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Great Gifts for Children That Are Not Toys - Children's gifts do not always have to be toys. There are plenty of educations gifts that can be given that they would love just as much. Read on to learn more.Great Gifts for Children That Are Not Toys

We live in a world in which everything has been invented and made for mass production; where we can buy everything we think of. Our kids are growing up in such a world, which can make them think that they don’t need to work or make an effort if they want something. They can easily get used to the idea that everything they want will be bought for them, from sweets and food to toys.

During the holidays, we’re overwhelmed with advertisements in bright, happy colors, for all kinds of gifts for children, which are usually a bunch of plastic with an overly expensive price tag.

Naturally, since kids will be kids, they will want all those flashy new toys, and the parents usually aren’t in a financial position to purchase them, or simply don’t want their kids to become a part of ruthlessly consumerist society.

The first step in changing this situation is talking to your kids about what they really want for holidays or birthdays. Then, try explaining to them how most of the toys are made (cheap labor) and try getting them to think along the lines of something more useful like getting knowledge, and ultimately, saving money.

Here are some ideas for kids’ gifts that are not toys:


Subscription to educational magazines

Children's Gifts that are not Toys

If your kid enjoys learning new things (as most kids are), try giving them a subscription to an educational magazine for their birthday or a holiday. You can try with monthly or yearly subscriptions, and the kids’ favorites include National Geographic Kids Almanac and Scholastic Almanac for Kids. This kind of reading, along with the books for kids their age will help them learn a lot about the world, animals, science, nature, and everything else they are interested in. Check out for some great educational books for children of all ages.

Crystal growing kits

This gift is more hands-on, with which the youngest will get the opportunity to learn about the way crystals are made, and even make some for themselves. This way, they will be able to decorate their rooms, or give their crystals to someone else and be proud because they made them, and didn’t just go to the store and bought them.

Educational placemats

Usually, this is a gift for smaller kids, but even the older ones can benefit from it. Aside from being practical, these placemats come in diverse designs with useful and trivia information on them, such as historical events, types of butterflies, dogs, or other animals, maps, periodic table, ABCs, multiplication chart, basic words in foreign languages and many, many more. The kids will get to learn while having breakfast or lunch!


Children's Gifts that are not Toys

Although this may seem a bit odd for a gift to give to your child, it doesn’t have to be. Giving a low maintenance, safe plant to a child is a great way for them to start learning about responsibility. Watering the plant, finding it a sunny place in the house, making sure it doesn’t go dry or die will give your kid a daily chore, and help them learn about plants and their importance. And who knows, maybe this way they will soon be responsible enough for a pet!


Children's Gifts that are not Toys

Teepees are inside tents that have gained popularity in the recent years because of the numerous ways they improve the way the child plays. They are like rooms inside of rooms, where the children can be on their own and develop their imagination and creativity, and work great as reading nooks – all you need to do is throw in a few pillows and a blanket! Buying teepees at cattywampus lets you choose among a wide range of sizes and designs to fit any interior style.

Thank you Gabby for a great post. I think that there are plenty of great gifts for children that are not toys that they would love!!


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  1. This is a nice little list – on a topic I’ve never considered before.

    I’ve thought a lot about our issue with over-consumption of “stuff” as adults but this made me think about the topic with kids. Perhaps we could also consider some “experiences” as gifts rather than “things”. I wonder if we could break the cycle of consumerism a bit if we started that habit with our children at a young age.

    Might be an interesting thought to ponder. Thanks for inspiring it!
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