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How to Rock Affiliate Marketing and Make Big Bucks Blogging ~ If you are a blogger looking to monetize your site, then affiliate marketing is the first thing you need to do. Read on to learn how rock affiliate marketing and make money from your blog.

How to Rock Affiliate Marketing and Earn Big Bucks 

Interview with Michelle –  Creator of “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing”

Are you looking to start a blog? Or do you have a blog up and running but you are barely making enough to legitimize the amount of time you spend working at it?  It can be discouraging,  I know.  Especially when you read income reports of highly successful bloggers. Although these income reports can be very encouraging when you first decide to start a blog, they can also be very discouraging when you have been at it for a while and are nowhere near making that sort of money.

When I first started a blog I knew that there was earning potential using a variety of different methods.  I did a lot of research and read everything I could find on how to monetize my blog.  I thought I could do it all without any help.  I am also very wary of paying for information and courses that promise to pay for themselves. I do run a personal finance blog; so spending money on something that I could (or thought I could) learn on my own seemed a bit silly to me.

After a while at it though, I realized that I needed some help.  I didn’t want to spend all my time researching without any time left to take action on the higher priority things that will make a bigger difference. I needed to start treating my blog as a real business if I wanted it to succeed; and part of treating my blog like a real business was paying for services and training that will save time and help me grow my business.

Once I got it in my head that I was running a real business, I knew that I needed to spend some money to make money.  And time is money, so paying for courses and services that help me do things better, faster and easier was the way to go.  

It was then that I decided to take the leap and purchased the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. This is a course created by Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, a highly successful blog where Michelle earns $50,000 plus monthly from affiliate marketing alone.

Let me tell you that this course is so worth the cost.  It paid for itself in no time and continues to help me grow my income from my blog everyday. Just implementing small changes,that I learned early on from this course to my posts and site made a very noticeable difference.

I am so grateful to Michelle for creating an easy to understand and very comprehensive course on how to make an unlimited amount of income from affiliate marketing. I was so grateful that I asked if she would let me interview her to answer some questions that you might have regarding the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course so you can learn how to get started or improve your affiliate marketing efforts. Michelle has been gracious enough to accept, so without further ado, take it away Michelle.

When and why did you start blogging?

I never thought I would grow up and become a full-time blogger, haha. I graduated from college in 2010, and again in 2012 with my Masters with an emphasis in Finance. I started out as a financial analyst, and worked in that position for 3 years.

In August of 2011, I started my personal finance blog Making Sense of Cents with the aim of helping people learn how to save money (and helping me as well!) after reading a magazine that featured a personal finance website in one of their articles. Due to that website, I became extremely interested in personal finance blogs, and my interest in blogging just grew from there. Before August of 2011, I didn’t even know that blogs existed. I didn’t know what they were, I didn’t know that they could make money, or anything like that.

I did not create my blog with the intention of making money blogging. It was really all just a hobby. But, I came to really love blogging (and I still do!), and eventually left my financial analyst job so that I could blog full time.

This is the best decision that I’ve ever made!

On Making Sense of Cents, I talk a lot about different ways to make extra income, money saving tips, living your dream life, RVing (me and my husband RV full-time), and more. I love running Making Sense of Cents and I am very happy that this is now my full-time career, my business, and pretty much my life.

How long did it take to start making money from blogging and did you ever think you would be making over $50,000 a month from it?

It took me around 6 months to make my first $100 from my blog. After about one year after I started blogging, I was earning $1,000, and just a few months after that I was earning around $5,000 a month. Like I said above, I didn’t start my blog with the intention of earning money, so I do believe that I could have earned more even sooner if I would have had that as my goal.

What made you want to create this course?

I decided to create my Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course because I was constantly asked about affiliate marketing. What seemed normal and easy to me, isn’t easy for others, so I knew I had to create this course so that I could get my knowledge out. Affiliate marketing is great, and I want others to benefit from it as well! Plus, with my course, I can help many, many more people all at once instead of doing one-on-one coaching.

Can new bloggers benefit from this course or is it just for established bloggers?

Yes, new bloggers can definitely benefit from this course, as can established bloggers. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is a great learning tool, even if you are a brand new blogger. By taking this course, you will start off blogging the correct way. You can learn from my affiliate marketing mistakes and learn the best ways to start making an income by being an affiliate. Through taking this course you are sure to grow a profitable blog quicker than the average blogger, as you’ll learn exactly what you need to know about affiliate marketing. So, even if you only have one blog post, you are ready to get started with this course!

How many page views per month would a blog need to start earning affiliate income?

You do not need a large number of traffic and page views each month in order to be successful with affiliate marketing. I believe that anyone with an influencer platform can be successful with affiliate marketing, regardless of page views. It’s all about approaching your audience and affiliate marketing in the correct way so that you can do it effectively and efficiently. These are all things that I teach in my Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course.

What advice would you give a new blogger wanting to earn a full time income from their blog?

I want bloggers, even new bloggers, to know that they can make a full-time income from their blog if they put hard work towards it. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme at all, but with hard work, passion, and dedication to your blog, you may be able to reach success. I started my blog over 5 years ago and I had no idea that I would ever become a full-time blogger. But, look at me now! Everyone has to start somewhere :)

What makes your course stand out from other affiliate marketing courses being offered?

There really aren’t any affiliate marketing courses similar to mine. My course is for the person with a blog or social media platform that they want to monetize in a strategic way that allows them to earn passive income, such as while they are asleep. My course can help any niche, any blog, any social media platform, and so on, whereas most of the courses I’ve seen focus on just one very small aspect and aren’t very well rounded. If you want to make a passive income by just adding a little bit of work to what you’re already doing and making affiliate income well into the future, then Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is the course that you want to take.

What can we expect to learn from taking your course?

In Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, those who purchase the course will learn:

  • The basics of affiliate marketing, what it is, etc.
  • The positives of affiliate marketing and why all online influencers should be doing it
  • The exact steps I’ve taken to earn over $400,000 from a single blog post
  • How to pick the correct affiliate products to promote
  • How to increase conversions
  • How to build trust and not lose followers
  • Required disclosures that you need to know about
  • The one major tool you need for affiliate marketing
  • Different strategies to use to promote your affiliate products
  • How to use Pinterest to succeed at affiliate marketing (yes, this includes the newest Pinterest affiliate rules!)

How much does the course cost and how long do you think it would take for someone to get back their ROI from this course?

The course costs $197.  While I can’t say exactly how long it would take, I can say that:

  • One blogger went from $87 a month in affiliate income before taking the course, to over $1,700 a month after!
  • One blogger received their first affiliate sale just two days after taking the course (and they were a brand new blogger too!).
  • Another blogger doubled their monthly affiliate income from $2,500 to $5,000.

Is there a return policy if one is not satisfied with the course?

If a student is unsatisfied with the course, I just ask that you contact me within the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund. But, you must show me that you went through the course and took action, because none of the tips and methods I share will work without you taking the time to implement them.

Thank you so much for this interview as well as creating your awesome Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course Michelle!!

Sign up for this course today to learn all the in’s and out’s of affiliate marketing from the best!!

How to Rock Affiliate Marketing and Make Big Bucks Blogging ~ If you are a blogger looking to monetize your site, then affiliate marketing is the first thing you need to do. Read on to learn how rock affiliate marketing and make money from your blog.

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