Meal Planning Made Easy

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Meal Planning Made Easy

**Meal Planning Made Easy**

**$5 Meal Plan Review** 

Let me tell you now that meal planning is one of my biggest struggles.  I know that it has to be done to stay on track with my budget. Life is so busy with work, kids and everything else that I sometimes fall short in this area.  

Then I stumble upon the $5 Meal Plan.  I was reluctant at first because of the monthly fee.  I mean, I could put together my own meal plans and shopping lists so why would I pay for a service like this, right?

Well the simple answer is that it saves me so much time every week. And, I always say that time is money.  Any little bit of spare time I save is worth it because it allows me to do other things that need to be done.  As busy moms, we need all the help we can get.

The $5 Meal Plan offers a 14 day free trial period, so I thought I have nothing to lose by trying it out.  Besides, if I didn’t like it, I could just cancel my subscription without any cost, so I took the leap and tried it out.  

Well, I gotta say that the $5 a month is totally worth it for me.  I have saved not only a bunch of time every week, but also a lot of headaches when dinner time rolls around.

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How $5 Meal Plan Works

The $5 Meal Plan is an affordable weekly meal plan that is delivered straight to your email inbox every week.  The meals are delicious and affordable, they focus on sending you meals that cost $2 or less per serving.  This has been a great help for me to stay on track with my weekly grocery budget. Plus you also have the option of choosing a gluten-free plan.

Another thing that really impressed me about the 14 day free trial is that they sent me an email a few days before my free trial period was over as a reminder.  Most companies that offer free trials basically reel you in with a trial period and hope you forget to cancel before it is over.  This shows me that this is a company that cares about it’s customers.

What You Get With The $5 Meal Plan

Every weekly meal plan comes with 5 dinners with sides which include at least one of the following …

  • Slow cooker meal
  • Freezer friendly meal
  • 20 minute meal
  • Lunch
  • Breakfast
  • Weekly favorite which might be a dessert or snack

Each recipe has symbols next to them that will show you if it’s freezer friendly, a slow cooker recipe, if it’s a one dish dinner or a twenty-minute meal.  This makes it super easy to decide which meals you want to make on your busiest days and which to make when you have a bit more time or which can be made ahead of time to go from freezer to table.

Along with all your meals, you are given a weekly shopping list of everything you are going to need to prepare your weekly meals. Just print up your shopping list, pick up the ingredients for the week and you are good to go.

Once you are a member, you will have access to backlogs of weekly meal plans.  So if there is one item on the weekly meal plan that you are not sure is right for your family, you can replace it with another meal that is more to your family’s liking.

You will also have access to their private Facebook group where people share ideas and offer up advice or substitutions for different meals that will help you out with the pickiest of eaters in your house.

The Pros:

The Meal:  The recipes are delicious and are great for even the pickiest eaters.

The Subscription: The $5 a month it costs for this service has saved me so much time each week. It is definitely worth it to me.

The Recipes: I am no great cook so considering that, the recipes are fairly easy to make. If I can make them, than anybody can.

The Cost: The meals are all $2 or less a serving so this in itself is worth the subscription. Plus you can print coupons for your items right from their website.

The Cons:

I honestly have only one thing that I would love to see done differently, which is the shopping lists. You have no choice to print up the entire shopping list for every recipe for the week. Although a lot of the time I print the entire list because I know that I will use it, there are times when it would be nice if you could substitute a meal without printing the whole list.

That being said, I still love the $5 Meal Plan. It has saved me so much time and money each week. I definitely recommend it and at $2 or less per serving, the plan pretty much pays for itself.

Click here to get a free 14 day trial, you have nothing to lose.  If you don’t think it is worth it, you can cancel before your free 14 day trial period is over with no obligation.

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Please leave a comment to let us know how you like trying out the $5 Meal Plan.

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**This post contains affiliate links


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