefully selected, re-designed and upcycled into modern silhouettes. Urban Renewal …

You can’t go wrong shopping for vintage clothing at this online thrift store since prices start as low as $20.

Shop Urban Outfitters


ASOS Market Place | Independent Vintage Boutiques

ASOS Vintage Online Thrift Store

ASOS Marketplace a British marketplace that launched in 2010 but is now in the United States and has become one of the leading online platforms for independent brands and vintage boutiques.

Their website is similar to Etsy where individuals are selling the products through their own online shops. 

Home to the best up-and-coming independent brands and vintage boutiques from around the world

ASOS Marketplace offers vintage 90s sportswear from brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Champion as well as new designs from international boutiques and artisanal hand-made jewelry.

Shop ASOS Market Place


Refashioner | Designer Vintage Clothing 

ReFashioner Vintage Online Thrift Store

Refashioner is an online thrift store like no other that focuses strictly on vintage clothing that’s one of a kind and won’t find anywhere else.

They pride themselves on the fact that every piece of clothing they sell has a story and they share those stories whenever possible. 

You can shop based on the era you are interested in which is a pretty neat feature that you don’t see at most other vintage thrift stores.

We sell the best designer pieces and exceptional vintage from private collections.

Shop Refashioner


>> Best Online Thrift Stores for High-End Fashion <<


Poshmark | Peer to Peer Thrifting

Poshmark High End Fashion Online Thrift Store

If you are looking for high-end fashion on a budget, then you need to check out Poshmark. They carry over 25 million items from major name brand apparel such as Gucci, Michael Kors, Nike, Chanel, Coach, and much more.

Poshmark offers a different kind of shopping experience in that it blends social with sales, just look at their mission statement…

Poshmark is more than just a shopping destination, it’s a vibrant community powered by millions of Seller Stylists…

To use Poshmark, you’ll need a smartphone to access their Apple or Android apps which in this age of technology is perfect for their customer base.

Another unique factor of using Poshmark is you have the ability to haggle with the sellers, so if you find something you like that’s a bit over your budget, you may be able to bring the price down.

Shop Poshmark


Tradesy | Luxury Fashion Resale Marketplace

Tradsey High-End Thrift Store

Tradesy is an online thrift store with a focus on woman’s high-end fashion labels. They offer woman’s clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, and weddings.

Because of the brands they carry, the items found on Tradesy are not cheap compared to other online thrift stores but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Gucci, Prada, Rolex, Cartier, and Chanel are just a few of the brands they carry and Tradsey offers a guarantee that all products you buy on their website are 100% authentic. 

There are over 1 million users buying and selling on Tradesy so if you are looking for high-end fashion for a fraction of the price you are sure to find it in their online shop.

The Marketplace made for woman, by woman

You can get  $50 off your first purchase on Tradsey and they work with Affirm to offer payment plans is needed.

Shop Tradesy


The Real Real | Authenticated Luxury Consignment

The Real Real Luxury Consignment Shop

The Real Real is a luxury online consignment shop that carries many designer brands of clothing and accessories such as Gucci, Louboutin, Prada, and much more. 

You can shop The Real Real fashion for men, women, and kids and they even have home decor and furniture as well as jewelry and watches.

So if you are looking for great high-end fashion at a lower price point, you can find in at The Real Real. Plus, they also have shops in New York City and LA as well.

Authentic Luxury Brands By Top Designers

Sign up and get a $25 store credit to use on your first purchase

Shop The Real Real


As you can see, there are many online thrift stores to shop for just about any style and budget. Whether you’re looking for everyday clothes, high-end fashion, or vintage clothing, you’re sure to find what you are looking for from any of these 15 options.

Do you have a favorite online thrift store that’s not on this list? Please leave a comment so we can check it out!