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Simple Ways to Make Saving Money a Habit

Simple Ways to Make Saving Money a Habit

Do you struggle with saving money? Do you think that it can’t be done because you are in debt or living paycheck to paycheck?

Whatever your situation is, saving money is something that needs to be done. The easiest way to build up your savings is by making saving money a habit.

As you know most habits people have (good or bad) are done without even thinking about it. You just do it right? Well, what if that applied to saving money as well? Just doing it without even trying or thinking about it. Ok, it might take a bit of effort at the beginning, but after a while you won’t even realize you are doing it.

Here are some suggestions of some simple ways to make saving money a habit.

Pay Yourself First

One of the easiest ways to build your savings is to pay yourself first. Make sure that every time you get your paycheck, you deposit a set amount of money into a separate savings account. Most people have the option of having money deposited directly into their account which makes it super simple to save money.

Always Comparison Shop

Make if a point to always compare prices, it doesn’t matter if you are grocery shopping or on the hunt for a big-ticket item. Make sure that you always compare prices and look for sales and deals. After doing this for a little while, it’ll just become second nature.

Deposit Unexpected Cash

Always deposit any unexpected funds that may come your way into your savings account. Whether it’s birthday gifts, workplace bonuses or an unexpected income tax refund, this is money you won’t miss spending because you were not expecting it in the first place.

Save Your Change

Saving loose change is a super easy way to save money. You don’t really realize how fast it can build up until you try it. Make it a nightly habit to empty out your pockets or wallet of any change that you have accumulated throughout the day. If you don’t have the change on you, you won’t be spending it.

Hang with Like Minded Friends

Spending time with people who are money mind can help you save more money. You know they are watching out for their finances too and they will not tempt you to go out to dinner or shopping all the time just to have some fun. You can also exchange ideas and goal to inspire one another.

Check Your Balance

Check your account balances on a daily basis, maybe while you are having your morning cup of coffee. Knowing how much money you have at all times will help you stay on top of your spending. You will also visually see where all your money is going, which can help end frivolous spending habits.

Save the Difference

Whenever you implement a new money-saving strategy, such as couponing or downgrading services, take the amount that you have saved and deposit it into your savings account. This is money that you would not have had to spend anyway, so it won’t be missed.

Thinking about saving money can be discouraging at times. But it doesn’t mean it has to take over your every thought.  Just take a few steps at a time to make savings habits and before you know it, your bank account will be growing more and more without you even thinking about it!!

Do you have any awesome money-saving habits to share with the rest of us? Please share by leaving a comment.

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Simple Ways to Make Saving Money a Habit

**This post may contain affiliate links

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