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Cost-Effective Fashion Choices for New Moms The body of a brand-new mom is in a state of transition, which can be quite challenge. Read on for some great choices to save money.

Cost-Effective Fashion Choices for New Moms

The body of a brand-new mom is in a state of transition, which can be quite challenging to dress. Also, breastfeeding may cause you to rule out wearing a lot of your old clothes. And as comfortable as they might be, sweatpants might not help you achieve the post-baby look you would like to see.

Of course, you can learn to dress well even if you are not a fashionista. You can pick up a couple of helpful tips by studying how other mothers dress after they have given birth. Read on for some great cost-effective fashion choices. 

4 Classy Postpartum Clothes

1. Tops

You can either lift your shirt up or pull it to the side or down; find out which of these two options will make you feel more comfortable. If it does not have access from the top, you must pull it up, but if your shirt tucks in, you then you need to pull it aside.

If you choose to wear a shirt that can easily be lifted up and you are worried about exposing your stomach, you can wear a belly band or a nursing tank underneath.

Front open tops for breastfeeding are great options. They are very easy to throw on, they are comfortable, and they are easy to care for.

Avoid tops that must be dry cleaned, at least until your baby has surpassed the spit-up stage.

2. Bottoms

Right after giving birth, you can still wear your maternity skirts and pants. It will take time for you to fit comfortably into normal clothing again.

Consider buying some new jeans if your pre-pregnancy pants don’t fit yet. Choose clothes that fit and look good on you as this will help make you feel better and more confident.

3. Dresses

For nursing moms, wrap dresses and shirtdresses are the best fashion choices.

You can also look for breastfeeding garments or dresses with straps you can easily slip down. Sometimes, you can find one with a loose peasant top or a drawstring – this will greatly depend on whether they are in style or not.

4. Nursing Covers

Look for a nursing cover made of thin, breathable fabric that will help keep your baby cool and happy as well. And do try to avoid nursing covers that look like your grandma’s apron or a 4-person tent!

A Fashion Guide for New Moms


As soon as you have given birth, do not put all your maternity clothes away in a box. Some of your maternity bottoms may still be your friend after your baby comes out if they can fit below your belly.

Aim for Function

Today, there are affordable nursing tops available on the market. If you are always running errands and suddenly your baby gets hungry, a nursing top is very convenient for getting this job done. You can pair a nursing tank with a charming cardigan. But if you cannot find the most suitable nursing tops, consider opting for regular tops with an elastic neckline.

Cost-Effective Fashion Choices for New Moms The body of a brand-new mom is in a state of transition, which can be quite challenge. Read on for some great choices to save money.

Opt for a Good Stretch

You can choose some affordable basics with a stretchy waistband that you can easily pair with comfy tops. Aside from yoga pants, you can also use low-rise leggings.

Feel Pretty and Sexy

Invest in a real nursing bra. Choose one that performs the basic bra function, which is to hold your breasts up. There are elegant, well-fitted nursing bras that you can purchase from reliable fashion stores these days.

Splurge on Something Pleasurable

Treat yourself to some fun items like an adorable nursing dress, an elegant necklace you have always wanted to own, or a cute cardigan that you can mix and match with your basic nursing tanks.


The right accessories are the key to looking put-together. Consider using longer necklaces, chains or beads, with pendants that end at your cleavage. This will create an elongating illusion, which makes you look slimmer. Bring attention to your face by wearing dangly earrings rather than studs.

Another stylish accessory you can use is a scarf. Choose cotton or silk scarves that will add hue to your plain top. To hide your stomach, consider wearing scarves with longer styles ending at the top of your thigh.

A crucial part of successfully breastfeeding your baby is to know the right kind of clothing to wear. Whether you are looking for more flexibility in your wardrobe or you are still just starting out, there are some tips and ideas to make you feel and look your best.

4 Genius & Cost-Effective Fashion Choices for New Moms


At 16, Merril Bainbridge began her career in the Australian fashion industry. In her early 20’s she left to launch a successful Pop Music career which saw her at the top of the US Music Charts. Retiring to start a family, she found a new purpose helping breastfeeding women with her fashion label, Peachymama.

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