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8 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Pet ~ Our pets are family, we want to take the best care of them. But we don't want to spend a fortune doing so. Here are 8 great tips that will save you a bunch of money on your pets. Pet Care | Saving Money on Pets | DIY Pet Care | Pet Care Tips | Money Saving Tips 

If you have pets then you know that pet care can be pretty costly.  And you probably know that vet bills can be really expensive. Even if it’s just for their yearly wellness check, but much more if they need special treatments or medication. 

So doing whatever you can to prevent these expenses should be something every pet owner should do. Yet sometimes we just don’t think of everything that can be done.

I recently found this out the hard way, you see last week I had to bring my dog, Ginger, to the vet. She had an ear infection, and that visit cost quite a bit of money. But the worst part is that it could have been prevented.

Of course, we would do whatever we needed to for our pets. We always have and most pet owners are the same. But realizing that it could have been prevented altogether was an eye opener.

Now, to tell you the truth, preventing an ear infection in my pets had never really crossed my mind. The vet told me that during the more humid times of the year, we should have been cleaning her ears at least a few times a week. I had no idea!!

Our pets are part of the family, we love them and want to do whatever we can to keep them healthy. So here are some pet care tips to keep yours in tip-top shape.

Adopt A Pet

If you don’t yet have a pet, then you should consider adopting one from your local shelter. We adopted both our dog and cat from shelters and they are awesome.  There are so many animals in shelters that need good homes and it is not their faults that they are in these shelters.

Plus, adopting a pet from a shelter will save you a lot of money too. Most shelters (at least the legit ones) will have all the animals up to date on all shots, they will have been check out by a vet and will most likely have been spayed or neutered.

Don’t Skip Their Yearly Wellness Checks

Yearly exams can be a bit expensive but not doing it will end up costing you so much more in the long run. So, make sure you bring your pet to the vet every year, it’s better to find out if there are any problems earlier so things can be taken care of with less expense.

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies are really expensive, especially if you get them at your vets office. So instead of running to the vet every time you need supplies for your pet, consider ordering your pet supplies online.

I personally order most of my supplies from TruDog and it saves me a ton of money every year. TruDog has everything from food, treats and supplements to accessories and grooming supplies. What I love about TruDog is their TruDog Love Club where you can earn points that can be redeemed for a percentage off your purchases, and have access to exclusive offers and their low price guarantee, plus they have free gifts for their members.

Groom at Home

Grooming your pets, yourself is a big money saver and it’s not that difficult to do. So instead of shelling out money every few months to have your pet groomed, do it yourself.

If you are unsure how, then next time you bring your pets to the groomers stay with them and learn how to do it yourself. Or you can hop on YouTube where you can find tutorials on how to do just about anything. Make sure to clean their ears and teeth often to avoid bigger problems down the road.


Make sure that your pets get plenty of exercise to keep them in tip top shape. Exercising your pets not only helps their health, it also makes your pets happy and helps with some behavioral issues as well. If you pet is getting some attention from you daily, they may not feel the need to try and get your attention in other, maybe not so good ways.

Order Medications Online

If your pets need to take medications, then ordering them online will save you money. There are plenty of online stores that sell medications for a lot less than getting them at the vets office. 1800PetMeds is where I go anytime I need any medication for my pets.

Pet Proof Your Home

Our pets are as curious as our young children. They get into everything! So just like your children, you want to keep them safe and out of anything that may harm them. If you do have young children at home, then you have probably have all of this covered.

If your home is not pet proofed then you need to make it safe for your pets. The good news is that most of the items used to childproof your home can be used to pet proof your home for less money.

Avoid Emergency Visits

Try to avoid emergency vet visits. Having to bring your pet to the vet on weekends or after hours is very expensive. There are many emergency visits that are unavoidable and there isn’t much you can do about it. But there are some that may be avoided. If you suspect that your pet may be ill, you should consider taking them to the vet sooner rather than later to avoid after hours emergency visits.

We all want our pets to be happy and healthy. After all, they are part of our family and we love them. Taking some time for pet care should be something every pet owner does on a regular basis to save money.

8 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Pet ~ Our pets are family, we want to take the best care of them. But we don't want to spend a fortune doing so. Here are 8 great tips that will save you a bunch of money on your pets. Pet Care | Saving Money on Pets | DIY Pet Care | Pet Care Tips | Money Saving Tips

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  1. Great tips! I would also add to have cleaning supplies on hand and be sure to clean up any “accidents’ or other messes quickly. Leaving pet stains for too long can them impossible to remove, or you’ll have to call the carpet cleaners to get them out. Save money by staying on top of messes!

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