Accredited Debt ReliefAccredited Debt Relief is a banking service that could help you if you owe more than $10,000 in debt.  They basically consolidate your debt into a personal loan that has a lower interest rate than what you are paying on your credit cards.  They offer free consultations and have a savings “Savings Estimate” calculator that will show you how much you will be saving on interest. Accredited Debt Relief has also got an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau so you can have confidence that you are in good hands.

Republic Wireless is a great way to save money on cell phone plans. They have data plans starting at just $15 a month. The have nationwide 4G LTE coverage and very affordable cell phones for you to choose from. I switched my entire families plan over to Republic Wireless and I’m saving over $200 per month ($2400 a year) on our cell phone plans.

EbatesEbates is an awesome site that pays you a percentage of cash back for making online purchases with thousands of participating online merchants.  They are partnered with so many online merchants that no matter where you shop, you will most likely get rewarded.  To make it even easier, I installed the Ebates Google Chrome extension so I do not even have to shop through their portal. This extension alerts me every time I am on one of their partner’s sites and all I need to do is click the “Activate” button and I’m good to go. This is a super simple way to put money back into your pockets. Sign up now to get your $10 sign up bonus.

Never pay for a home repair again.  Choice Home Warranties has the most comprehensive, flexible and value-priced on the market.They do everything we can to help you get back on track. Get your free quote today.

Personal Capital is a great website that you can use to manage all your accounts in the same place for free. You basically link all your accounts into the Personal Capital secure website such as checking and savings accounts, personal loans and mortgages and credit card accounts, investments etc. This allows you to see your total financial picture all in one place which make managing your finances really easy. They do offer paid services as well but you are not required to use them if you choose not to.

Dave Ramey - The Total Money MakeoverDave Ramsey – The Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey is the KING of personal finance.  You have to read his book The Total Money Makeover  Trust me this book is so worth reading.  If you have never read one of his books or heard his podcasts, you really need to check it out.  He will whip your financial butt into shape with no-nonsense advice that is so real, you have no choice but to say.. “I really need to take this guys advice if I want to take control of my finances.” even better, listen to his podcasts. I love them, they make me laugh and also give me a lot of information to get the wheels turning in my mind on how to help my readers. I can not say enough about this book. He also offers a very helpful workbook to go along with his book that you can find here.


Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is my go to tool to make sure that my credit score is on the right track.  Your credit score affects so many aspects of your life.   It is imperative to your financial stability to keep your credit score intact.  What I love about having a Credit Sesame account is that first of all, it is totally FREE!! But in addition, it shows you what you need to work on to improve your credit score and makes suggestions on how to save money and improve your score based on your personal situation.


Ibotta  Ibotta is a great app that helps you to save money by couponing without having to clip any coupons. You simple select the offers for products that you would have bought anyway, purchase those items and take a picture of your receipt to show that you did buy the item.  It’s so easy to save money. You can also invite your friends to join, they will become your teammates. You can earn even more cash back by working with your team to earn rewards. Plus, you will get a $5 bonus for each friend you refer. Sign up for an Ibotta account now to get a $5 signup bonus and don’t forget to invite your friends too!!

5 Dollar Meal Plan


$5 Meal Plan is a service that will email you delicious meal plans every week along with a shopping list of everything you will need to prepare your meals.  The meals are delicious and cost less than $2 per person to make so the plans really pays for itself through time and grocery savings. Read my $5 Meal Plan review here.


Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is another app I use all the time.  Simply sign up for an account and when you purchase one or more participating product just snap a picture of your receipt and money will be deposited into your account once your receipt is verified.  The great part about Checkout 51 is that you can purchase the items at any store and you are entered into a $500 monthly giveaway every time you submit a receipt of $60.00 or more.   

Thred UpThredUp
is a great site that can help you save a ton of money on clothing every year.  They are an online clothing consignment shop that only sells gently worn clothing and only accept specific brands so you will not be buying cheap knock off brands.  This site is also a great place to shop if you have small children, they grow out of clothing so fast that you are really throwing money away by buying brand new. You can also sell clothing to ThredUp to bring in a bit of extra cash!!


AcornsAcorns is an app/website that electrically saves and invests your spare change for you. Acorns is a great app for those who do not use cash very often. The premise is that for every one of your purchases that you make using your debit/credit cards the dollar amount is rounded to the nest dollar. They also invest your saving in funds that you choose based on your risk tolerance. Sign up to get a $5 bonus added to your account.  Check out my Acorns review here.


Saving StarSavingStar  is one of my favorite apps.  Simply sign up for an account, enter your store loyalty cards and choose the offers you want.  When you purchase the item with your loyalty card, the money is automatically added to your account within a day or two.  You can also upload your receipt if the store you purchased the item at doesn’t have a loyalty program.  SavingStar also has a cash back shopping portal, simply shop online through the portal and you will get a percentage of your purchase put back into your SavingStar account.

SR22 Insurance was established to be the authority on the SR-22 form, helping people save money on their car insurance as well as to act as a library of car and driving advice.




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