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Email Marketing ~ How to Explode Your Email List ~ I'm sure that you know that "The Money Is In The List" so growing your email list is a must to making money through email marketing. Read on to learn how to explode your email list with Convert Kit.

Email Marketing ~ Exploding Your Email List With Convert Kit

Ever heard the phrase “The Money Is In The List”? I’m sure you have. Just in case you don’t know, growing your email list is a huge part of being successful in your blogging journey.  Your email list is one thing you need to grow and nurture from day one to be successful in email marketing. Even if you only have 10 page views a day.

You need to get those visitors to know you and trust you. You need do whatever you can to help them with their struggles with awesomely great advice. 

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Why You Need to Grow Your Email List

The reason you need to grow your email list is because, even if you doubled your page views or gained a ton of traffic from Pinterest (or any other social media platform), there is always a chance that google or Pinterest changes the algorithm, rules or whatever else they choose to.

Your email list is yours…Nobody can take that away from you. You will always have these dedicated followers as long as you nurture, respect and be as helpful as you can to them. This is why it is so important to grow your email list.


Why I Choose Convert Kit

This is exactly why I decided to switch from a free service to Convert Kit very early on. I made this switch before I was making even enough to pay for it.  Do you want to know why?

Because I knew that I needed to grow my email  list to build my blog and business. You email service is an investment that you should not skimp on.

Convert Kit was created by a blogger for bloggers. This is the only email service that I know of that is tailored to provide everything a blogger could need to grow their email list and following.

Convert Kit features I can’t live without.

Forms and Landing Pages

Convert Kit makes it super simple to create multiple signup forms that can be placed anywhere on your website. You can display them in you sidebar, at the end of each post or in the middle of a post if you prefer.

You can also easily create landing pages that integrate right into you website with just a few clicks. They have multiple templates to choose from and they are so easy to design and make your own.

They also make it super easy to deliver your opt ins to your new subscribers. I’ve done this on other platforms and I have to say that Convert Kit knocked this out of the park. I can literally create a new form or landing page in 5 minutes!!

Take a look at the form on the right hand side on my homepage, or the form at the bottom of this post. These were created in Convert Kit.


Email sequences are a great way to automate your weekly email newsletters, send new subscriber into a welcome email series, deliver email courses and challenges, create sales funnels and much more.

Once you have your emails laid out, it’s just a matter of a few clicks to schedule them as you choose to. Once you have created your sequence, each person that signed up will be sent your emails automatically, there is nothing more you need to do.

Tags and Segments

Convert Kit allows you to tag your subscriber based on certain criteria such as different  interests, content upgrades, buyers, basically anything you wish. This makes it really easy to send the right emails to the right people.

It also helps to keep giving your subscribers what they want without alienating them by sending emails that they have no interest in. This will also keep you unsubscribe rate lower.


Segments are basically groups of subscribers that match specific criteria. This could be a combination of different tags, subscribers to certain forms or sequences, subscribers who have purchased specific products or basically anything you can think of.  

Segments help you to send specific emails to a group of subscribers with similar interests together. Say you have a segment of subscribers who have already purchased your product, this would be a great way to up sell a product.

Or maybe you have a segment of subscribers that have showed an interest in a certain product or service but did not follow through.  You could send this segment a more detailed email explaining the benefits to give them a  nudge into following through.

I’m sure that you can see how tags and segments could be a great way to interact with different groups of subscribers without driving others away with something they have no interest in.


The automation that Convert Kit delivers is my all time favorite feature.  It’s basically a “if this trigger happens then it will result in that action” type of setup.   

You can use automation to…

  • Add one or more tags to any subscriber who clicks a specific link.
  • Add subscribers to a sequence when they subscribe to a specific form.
  • Send anyone who completes a sequence into another sequence.
  • Remove tags from subscribers who do not completely finish a sequence
  • Tag or segment anyone who has made a purchase already.
  • Remove tags from subscribers who show no interest in specific topics

And the list goes on. I’m sure you get the point as to how powerful this can be and how much time you can save managing your growing list of email subscribers.

Convert Kit also offers some great FREE information to help you in your blogging to business journey and you don’t even have to use their services.

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My two favorites are…

The Complete Guide to Email Marketing

Product Creation Master Class (This class is only available at specific times so you will need to register to be notified once the next class begins).

So if you are looking to grow your email list (which you should), then you need to give Convert Kit a try. You won’t be sorry!!


Email Marketing ~ How to Explode Your Email List ~ I'm sure that you know that "The Money Is In The List" so growing your email list is a must to making money through email marketing. Read on to learn how to explode your email list with Convert Kit.

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