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5 Inexpensive Craft Ideas for Kids

5 Inexpensive Ideas For DIY Kids Crafts

Today I have a guest post from Shruti. Shruti is a creative writer with interests in digital marketing, lifestyle, DIY craft, fitness & music. She writes about variety of topics related to these as well as current affairs. Visit her @

5 DIY Ideas For Inexpensive Kids Crafts

Kids today have access to all kind of things. Thanks to big shops at malls and online stores, they come across all sorts of expensive things that are hardly worth their price labels. The reason why maximum parents do not want to buy those expensive toys is the short life they possess. Kids tend to tamper around with stuff making longevity of even the strongest of things a big question. Even the parents who end up giving in to their child’s demands of expensive stuff are hardly ever happy with the idea of doing so.

To teach a child the value of money and things they can do without those toys can be challenging. Learning by doing is by far the best teaching methodology. Therefore, DIY craft ideas are the most sought after among parents who don’t want to break their budget. While making these crafts, children learn the benefits of reusing, appreciate and explore creativity besides using their time constructively.

Below are the five best DIY craft ideas for kids that are easy to follow, utilize the least of materials and are easy on parents’ pockets. Let’s see all the exciting things a child can make at no significant cost.

Horse of Many Colors

This horse isn’t an ordinary one because it is made from a plastic bottle. It is not only fun to have one but to make one is super exciting too, for kids.

Start with spray painting a big plastic bottle in your favorite color (all we need is a cute and colorful horse!). Allow the color to dry under a fan or in the open. Then, bend the bottle and twist it to give it the shape of a horse’s head. Add two lovely eyes and other elements of the horse’s face. To get your horse up and rocking, add a stick along with a ribbon or rope. The super cool horse is ready! With so much of charm and cuteness, this horse will be everyone’s favorite in the house.

Your kid can also gift it to their friend or you can put a couple of these horses on your terrace garden. The vibrant pop of color in your personal green area will keep up your joy and spirit.

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Rainbow fan

Kids love playing with colors. So, why not extend it beyond their art book?

The rainbow fan is an exciting activity for kids. The choice of colors, however, has to be smart. Sticking to rainbow colors is the best option. The fan blades must be painted in shades of similar color together so that the running fan shows colors significantly. If you paint the blades randomly, they will just appear gray when in running mode. Acrylic colors are easy to use for this craft. If you want to add more excitement, you can let your kid use the glow-in-dark paints.

These rainbow fans are a great décor idea, too. You can put up a few of them in birthday parties and let kids admire it. Since this craft deals with electrical equipment, parental supervision is a must for safe execution of the project.

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Bright & Funky Piggy Bank

Saving is a brilliant habit. Why not teach the importance of saving early in life?

Every child deserves this adorable piggy bank. Let your child start painting it in the color and pattern of their choice. It can also be personalized by writing their name. Ensure that it has dried well before adding other elements. You can let your kid explore what a pig looks like, the size of ears, eyes, and tail to create this craft. Once the piggy bank is ready, you can let your child collect money in it. You can also encourage them to help you with small chores to earn reward money and collect in the piggy bank.

The piggy bank can be a great gift for your kid’s friends at play. They can all collect their money for months and then can use it for something purposeful (you wouldn’t want them to buy a video game with this!). You can also motivate them to contribute their money towards charity.

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Color Blast Tropical Fish

This DIY craft made with a plastic bottle is overloaded with creativity. Check it out now!

This colorful fish can be done in a combination of vibrant colors reusing a 2L plastic bottle. Start with cutting the bottle using a good bottle cutter in the shape as shown in image (to make sure it resembles the shape of a fish). Kids can then add as many colors and design patterns as they wish. Keep caution, however, that the paint is allowed to dry well. This fish is easy to make and therefore, an excellent summer project for kids including the little ones.

This cute and colorful tropical fish can be a great gifting idea for a play date or birthday of your child’s friend. It will surely encourage the other kid to try his hands on a similar thing. Spread creativity!

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Pretty Bird Feeders

Kids love birds and find these chirping beauties very enchanting.

You can now let your kid attract more of the playful ones to your window with the bird feeder put right there. Creating bird feeders out of used 2L soda/ cold drink bottles is a fantastic idea to reuse plastic waste responsibly. It starts with cutting the bottle in the right shape (as shown in image) with a bottle cutter. Next thing to do is to let your child paint it in beautiful colors of their choice. You can let you child paint them either in a combination of their favorite colors or a single color. Since this is a bird feeder, it must be kept close to an open area where birds often visit. Instead of painting them, you can also cover them in fabric swatches to ensure longevity.

These bird feeders made from the plastic bottle are a good way of teaching importance of nature to kids. You can also let them gift it to their friends at school. Seeing it by the window every day will keep both you and your children happy, for sure.

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Get your kids to do these DIY craft items that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Remember to supervise them when they are at it to avoid any mishaps. In fact, DIYing is a great stress busters. So, you can also get hands on to enjoy some quality time with your kids.

Thank you Shruti, these are craft ideas any child would love to create!! Please leave a comment to share how your child loved making these great DIY crafts.


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  1. I love the floral pattern DIY using a coloured thread I used to use as a kid to make greeting cards. One of the easiest actually! Just take a piece of thread and soak it in some water colour of your choice. Open a page of your book, and drop the thread in circular pattern or any pattern you prefer and let the trail of the thread fall outside the book. Close the book and pull the thread out. When you open the book there will be a wonderful flower pattern.

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