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How to Save Money on Car Expenses and Maintenance ~ Car maintenance can get expensive, especially if you don't maintain your vehicle. I have some budget friendly tips that will keep your car in tip top shape that will save money.


Your car, next to your home, is one of your assets that make up the bulk of your expenses. Also, your car’s value deprecates as it gets older so even if you sell it, you won’t get the same value. Gas, maintenance, repairs, and insurance are some of the never-ending costs that you pay for. However, do not be discouraged. As the cliché goes, an ounce of prevention is better than an ounce of cure. Expenses cannot be avoided, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot save money on car expenses.

Here are 10 simple tips on how to help you save money on car expenses:

Sensible Driving

Avoid sudden starts and stops. Follow the speed limit. Driving too fast consume more gas. Likewise, sudden starts and stops not only waste gas but exhaust your engine. In this way, you hit two birds with one stone: saving gas and saving your engine.

How to Save Money on Car Expenses and Maintenance

Avoid Idling

Idling consumes 1/7 gallon of gas per hour. If you are just waiting at the parking lot or stuck in heavy traffic, stop your car. You also don’t need to warm-up your car before using it. Driving it at a slow speed helps warm your engine, even in cold weather.

Minimize the use of air conditioning

Before turning on the air conditioner, open the windows and let the hot air flush out. Newer car models make it more efficient to use the air conditioner so it does not consume too much gas. Studies have shown that the higher the speed, the less fuel an air conditioner consumes. Air conditioners also help cool your car. Adjust the temperature accordingly and choose a higher temperature.

How to Save Money on Car Expenses and Maintenance

Check your tires regularly

Inspect your car for signs of wear, bulging, and improper alignment. Improper alignment causes your tires to wear out easily. Worn out tires and bulging tires increase friction and make your engines work harder. It may also cause accidents. Check your tire pressure gauge with a digital gauge and inflate it accordingly. Make sure to do this before driving your car, so the wheels are cooler and are of normal size.

How to Save Money on Car Expenses and Maintenance

Manage your expenses wisely

Plan your gas purchases. It is better to gas up early in the week as gas prices tend to increase mid-week. Also, if you are planning an extended trip, make sure your tank is full so you can avoid filling up at out-of-way gas stations. Remote gas stations on the highway are more expensive due to lesser demand. If you plan to obtain a credit card, look for a card that offers you rebates on gas.

Keep your car well maintained and clean

Not only do you get increased mileage but a well-maintained car has a higher value in case you decide to sell it. Also, keeping your car clean keeps the pests away. You can prevent rust and corrosion by properly clean your car. Your engine and air filters should also be kept clean, so it doesn’t contaminate your car’s fluids.

How to Save Money on Car Expenses and Maintenance

Bundle your insurance

Most insurance companies offer lower interest if you bundle your insurance. For example, you can bundle your car insurance with your home insurance to get more savings. It would also be easier to communicate with your insurance company.

Plan your route, minimize driving

Carpool with your friends and neighbors if possible. Walk to a nearby supermarket to get some exercise. Take the public transportation on days where there is heavy traffic. Plan your errands as well. Avoid the hassle of going back and forth because you forgot something. Plan your routes, too, and avoid traffic jams.

Avoid heavy loads

Overloading your car exhausts your engine and consume more gas. Your car is not a truck, so it should not be used for carrying heavy loads. Hire a movers’ truck instead. In this way, not only do you keep heavy burdens away from your car but you also save on trips.

Take it easy

Avoid road rage. Respect your car. Do not exhaust your engine. Take a rest during long drives to help your engine cool down. Turn off the air conditioner if you feel that it is too cold and roll down the windows a few inches to prevent the windows from fogging.

Conclusion to Save Money on Car Expenses

 As your car ages, there are more expenses to maintain it. How you take care of your car determines how long your car lasts. Your car gets tired, too. If you diligently follow the tips above, you increase the mileage of your car, plus you save on additional expenses such as trips to the mechanic and replacement of parts. You also avoid accidents, and you avoid using your insurance premium if you are a safe driver.


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How to Save Money on Car Expenses and Maintenance ~ Car maintenance can get expensive, especially if you don't maintain your vehicle. I have some budget friendly tips that will keep your car in tip top shape that will save money.

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  1. Ha! I love how you started right off the bat with “sensible driving”! That’s great. So many people don’t realize the impact they’re having on their cars just from their driving habits. We recently explained this to our 21-year-old daughter. She had no idea. I’m guessing many people don’t. It’s great to point that out for people (along with the other solid tips).
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    • I’ve tried to explain that to my daughter as well. Things like that don’t usually sink in until something happens, then she thinks twice about it.

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