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Organize Your Pantry To Save Money - being organized is a huge part of saving money. Read on to learn how you can organize your pantry to save money.



Have you ever cleaned out your pantry or fridge and find food that has gone bad because you forgot about it?  Or realized you had 7 boxes of pasta and three half empty bags of sugar pushed way in the back of the cabinet?

Very often people either waste money by throwing out food that has gone bad or simply overspend because they can’t find what they need in their cluttered pantry.

There are many ways that you can save money on groceries.  One of the easiest ways is by getting your pantry organized and keeping it that way.

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Below are some tips to help you get organized so you don’t waste any more money on spoiled food and reduce your grocery bill by not spending money on items you do not need.


  • Start by emptying your entire pantry and placing the items on the kitchen table or large counter top.
  • Check expiration dates and sorting out and get rid of what has expired. Place any item that you know you will never use in a donation box to later bring to a food pantry or church group.
  • Group similar items together, all canned items, seasoning packets, boxes, condiments etc.
  • Transfer items such as sugar, flour and cereal into clear airtight containers. This will help keep your pantry organized, keep food fresh longer and will easily allow you to take inventory of how much product you have remaining.
  • Invest in a few can dispensing racks if you don’t have any.  I have found this saves a lot of space. It also helps to save some frustration when trying to stack cans that keep toppling over.
  • Restock your pantry so items you use on a daily basis are front and center.  Place taller items such as boxes and your airtight containers in the back of the pantry.
  • If you have deep cabinets that go 3 or 4 rows deep, you may want to create steps with wood or other materials, so you can easily see each row of items.
  • Place seasoning packets and other small items in containers to keep them separate and organized.
  • Utilize unused space such as the top of inside cabinet walls or doors by installing inexpensive wire shelving for items such as spices and small condiment containers.
  • Consider labeling each section and shelf so everyone knows where things belong so all you hard work won’t go down the drain.

Now that your pantry is organized, you will be able to easily see what you need and what you don’t at a glance when you are creating your shopping list.



Do you have any other tips you can share with us?  If so, please leave a comment.

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Organize Your Pantry To Save Money - being organized is a huge part of saving money. Read on to learn how you can organize your pantry to save money.

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