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7 Simple Tips to Save Money Time and Space

7 Simple Tips to Save Money, Time and Space

Today I have a guest post from Stacey Cooper, Stacey is a business consultant, full-time mom and a blogger . She is always trying to provide useful advice in fields of frugal living, finances and smart investing.

It’s quite discouraging to spend most of your time working, only to realize that you’ve saved up only enough to cover your expenses for a little while. Although increasing your savings isn’t easy, especially if you’re barely making your ends meet, there are several simple ways to put some money aside for your children and spend more time with them, while still improving your quality of life.

Saving Money on Food

A sizable amount of money goes on food every month, especially in a big family with little children who need a healthy diet. However, with little effort and money saving habits, you can reduce your food expenses.

Plan your meals 

If meal planning becomes a regular habit, you can significantly increase your savings. When planning your meals for an entire week, or a month, you don’t have to turn to some last resort solutions, such as ordering takeout, or going out for dinner.

It goes without saying that these unplanned events can cost you more than a home-cooked meal (which is healthier, too). In addition, you won’t waste your time trying to figure out what you’ll cook. Instead, you can quickly prepare the food and spend more time with your kids over dinner.

Stick to a grocery list

Another way to prevent any unplanned expenditure is by making a grocery list and sticking to it. If you don’t have one, and just go shopping, you can be tempted to buy a variety of products on sale even if you don’t need them.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is usually more affordable, especially if you buy products that you can use over a longer period of time. However, be careful, make sure that you will be able to use the bulk items before they go bad or expire, which will end up costing you money in the end.

Saving Money on Shopping

Your kids need new clothes; you need new shoes, your old armchair is falling apart. There are so many items on the list, while the budget is getting tighter and tighter. Fortunately, there are several ways to obtain everything you need without going broke.

Embrace the old

You should visit second-hand shops and try to find a used item instead of immediately buying new ones. For example, you don’t have to buy a brand-new armchair, you can find a used one – it doesn’t mean that it’s not in good condition, someone may have decided to change their interior.

Furthermore, if you have two or three children of different ages, your younger one can inherit their sibling’s old clothes that no longer fit. Another great way to save money is by reusing old items and transforming them into new ones. It’s not only affordable, but environmentally friendly, as well. You can transform old indoor furniture into new outdoor pieces with little effort and investment.

Shop around and look for sales

Imagine the following situation: you enter a store, buy something you like, then move onto another one and find out that the same item is almost half price there. If you spend some time researching the market, you can easily avoid losing money unnecessarily.

In addition, if you come across an item that you really like, you shouldn’t buy it that very moment. You can wait for it to go on sale and buy it at a lower price. For example, if you need a new phone, or an appliance, you shouldn’t buy it as soon as it comes out, since its price will drop after several months.

Saving in your House

By sticking to several money saving tips, you can reduce your housing and utility expenses and increase your savings. Additionally, many of those will help you create a healthier and more comfortable environment for your family.

Make your home energy-efficient

Having an energy-efficient home can significantly reduce your energy bills in the long run. You should start by conducting an audit of energy consumption in your home. Afterwards, you can work on the areas that require improvement. Insulation is one of the most important aspects of energy-efficient homes.

If you properly insulate your home, you can use less energy on warming and cooling your home, thus, saving a fortune on energy bills. Another way to increase your energy savings is by switching to LED and CFL bulbs that are healthier and more efficient.

Have a garage sale

Having a clutter-free home has a positive impact on the overall atmosphere in your home. Therefore, you need to create a comfortable living space for your family by getting rid of everything you don’t need.

This is a great opportunity to organize a garage sale and earn some money. However, if there are some items of sentimental value to you and your family, you can go with a mobile self storage option. This is a great solution if you don’t have much space and want to clear out your home while still keeping those items.

Nowadays, making ends meet isn’t easy, particularly when you have a family to support. Fortunately, with little effort and money saving activities, you can reduce your expenses and build up a nest egg for your family.

Thank you Stacey, these are great tips we should all be doing to save money! Do you have more tips to add to this list?  Please leave a comment to share with us.

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