How To Pay For Holiday Gift Giving

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How To Pay For Holiday Gift Giving

How To Pay For Holiday Gift Giving

Without Opening Your Wallet

I can’t believe the holiday shopping season is now upon us!

During this time of year there are many people who break their budget or get into debt.

This is the reason I am writing to you today. I don’t believe that gift giving should create a financial burden for people year after year. This is why I want to share with you how I pay for all my holiday gift giving without opening my wallet.

I have been using this strategy for quite some time now. It is an awesome way that I use to pay for all my holiday gift giving, with money to spare.

Although, it is too late to start using this strategy for this year; It is the PERFECT time to start using this strategy to help with next year’s holiday season and for years to come!!

The trick I use to finance my holiday gift giving is that I use money-saving and money-making apps, cash back sites, survey sites and many others to “earn” cash and gift cards to fund my holiday gift giving.

What I do is, I let my balances build up all year-long and then cash out, usually around October or early November to pay for all my holiday shopping. Plus, as the years go by, I keep finding more ways to “save up” so I usually have a good amount of money left over to do what I what with.

I manage to “earn” a few thousand a year using this method, while only spending a bit of time every week, and you can too!!

Method To My Technic To Pay For Holiday Gifts

Here is a list of my very FAVORITE methods I use on a weekly basis. Some of these sites offer bonuses just for signing up, so you could start by earning $35 today, just for signing up with this handful of sites.

Receipt Pal – You earn points just for taking pictures of your receipts from all your shopping trips. Points are redeemed for gift cards.  I might spend 5 minutes a week snapping pics of my receipts and the points add up fast.

Acorns – Although I have just started using Acorns a few months ago, it has quickly become one of the easiest ways to save money.  Acorns is an app/website that electronically “saves your spare change”. It rounds up your purchases whenever you use any card that you have linked to your account. So basically, you just set it and forget it!!! You will get a $5 bonus for signing up through my link.

Ibotta Ibotta is an app that rewards you for purchasing certain items.  I take me maybe 5 minutes a week to review the offers and unlock what I can use prior to heading out to do my weekly shopping. Earn $10 just for signing up through my link.    

Inbox Dollars Inbox Dollars pays you for taking quick surveys, opening emails, watching short videos and much more.  I play the videos while I’m cooking supper or doing other household chores so the time I spend is minimal.  Earn $5 just for signing up with my link

Saving Star – This is a website/app that rewards you for purchasing certain products.  It is super easy to build up your account balance because there are always offers for items I use regularly.  Just link your loyalty cards to your account and activate the offers you are planning on purchasing. It takes minutes a week!

Ebates Ebates give you cashback for online purchases from thousands of web retailers. I just downloaded the chrome extension and whenever I visit a site that has a cashback offer, I am notified automatically, all I have to do is click “activate”.  I do not spend any time searching their site for the retailers I am looking to shop at. Sign up through my link to get a $10 sign up bonus.

SwagBucks Sawbucks is another program where you can earn “swagbucks” just for doing everyday things like online searches, watching videos and taking quick surveys. They also have a chrome extension so it is super easy to earn points. Earn $5 worth of Swagbucks by signing up with this link.

Checkout 51 Checkout 51 is similar to Ibotta. You earn rewards just for purchasing everyday items that are probably on your shopping list anyway. Snap a picture of your receipt to prove you made the purchase and earn cash.

I also like to complete surveys when I have 5 or 10 minutes to spare every now and then. Surveys are a great way to make extra money in your spare time.

Here are some survey sites I recommend.

Global Test Market

VIP Voice

Earning Station

Harris Poll

Pinecone Research

Shop Tracker

Survey Club

Survey Momma

Survey Downline

Unique Rewards

Quick Rewards

Amp Surveys

Opinion Surveys

I always say, planning ahead is key to saving money! So now is the time to start building your holiday gift giving fund for the next holiday season!!

Read my post on “How to Build a Gift Closet to Save Money” to save on gift giving all year long!!

How To Pay For Holiday Gift Giving

Without Opening Your Wallet

How do you pay for holiday shopping without breaking the bank?  Please Leave a comment to share with us!!

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