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Kitchen Remodel ~ Thinking of a Kitchen Remodel - What You Need To Consider ~ There are many things you need to consider when planning a kitchen remodel. Read on for some tips that will help you get the kitchen of your dreams, save money and control your budget at the same time.

Kitchen Remodel – What You Need To Consider

Are you considering a kitchen remodel? Kitchen remodels can get quite expensive, but they can be done on a budget. My friend Sarah has put together an article with some great ideas to help you out with your next kitchen remodel.

A kitchen has evolved from the mere prep station for meals into an integrative part of the modern family home. Particularly with the move to open-plan living and far less formal methods of entertaining taking over modern lifestyles. The kitchen is becoming a far more important feature of the modern home.

However, as with all major projects, the question of where to begin is always a perplexing one. This is no different for kitchen remodel. But with a little help, you will soon have all the necessary boxes – from inspiration and layout to budget, organization and decor checked off.

Starting off

As a mom, chances are you have become all too used to sticky counters. Or perhaps the simple need for a splash of color is what is motivating your need to overhaul your kitchen. Whatever the motivation, first things first, a little bit of inspiration must be sourced.

Inspiration For Your Decor

Find inspiration by browse magazines, the internet, social media, your neighbors’, and families’ homes. The idea is to gather as many ideas as possible. This is to ensure that the theme that keeps screaming out at you is what you end up picking.

Moving on, it is now time to consider how this new kitchen remodel will work for you and family. This is an opportunity for you to fully tailor your kitchen to the needs of your family.


Storage should be a consideration for you kitchen remodel. For example, if you know that you need a lot more storage space, you can consider adding extra cabinetry into a custom made island.  

Or DIYing a breakfast nook where the benches double as cupboards. These options will allow you to store everything from rarely used pots and pans to books and old toys.

Another option is to add in more shelving in the pantry or hooks on the inside of cupboards for everything from tea towels to oven gloves and spray bottles.

Check out some great kitchen organization products in my Get Organized in the Kitchen article.


Customization allows you to innovate and re-imagine the space given to you. It maximizes the needs and wants of your family. A good idea, might be to involve everyone in a group brainstorming session. You never know where the next great idea might come from.


Another thing to consider once all the unique needs of your family have been drawn out. It is the ultimate layout of your future kitchen. All kitchens serve the basic functions of a place to prepare, serve and store food.

However, since you may have discovered during the personalization process. Your family may also uses it as a homework station, a prominent general storage area or for additional hobbies. The layout should be carefully outlined in order to aid all of these criteria.

Creating Zones

In the past, people used to simply expand the sizes of kitchens. Nowadays, there has been a shift within the design school of thought and people now choose to create various zones.

There are two types of zones, namely, work and activity zones. An example of a work zone would be cleaning or food preparation. Examples of activity zones could be entertainment and a work or hobby station.

In these various zones, a person can expect to find everything that is required to complete the tasks that make up the zones function. For instance, in the cleaning sector, all the cleaning appliances, detergents, soaps, and tools are located together.

While there might be a concealed office for the work center. Or a separate shelf displaying the various items needed for the hobby zone.

Money talks

Budgeting is essential to a successful renovation of any kind. The first step would be to research several options. Such as ideal appliances if you are replacing your current versions, to the new cupboards. Also, the types of  flooring, light fixtures, handles, and counter tops available to you.

A suggestion would be to have multiple options when it comes to things such as appliances or finishes. This way you can go with a more affordable option if need be.

A great way to save money, is to DIY some or the entire project if you are able to. Remember to always bear in mind safety precautions when performing wood work or other DIY activities, if you choose to venture out on your own.

Furthermore, remember to set a ceiling for each category and the budget as a whole. This way you know when to stop. Also make sure you always have an unallocated amount in the budget for unplanned costs that may arise. Such as contractor fees or delivery costs of imported products.


Finally, don’t forget to have fun with your kitchen remodel and remember it’s all in the details. Hence do not neglect decor items. After all the effort with renovation, a few pieces can help bring your whole new look together. There you have it, why not start planning for your next home remodel today?

Thank you Sarah for this informative article!! Sarah writes for The DIY Hammer – an informative blog with all the tips and tricks you need to start your own DIY project – maybe a new kitchen perhaps?

Kitchen Remodel ~ Thinking of a Kitchen Remodel - What You Need To Consider ~ There are many things you need to consider when planning a kitchen remodel. Read on for some tips that will help you get the kitchen of your dreams, save money and control your budget at the same time.

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