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DIY- Redecorating Your Kitchen On A Budget Often people become bored with the colors and styles of decor' in their homes. One easy fix is redecorating your kitchen on a budget.

DIY- Redecorating Your Kitchen On A Budget

Often people become bored with the colors and styles of decor’ in their homes. One easy fix is redecorating your kitchen on a budget. You Kitchen is a room that is easy to change. A kitchen can have a simple switch during seasons by exchanging placemats, towels, and canisters to the season preference. You can do a total remodel by changing appliances and painting cabinets. The more you do the more impact you will make in the room.

When you make the decision to remodel your kitchen you need to have a design in mind. Make a plan and try to stick with it. Gather samples from magazines but never be afraid of change. Choose the basic color and then use this to complete your design.

Major appliances and countertops can be costly to replace. If you are looking to replace your old appliances with new appliances you can check the returns isle in the appliance store. Once someone buys an appliance and returns it, the price goes down by hundreds. You can find great deals if you choose a stove that is a different color or if you choose a refrigerator that has a tiny dent on the front. These issues rarely affect the performance of the appliance but can cause the cost of an appliance to go down hundreds.

Another way to get used appliances is by checking with your local habitat for humanity. These places usually carry appliances that are in good working order. Some people change their refrigerator or stove like you may change your bedspread. They donate their used appliances and purchase new ones. If someone donates an item to the Good Will or Habitat, the product can be sold for whatever cost is set. With this said, it is easy to discuss or “dicker” with the store manager. He or she may lower the price just because you asked. Never be afraid to offer less for a product. All they can say is no!

Remodeling Budget

So, let’s get started with the whole remodel budget. Let’s say you want to remodel your whole kitchen with $500 dollars. This may not sound like much but it is enough money to make a big impact. Little things can add up so make sure to go for the big splash first.

Beginning a total kitchen remodel may take some know-how but it can be done on a budget.

Below are ways you can save during a kitchen remodel.

1) Re-staining or painting kitchen cabinets can change the whole look of the kitchen. Check in the paint section of your local hardware stores before purchase. Sometimes people will reject a color because it is too dark or light after mixing. This paint or stain will be placed for sale on the discounted isle. You can pick up paint or stain for a fraction of the cost.

See the huge difference a little bit of paint made in this kitchen, it so much brighter.

2) Discount stores carry cute and seasonal curtains or drapes, table runners, dish towels, and canisters. It is very easy to change a room just by changing out curtains and dish towels. Rearrange the locations of key small appliances to give your room a splash of change.

3) Kitchen rugs are another cheap way to change the look of a kitchen. These can cost as little as a couple of bucks. These add color and help with the acoustics in the room.

Redecorating is a cheap way to change the look of your kitchen. If you need to do a more extensive remodel you may save money by doing a lot of the work yourself. A good handyman is usually well-versed in the art of removing and installing kitchen cabinets, hardware, and painting. They can do the job in a fraction of what a skilled contractor may charge.


Look for discounted appliances that may contain a dent or scratch. Never be afraid to offer less than the price the business is asking. Check out the discount or clearance racks in the hardware stores for paint and stains that people refused. Purchase area rugs, curtains, dishtowels, and table runners from discount stores or thrift stores. These stores will allow you to make changes more often and will cost hundreds less than the expensive stores carrying the same items.

Look online for auction houses, and sales groups. Yard sales and thrift stores carry quality products for cheaper prices. People offer things in the classifieds that they are giving away or selling cheap. Saving money is easy if you know how to shop.

Never pay the full high prices unless it is the last resort. Products, appliances, and accents area always available if you take the time to shop. You can easily change the look of your kitchen by applying a new fresh coat of paint, new curtains, and new rugs. Save your old curtains and rugs so you can use them again later or you can earn money by selling them yourself.

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Redecorating Your Kitchen On A Budget

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DIY- Redecorating Your Kitchen On A Budget Often people become bored with the colors and styles of decor' in their homes. One easy fix is redecorating your kitchen on a budget.

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