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99 Frugal Living Tips ~ Frugal Living is a way of life everyone should adapt to. It is about making smart decisions about how you spend your money. Read my post on easy frugal living tips that will help you save a bunch more money. Frugal Living | Frugal Living Tips | Thrifty Tips | Saving money | money saving tips | how to save money #savingmoney #money #finance #frugal 

Some people think that living frugal means that you are living the “Little House on the Prairie” lifestyle.  They think that it’s all about growing your own food, making your own clothes and living off the land.  Although, that lifestyle is very frugal, you don’t have to take it to that extreme. Here are 99 frugal living tips that are totally doable.

The definition of frugal is “being prudent and economical of the consumption of resources such as food, time and money”.  It just means that you are careful how you spend your money and time and that you are not wasteful.

Here are some 21st century frugal living tips you can do without having to make your own clothing (unless you want to).

Frugal Living Tips – Food

  1. Shop for produce at your local farmer’s market
  2. Always shop with a list to save on groceries
  3. Buy generic items
  4. Plan meals around what is on sale
  5. Stockpile staples when they are on sale
  6. Use coupons and take advantage of double coupon days
  7. Take advantage of rainchecks if a sale item is out of stock
  8. Invest in a chest freezer and stock up on meat when it is on sale
  9. Don’t buy single serving packages, you just pay for all the extra packaging
  10. Eat less meat, make a few meat free meals a week.
  11. Repurpose leftovers
  12. Pack a lunch for work and school
  13. Utilize a crock pot as much as possible
  14. Cook more and eat out less
  15. Buy bulk when it makes sense
  16. Drink more water and less soda
  17. Invest in a food saver
  18. Use couponing apps such as Saving Star, Checkout 51 or Ibotta 
  19. Buy fruit and veggies in season when they are less expensive and freeze to enjoy all year long
  20. Grow your own herbs with a window sill garden
  21. Make your own

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Frugal Living Tips – Utilities

  1. Line dry clothes outside when possible.
  2. Turn lights off when not in use.
  3. Don’t use the dry cycle on your dishwasher
  4. Utilize power strips
  5. Use CFL light bulbs
  6. Take shorter showers
  7. Install low flow aerator faucet heads and shower heads
  8. Install a programmable thermostat
  9. Use cold water to do laundry
  10. Insulate your water heater
  11. Slow down your internet service
  12. Give up your landline if you have cell phones
  13. Turn down your water heater temperature
  14. Clean air conditioner filters regularly
  15. Close heat registers in unused rooms
  16. Plant trees and shrubs strategically to shade and block wind
  17. Bundle services
  18. Keep your home well insulated
  19. Close shades to block the sun in summer and to block wind in the winter
  20. Wash your dishes by hand

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Frugal Living Tips – Transportation

  1. Keep tires well inflated
  2. Ride bike or walk when possible
  3. Carpool
  4. Drive your vehicle as long as it is safe
  5. Shop for better insurance rates
  6. Try to get by with one vehicle if you have two
  7. Use to find the lowest price on gas
  8. Keep your vehicle well maintained
  9. Use gas discount cards
  10. Buy used instead of new
  11. Run errands once a week to save gas

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Frugal Living Tips – Clothing

  1. Shop at garage sales, thrift store and online consignments shops like &
  2. Purchase classic staple clothing/colors that you can mix and match easily
  3. Buy quality clothes that will last longer
  4. Learn to sew on a button and make minor repairs
  5. Avoid purchasing dry clean only clothing 
  6. Shop at discount outlets
  7. Take advantage of end of season sales
  8. Dress minimally
  9. Embrace hand me downs
  10. If you do need to dry clean items purchase a DIY home dry cleaning kit

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Frugal Living Tips – Household

  1. Make your own all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergent, etc
  2. Eliminate services you don’t need
  3. Use rags instead of paper towels to clean messes
  4. Learn how to DIY
  5. Use plastic shopping bags in small trash cans
  6. Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones
  7. Wash and reuse freezer bags
  8. Keep appliances well maintained
  9. Make your own gifts
  10. Fill your dishwasher to capacity before turning it on

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Frugal Living Tips – Off and Online Shopping

  1. Search for coupon codes or use extensions like Honey Chrome Extention that search for you
  2. Utilize cash back sites like (you will get $10 automatically deposited into your account once you make a $25 purchase by using my link to sign up)  or
  3. Use extensions such as Priceblink that alert you when there is a lower price for a product you are looking for
  4. Shop after season clearance
  5. Sign up for store loyalty programs
  6. Review receipts while still at the store for errors or keep a close eye on the scanner screen.
  7. Compare unit prices
  8. Check out clearance aisles regularly
  9. Research all big-ticket items
  10. Buy energy star appliances
  11. Use rewards cards to pay for purchases

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Frugal Living Tips – Entertainment

  1. Check out local community events
  2. Rent or borrow movies instead of going to the theater
  3. Take your kids to the beach or local park for free and have a picnic
  4. Scope out local festivals and free concerts
  5. Invite friends over for a potluck instead of going out
  6. Host game nights instead of going out
  7. Rent books and DVD from the library
  8. Read magazines online
  9. Replace cable with a digital HDTV antenna

Frugal Living Tips – Health and Wellness

  1. Focus on maintaining good health and staying active
  2. Attend wellness clinics to take advantage of free or low-cost tests
  3. Get your flu shot
  4. Quit the gym and head outside to workout
  5. Buy generic prescriptions
  6. Brush and floss regularly
  7. Take advantage of flexible health spending accounts
  8. Utilize walk in clinics instead of emergency rooms if possible
  9. Quit smoking

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Being frugal doesn’t mean you are cheap, it means you are being smart about how you spend your money.  Please leave a comment if you would like to share tips that you use to save.

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99 Frugal Living Tips ~ Frugal Living is a way of life everyone should adapt to. It is about making smart decisions about how you spend your money. Read my post on easy frugal living tips that will help you save a bunch more money. Frugal Living | Frugal Living Tips | Thrifty Tips | Saving money | money saving tips | how to save money #savingmoney #money #finance #frugal


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