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10 Genius Ways To Save Money On Baby ~ Having a baby is really expensive. There are many things that you can do to cut costs. Read on for 10 Genius Tips To Save Money. money | saving money | save money on baby | baby #money #finance #savemoney #saveonbaby

10 Genius Ways To Save Money When Having A Baby

To be very practical, the moment you plan to have a baby, you should save some significant portion of your earning for your baby fund. Wondering, why should you do so? Though babies aren’t money burning machine, you will come across thousands of ways to spend for the kid as soon as it sees the sunlight.

However, there are ways to save money when having a baby that you can give a try as well. Here are some considerations that can save your hard-earned money to some extent when you have a baby. Let’s check them out below.


You probably know that breast milk is the best food for your newborn. But if you are unable to breastfeed the kid anyway, then you surely can’t help going for formula milk which is way too expensive. It is worth approximately $1,000 per year. The breastfeeding chair help you feeding your baby!

So, breastfeeding can be a decent option to save that much as well as the best practice for the newborns. I hope you can understand why I recommend breastfeeding to save money, you did, right?

Shop Secondhand Clothes

When you are thinking of buying clothes for your baby then I recommend you to go for secondhand clothes. It will serve the purpose as your baby grows up very fast and you will not need to spend much. I used to do the same when I became a mom for the first time, and I can assure you that it’s a perfect hack to save your money.

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Make the Baby Food Yourself

As a mother, I enjoyed cooking food for my little one as always. It not only saved my hard-earned money but also helped me to understand what my child liked to have. What can be better than cooking your child’s favorite dish? Just give it a try and see the magic!

Buy in Bulk

Remember to buy everything in bulk, it will save some extra penny, plus you don’t need to go shopping within a short gap. Again, it will keep the transportation cost in your pocket as well.

Buy Less Expensive Products

As parents, we always try to give our children the best things we can afford, but when you are planning to save money, you will have to negotiate on it. Try to buy less expensive products. Purchasing non-branded clothes and toys for the kids can contribute a lot to save money. You need to remember that non-branded and cheaper things are not always bad, at least as long as you can choose them wisely.

Borrow Maternity Clothes

From the second trimester, mom to be needs maternity clothes. After the birth of the child, these clothes become useless as they are not fashionable and cannot be worn everywhere. So, it will be a wise decision for you if you borrow some maternity clothes from your near ones if you can manage.

Buy Cloth Diapers

Another money-saving hack is buying cloth diapers for your child. Cloth diapers can be reused several times. It may seem a little hard to wash the used diapers, but I am sure that you will get used to it very soon.

Collect Coupons

Coupons are always my best friend no matter whatever I do purchase! It saves me a huge some amount of money without any extra effort. Coupons are usually made for publicity purposes, but it truly helps us who actually is planning to save money for later. It offers products on discount from 5% up to 100% sometimes. Never miss a single coupon from your familiar shops.

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Buy Unisex Clothes

It has been a fashion nowadays to buy pink for girls and blue for boys, but it’s not a good idea. Instead, you can buy things of different colors so that the same thing can be used for your second junior as well. I have a baby boy who is 2 years old.

He has some dresses that I can use for my baby girl as I am carrying a daughter right now! The same thing will happen if you purchase unisex dresses for your kids as well.

Go for Samples

When buying something for your kid online, you will find lots of websites that offer free samples. Don’t hesitate to ask them for a free sample or as many as they offer to the first-time buyers. Remember, if you can manage just a single freebie even from a rarely known shopping platform, you literally saved a few bucks.

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10 Genius Ways To Save Money On Baby ~ Having a baby is really expensive. There are many things that you can do to cut costs. Read on for 10 Genius Tips To Save Money. money | saving money | save money on baby | baby #money #finance #savemoney #saveonbaby

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