Whether we’re ready to admit it or not, we all care about how we look. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we all want to become (or look like) supermodels, but looking gorgeous and attractive does usually come high on our priority list.

While it’s true that looking good all the time means that you have to spend a bit more money, it isn’t always the case. We bring you a list of useful beauty on a budget tips to help you look gorgeous and still manage to save a few dollars on the side.

Multitasking to the rescue

Let’s talk about the simplest solution first: when you use fewer products for your makeup and beauty routine, you’ll save money! This way you will minimize your beauty expenditures and learn a few makeup tricks along the way.

To everyone’s joy, more and more beauty brands recognize this need with their clients and today you can choose from a variety of multi-purpose products that will not only save you quite a bit of money but save you time in your beauty routine as well.

For example, the simplest way to apply moisturizer, and anti-aging product, SPF and a foundation all at once, is to try a good BB Cream that actually has a perfect balance of all these products.

Gorgeous minimal makeup

Wearing makeup will make you feel confident and powerful, but not everyone has time and money to do a full-face makeup every day.

Instead of going from one extreme to another (wearing full-face makeup one day and no makeup the following day), you can try wearing minimal makeup.

False lashes are extremely popular today, and for good reason: they make your eyes pop and give you a seductive look. You can try elegant fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions which are both perfect for day-to-day wear and will save you a lot of money on mascara.

With dramatic lashes you won’t even have to apply eyeliner every day – your eyes will naturally draw attention and it will still look natural and subtle.

If you are not willing to give up your beauty routine to save money, then you are in luck. Here are some beauty budget tips that are sure to help you stay on budget. #beautytips #beautybudget #savemoney #money #beauty budget tips

Beauty on a Budget – Looking Gorgeous While Saving Money

For the love of coconut oil

We already mentioned how using multi-purpose products will save you money, but we’d like to pay special attention to coconut oil. It’s a relatively cheap ingredient which will change your life for the better.

While it’s perfectly natural, you can use it for cooking, as a hair serum, moisturizer, makeup remover, as well as for teeth whitening.  

You will be adding good fats to your diet, hydrating your skin and hair, and taking care of your teeth with one simple, natural, and inexpensive product.

Hair experiments

Let’s face it – the shorter we wear our hair, the more often we need to make an appointment in a hair salon to get it cut and/or dyed. This means that you’ll be spending a lot of money on your hair in a year without even noticing.

If you know of a beauty school in your area, why not use it to your advantage? This will save you money and allow hairdressing beginners to get some experience at the same time.

This way you will get a free haircut and they will get a chance to improve their skills. You can also try growing your hair out a bit and wear it medium or long so that you can stretch your haircuts to two or perhaps even three months and only get an occasional trim in between.

Check out these easy to make DIY Hair Masks that will have your hair looking gorgeous.

If you are not willing to give up your beauty routine to save money, then you are in luck. Here are some beauty budget tips that are sure to help you stay on budget. #beautytips #beautybudget #savemoney #money #beauty budget tips

Hair coloring on a budget

Speaking of hair, hair coloring is always a big deal. You don’t want to walk around with your roots and/or your gray hairs showing for the world to see, but you also don’t want to spend a small fortune at a beauty salon either.

The compromise is – try dyeing your hair at home. There are many at-home coloring products you can use to get great results, and it’s a good chance to invite your friend over to help you and spend a pleasant evening together. This way you will save some money and get a chance to spend some quality time with your friend or family member.

Try store brands

Brands spend a lot of money on research to improve their beauty products, but they also spend a lot on advertising too, which means that their products will inevitably cost more than some less-known store brands.

While there is a difference in quality in certain products, you can use substitutes on certain items, such as body lotions, body wash, facial cleansing wipes, and soaps. You will be able to save a lot of money, especially if you also manage to buy in a bulk or get a good discount.

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If you are not willing to give up your beauty routine to save money, then you are in luck. Here are some beauty budget tips that are sure to help you stay on budget. #beautytips #beautybudget #savemoney #money #beauty budget tips