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Saving Money Made Easy

Saving Money Made Easy

I’m always on the hunt to find ways to save money, it has just become a part of what I do. Not only that, I’m always on the lookout to save time as well, because as we all know “Time is Money”.

We are all busy, all the time. Anything that will help me save both time and money is a gift. Which is why I wanted to share this app with you. The app is called Ibotta.

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a FREE smart phone app where you earn rebates for buying a specific product.  You can you can also earn “any brand” rebates as well. Let’s say they are offering a rebate for “any brand” pasta. All you need to do is purchase any type of pasta to get rewarded.  It doesn’t matter what brand or which size, just buy what you normally do and earn rebates for it.

***Ibotta is offering a $10 sign up bonus for a LIMITED TIME – sign up now & redeem 2 rebate to get your $10 bonus!!


Ibotta works with tons of different store including all the major retailers.  They also have rebates in a lot of different categories.  Everything from grocery to clothing and restaurants to convenience stores, plus a lot more. They have literally hundreds of offers every week to save you money!

Ibotta StoresHow does Ibotta work?

First, you have download the app and created a password.  Then you basically you just scroll through their offers. When you see offers you can use, simply unlock the offer.

Once you have purchased the item, you just need to verify that you actually bought the product by taking a quick picture of your receipt or scanning the bar code of the item. The rebate amount will be deposited into your account within 48 hours or less.

Verify Purchase

More Ways to Earn

Another bonus of Ibotta is that you can invite friends to join.  You will get $5 for each of the friends you have invited that does join and redeems at least one rebate within two weeks.

Not only do you get a $5 bonus, the friends that join will also be on your Ibotta team and you along with your teammates will be eligible for extra bonus rebates to grow your account balances just for using the app, so the bigger your team the better! You can join my Ibotta Team Here!!!

Invite Friends to Earn More

***Ibotta is offering a $10 sign up bonus for a LIMITED TIME – sign up now & redeem 2 rebate to get your $10 bonus!!

How to Get Paid

You can cash out once your account reaches $20. Ibotta can deposit your money into your PayPal or Venmo account or you can redeem you earning for gift cards if you prefer.

Ibotta is definitely worth a shot if you want to save money without having to spend a lot of time clipping and organizing coupons.  I personally skim through the offers while creating my shopping list and unlock the items that I was planning on buying anyway!! You can also use Ibotta along with regular store coupons which can lead to big savings!!

Sign up now to claim your FREE $10 BONUS!! – This is a limited time offer.

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Do you use Ibotta,  share your experience on how you have saved money using this awesome app.

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Saving Money Made Easy

Saving Money Made Easy

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  1. This is really amazing post, Great post about making money via Ibotta. I already referred my 5 friends and made 25$ almost doing nothing and still got 10$ for sign up bonus. So a total 35$. Thanks a lot for writing this post. Hope you will write many more articles which are regarding saving money. Thanks for the post. Keep writing great stuff.

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