There are many ways to earn some extra cash nowadays thanks to technology. You could even use your smartphone to make money. There are many free money making apps that will help you make some extra money using your iPhone or Android smartphone.

With this money-making apps, you can earn cold, hard cash or earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite retailers or stores. Earning several hundred dollars a month from various money making apps using your smartphone is very doable. Read on for the 11 best money making apps you can use on your smartphone to make money in a variety of ways.

 11 Best Money Making Apps

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Gigwalk is a free money-making app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. Download the app on your phone. Register your Gigwalk account and add your PayPal account to your Gigwalk account. You can find Gigs in your area through the map or Gig List via the Gigwalk app. If you apply for a Gig and your application is accepted, then complete the Gig and submit the work directly via the app. If your work is approved by the customer, you get paid directly to your PayPal account.

You can pick Gigs that can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours to complete and pay anywhere from $3 to $100, depending on the gig. You can apply for Gigs that interest you. Tasks will involve you visiting a nearby retail store to find if products are available on the shelf and displayed/priced correctly or that marketing events are done accurately and on-time. Most Gigs require you to document your work through geotagged photos that must be taken inside the app.

You can increase your chances of being selected for higher-paying Gigs as you raise your performance score. Your performance score is based on things like successfully completing Gigs and your activity level. Customers have the ability to add you to their private workforce if they see that you consistently do good work from them.

Easy Shift

EasyShift is a free app that helps you to earn extra cash on your own schedule by completing quick jobs called Shifts at local stores and shops in your area. There are two different types of Shifts: anywhere Shifts and location-based Shifts. You can complete anywhere Shifts right from the comfort of your home.

They usually only pay in points and/or an entry into a drawing. Location-based Shifts will require you to go to a specific store location to perform tasks such as completing a survey, doing price checks, reviewing promotions, and taking pictures of products. Once you have completed and submitted a Shift and it is approved, you are typically awarded in both points and cash within 48 hours. Most Shifts available are location-based Shifts. You can earn anywhere from $2-$20 per task.

You can also earn a bonus for completing an additional task during your Shift. Points are a way to build your reputation as a Shifter and get promoted to higher ranks as you complete Shifts and earn points. The higher the rank the more Shifts you can reserve at one time, which means you can do multiple Shifts in a day to earn more.

Field Agent

You can make money using your iOS or Android smartphone by completing a variety of tasks, such as collecting photos, video, and information from stores and many other locations via the Field Agent mobile app.

Download the app on your iOS or Android smartphone to find and select jobs inside the app. When you claim a job, you have two hours to complete it. When the job is completed it will be reviewed by Field Agent’s quality control team before the funds will be available. You can withdraw your earnings via Dwolla account or direct deposit to your bank account.

Common jobs that the app offers include price checks, in-store display checks, and consumer surveys. For instance, the Field Agent app may ask you to go to a specific store to find a specific product, take a photo of the product, and then answer a few questions about it (e.g., How much does the product cost?). Some jobs have stricter requirements, so check the instructions before accepting one of these jobs. You can earn between $1 and $12 for each job completed and approved by the customer, depending on the job.


Perk is a free money-making app that rewards you points for what you are already doing while online like searching and shopping. Just simply download this app and then use it to earn points for shopping at their partners’ stores and through web searches using Perk Search.

You can earn points for watching videos, searching and sharing stuff with your friends. Points are Perk’s form of electronic currency. Once you have earned enough points, you can convert them into PayPal cash, Gift Cards, gift cards to various retailers, or airline miles.


Do you enjoy taking photos with your smartphone? Then you can make money by selling your photos on the Foap platform at Download the app for iOS and Android on your smartphone. Take high-quality photos using your phone and then upload your photos straight from your phone onto the Foap platform. You can upload unlimited photos. Every time you sell a photo through the Foap Market, you get $5. There are other ways to earn money from your photos via this app too.

Join specific Missions to win rewards that range from $100 to $2500. These Missions require unique and great photos in order for them to be picked as the winners. You can add a photo to Getty Missions if any of Getty Missions is running. If your photo gets accepted by Getty even if you do not win the Mission, it will be available there for sale. If your photo is sold, you will get 50% of what goes to Foap.

Some of your photos might be selected to be transferred to Foap’s partner’s platforms like Adobe, Alamy, and Shutterstock and become available for sale there. If your photo gets selected and sold on a partner platform or platforms, you will be notified about it. If you do not want your photos to be available for sale on any of these platforms, you can inform Foap about it. You can also add photos of others to your album and when a photo is sold, you get 0.25 cents per photo. You can also sell your videos via this app to make money.


Clashot is an app that lets you sell your photos online via your iPhone or Android smartphone. Download Clashot app on your iPhone or Android to shoot, publish and sell your photos instantly online to buyers at Depositphotos. You will earn a percentage ranging from $0.50 to $80 or you will get royalties of about 44% from each photo sale.  

Take photos using your smartphone via the Clashot mobile app to upload your photos to Clashot, or upload photos from your photos folder to Clashot. Every time you upload a photo showing a recognizable person or a group of people, you must also upload a model release that is signed by each person pictured in the photo, to allow that photo to be used for commercial purposes. Your photos will be available for sale as soon as they are approved by moderators at Clashot.


Swagbucks is a reward site that lets you make money by doing a variety of simple tasks online. You can also make money via Swagbucks app on your smartphone. With Swagbucks app, you earn points, known as Swagbucks (SB), by completing small and simple tasks like watching videos, answering surveys, searching the web, discovering offers and performing other tasks. Swagbucks offers a great referral bonus. When you refer a friend or family member to Swagbucks, you earn 10% of their earnings for life.

While you will not earn much from Swagbucks app, it makes it easy to earn some points no matter where you are, which means you can monetize your time when you are standing in the grocery line or taking a lunch break. You can redeem your points to PayPal cash or gift cards to numerous retailers, including gift cards. You can earn a few cents to a few dollars per task, depending on the task.


Mobee is a free mobile app that lets you make money while you shop at popular retail stores and restaurants as a mystery shopper. With Mobee app, you can search for Mobee Missions or secret shopper Missions/jobs offered by stores and restaurants in your area. If you pick a Mission from the map or list via the app and accept it, then you will complete the Mission. Once you have completed a Mission, it will be reviewed within 48 hours for quality. Upon approval, you will earn points that can be redeemed for a huge selection of gift cards, such as MasterCard prepaid gift cards, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more, and prizes.

You can complete as many Missions as you want each day. Find missions using this free app to start earning points today. You will find tons of stores that pay you to shop. Each Mission you complete successfully will bring you closer to claiming new achievements and earning more points.

Another way to earn points with this app is through its referral program. When you invite a friend and their first in-store Mission is approved, you will earn 300 points.


You can make money on the side performing household chores and errands for other people using your skills. You can find these jobs using your phone via TaskRabbit app as a Tasker. Download the app to your smartphone and start accepting jobs. The app offers all kinds of tasks across a variety of categories like handyman, cleaning, delivery, moving, furniture assembly, personal assistance, and more,

TaskRabbit app notifies you of potential jobs nearby. You can accept the job that you want to take and then confirm details with your client. Complete the job and submit your invoice to get paid.

Some remote jobs you can work from home with TaskRabbit include data entry, personal assistant, graphic design, web design & development, research, videography, writing & editing, and computer help.


You can get paid to share your opinions about products and service you use and places you visit every day online via iPoll app. You can take surveys wherever you are such as at home, in the office, at the beach and anywhere as long as you are connected with the iPoll app. Get rewards for completing a variety of iPoll missions like visiting a store, taking a picture of a product, testing a product, and answering a few questions about a product or service. The app uses the camera on your phone when you take a picture and upload it to

You can earn PayPal cash or gift cards to your favorite brands like Amazon and iTunes. If you spend a few minutes each day taking surveys and completing missions via this app, you could easily make $30 t0 $50 per month, or even more.

Google Opinion Rewards

Did you know that Google wants to pay you for completing surveys on your smartphone? You can earn up to a dollar for every survey you take on your smartphone with Google Opinion Rewards which is a free app that rewards you for sharing your opinion on things like hotels, local retailers, and products. Most surveys only take 20 seconds to complete. If you are an iOS user, you will be paid through your PayPal account. If you are an Android user, you will earn Google Pay Credits that can be redeemed in the Google Play Store.

How often you can cash out your earnings depends on how many surveys you qualify for. You will be able to cash out your earnings to your PayPal account when you have a balance of $2.

11 Best Money Making Apps

Final Note

These top 11 money making apps are a great way to earn some extra pocket cash. You could even make an entire extra paycheck using your smartphone and these money making apps. There are many more legitimate money making apps that will allow you to make some extra cash in a variety of ways using your smartphone. Using one of the money making apps or more, listed above, you can even start making extra money today.